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Benefits of Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans

Travelling to a foreign country for personal or professional purposes is very common nowadays. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a good travel insurance plan. A travel insurance plan provides cover against medical emergencies, misplaced luggage, lost passport and much more. If you are a frequent traveler, it is advisable to purchase a travel insurance plan. The last thing you want to face is a medical emergency with no financial assistance. For senior citizens, a travel insurance plan is of utmost importance due to their vulnerable age and health condition.

There are many specialized travel insurance plans for senior citizens which provide medical cover at minimal premium. Comprehensive travel insurance plans provide cover against baggage loss, trip cancelation or delay, loss of passport, hijack, etc.

1. No Medical Check Up - There are multiple insurers which do not ask for a medical check-up before purchasing a travel insurance plan. This makes the entire process fast and hassle-free. Ensure that you declare all known pre-existing ailments before purchasing the final policy.

2. Wider Coverage - Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans can be purchased till the age of 99 years. Basic travel plans usually apply to individuals till the age of 60 years. Also, many insurers provide travel insurance policies for different senior citizen age brackets i.e. (60-70 years)/ (71-80 years)/ (81-99 years).

3. Cashless Hospitalization - With travel insurance, you can easily avail cashless treatment at network hospitals across the globe. This is ideal in case of an accident during the medical trip. There are some plans which cover dental as well as out-patient check-ups.

4. Expenses Cover - Many travel insurance plans provide cover for expenses of treatment arising from pre-existing conditions under life threatening conditions. This is applicable because senior citizens are more likely to have certain pre-existing medical conditions in comparison to younger individuals.

5. Personal Accident Protection - Many senior citizen plans come with personal accident protection to cover for accidental death or dismemberment of policyholders. In addition, such policies also provide coverage for death, injury or loss of property accidentally caused by the policyholder to a third party.

6. Loss of Valuables – A Senior citizen travel insurance plan will compensate for any loss or delay of checked-in luggage, if the luggage was missing for more than 12 hours. It also includes costs incurred to obtain a duplicate passport following its loss. Many policies also provide emergency cash in case of wallet theft.

7. Delayed Flights - Additional expenses arising out of a delayed flight for more than 12 hours are compensated by the policy. Similar coverage is also provided for trip cancellation/delay/interruption caused by a medical problem, a personal employment issue, an airline issue or owing to a natural disaster.

8. Emergency Evacuation - Senior citizen health insurance plans provide cover for emergency medical evacuation back to the policyholder’s residence. Distress allowance is also provided if the insured’s flight is unfortunately hijacked for more than 12 hours.

9. Compassionate Visit - If the policyholder is hospitalized for more than 7 days and is visited by his/her family members, the policy will reimburse the return airfare.

10. Repatriation of Mortal Remains - In case of death of the senior citizen in a foreign country, this facility covers the cost incurred if the policyholder’s mortal remains need to be repatriated following his/her demise. So, if you are a senior citizen who is planning to go abroad for a vacation, ensure that your travel health insurance plan is in force.