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Tiruchirapalli (TRICHY) RTO

The Tiruchirapalli Transport Department ensures the enforcement of the provisions section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, in Tamil Nadu. Thus, the main objective of Tiruchirapalli RTO is to promote road safety, provide relief to the victims of road accidents, and control pollution due to the vehicles.

Functions of Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) Transport Department

The Tiruchirapalli Transport Department is mainly involved in the following functions and duties:

  • Driving License – Issuance of learner’s license, driving license, endorsement in driving license to drive any other class of vehicle, public service badge, endorsement to drive hazardous goods vehicles, international driving license permit, renewal of driving license, issuing duplicate driving license of this state, change of address in driving license of this state.

  • Conductor License – Issuance of conductor’s license, renewal of conductor license, duplicate conductor license, change of address in conductor license.

  • Registration of Motor Vehicle – Issuance of temporary registration of motor vehicles, registration of motor vehicle, change of address in registration certificate, duplicate registration certificate, endorsing hire purchase agreement, hire purchase termination, renewal of registration, transfer of ownership of the vehicle of this state, re-registration of vehicle (or) transfer of ownership from other state, no objection certificate, advance registration number allotted by the government, advance registration number allotted by the regional transport officer within 1000 number from starting number of that day, alteration of vehicles, registration numbers reserved by the government.

  • Fitness/NOC – Issuance of fitness certificate for transport vehicle, temporary fitness certificate, revocation of C.F.X.

  • Online Permits Application and Objection System for vehicles - Issuance of contract carriage permit - auto rickshaw, motor cab (taxi), tourist motor cab (tourist taxi), maxi cab, Omni bus contract carriage, Omni bus – state wide endorsement, all India tourist motor cab, all India tourist vehicle (Omni bus)

Contact Details of Tiruchirapalli (TRICHY) RTO</h2

Tiruchirapalli (TRICHY) RTO Codes

Tiruchirapalli (WEST) - TRICHY45

Tiruchirapalli (EAST) - TRICHY81

Contact Details:

Chennai Bypass Rd,

Sanjeevi Nagar,


Tamil Nadu 620002

Phone: 0431-273 0411