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Kolkata RTO

The Kolkata Transport Department ensures the enforcement of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, in Kolkata.

The Kolkata Transport Department enforces the provisions of Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1924 (Amended 1993) and Rules and collection of Tax. The primary function is the registration of vehicles, issuance of driving licenses and permits, motor vehicle tax and enforcement of vehicles.

Functions of Kolkata Transport Department

The Kolkata Transport Department is mainly involved in the following functions and duties:

  • Registration, renewal, and reissue of Motor Vehicle – Issuance of temporary and permanent registration of vehicles, transfer of ownership, change of address, issuance of duplicate certification of registration.

  • Permits - Issuance of permits to different vehicles permit for stage carriage, goods carriage. Issuance of temporary permit, special permit, permanent permit, national permit, all India tourist vehicle permit, and cancellation of permit.

  • Driving License – Issuance of new, duplicate, endorsement and permanent license.

  • Tax Payment System - Collection of tax for new vehicles, and other road taxes.

  • Fitness/NOC – Issuance of fresh, renewal and duplicate of Fitness/NOC for the vehicles.

Contact Details of RTO Kolkata

RTO- Kolkata, West Bengal

RTO Office Code: WB – 01, WB – 02, WB – 03, WB – 04, and WB – 05 For private two wheelers, four wheelers and For Commercial Vehicle and Goods Carriage

Address: Beltala Road, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700020

Phone: + (91)-33-24751621 / 24751622

For Private Vehicle

RTO Office Code: WB – 06 and WB – 07

Address: Ruby, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700101