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Ahmednagar RTO

The Ahmednagar RTO department was founded under section 213 (1) of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Motor Vehicles Act is a Central Act and is applicable throughout the country.

The main job of the RTO Ahmednagar is to implement various laws under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Ahmednagar RTO comes under Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department is headed by Commissioner of Transport of Ahmednagar.

Functions of Ahmednagar RTO Office

  • Issue Learner license
  • Conduct Driving Test
  • Issue New Driving License
  • License Renewal
  • Issue Duplicate driving license
  • Temporary registration of vehicle
  • Permanent registration of vehicle
  • Registration certificate renewal
  • Ownership transfer
  • Ownership transfer if finance covered
  • Issue No Objection Certificate
  • Address change
  • Issue duplicate Radio Cab license
  • Renewal/Issuance of Radio Cab license application
  • Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • National Permit or Tourist Permit Authorisation
  • National Permit Grant
  • Public Carrier National Permit
  • All India Tourist Vehicle Permit
  • Special Permit Application
  • Private Service Vehicle Permit
  • Temporary Permit

RTO Code of Ahmednagar-MH 16

The Regional Transport Officer (RTO),

Nagar Wanbori Road,

Ahmednagar – 414001

Phone - 91-241-431530