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Should You Buy Travel Insurance For Your Honeymoon?

Janhavi Shinde Janhavi Shinde 10 March 2017

Are you all set for the most awaited moment of your life? Did you choose your honeymoon destination? Did you also buy travel insurance for a happier and fascinating honeymoon? Read here to turn on your honeymoon into the happiest journey of two souls ever.

Buy travel insurance policy for honeymoon

Sweets from the famous Brijwasi Halwai, wedding suit from the famous Manish Malhotra, wedding destination GOA and finally the honeymoon destination – The Amazing and Adventurous New Zealand!


You finally made it to the most beautiful bride and the love of your life – Your beautiful wifey! You guys did a fantastic job by smartly planning your dream wedding and now heading for the most awaited moments of your life – The Honeymoon!

We know you are excited. After all, you want to know your partner better and want to spend some quality time after so much of wait! Wink wink :p

But, did you bother so much to plan the best day of your life that you literally forgot to buy travel insurance for a safe and fascinating honeymoon?

Is Travel Insurance necessary for Your Honeymoon?

So far all things fell into place, just the way you and your beloved wife wanted it to be! Now don’t let your honeymoon go crooked just for a few dollars you saved by not buying travel insurance.

Here’s a complete gyaan, why you should never ignore travel insurance for a safe and happy journey:

You met with a car accident just a day prior to your honeymoon

With all the perfect planning for a dream wedding, you also booked your flight tickets for your honeymoon. You are so excited to visit the new country and moreover, you are more interested to know your partner better.

But, just a day prior to your honeymoon, you have met with a major car accident. The most devastating feeling wrecks your heart out when you think about your trip getting cancelled and the money getting wasted that you invested in a foreign destination.

Well, if you had to have travel insurance, then it would have paid for your non-refundable fare for you to reschedule your honeymoon for a later time. So, trip curtailment and cancellation would be a part of travel insurance that would be covered.

You land at the airport and you don’t find your checked-in luggage

With so many things to do on your honeymoon, you land with an overwhelming feeling in the foreign land, only to know that you’re checked-in luggage is missing on the conveyor belt. You also found out from the airline’s staff, whether the bags have been trapped in the baggage make-up area!

To your disappointment, the bags don’t arrive ever and the start to your dream holiday gets stabbed in minutes. Travel insurance would compensate the amount involved in buying the stuff you lost permanently due to the airline’s mistake.

Your wife gets food poisoning

You and your wife are enjoying every bit of your honeymoon, trying different cuisines and delicacies. Suddenly, your wife suffers food poisoning and you run helter skelter for medical emergency.

Health care costs are way too expensive in foreign countries. The expenses like x-rays, medication, hospitalization, surgery may rip you off in a foreign country if you missed to buy a travel insurance plan.

Travel insurance would pay off your medical and hospitalization bills. If you both fall sick and there is no one to look after, travel insurance would arrange to fly a family member to be with you during such emergencies. A daily cash allowance would be paid for each day of your hospitalization.

You got robbed on the blue beaches of New Zealand

Passport is one thing you are bound to carry everywhere in a foreign country, without which, you would not get to buy anything you probably would wish to.

The horrid thought of your entire travel bag getting robbed along with the most important document, your PASSPORT and CREDIT CARDS, would take your breath away!

Why let such things ruin your trip when you can let travel insurance take the headache. Travel insurance would guide you to get a duplicate passport and also reimburse the money spent on the same. Therefore, travel insurance should be on the top of your checklist when you plan your honeymoon!

You were called back home on the demise of your grandmother

Life is uncertain and so is death. You get a call to be back home to attend the funeral of your beloved grandmother. But, going back is not so easy. There are so many things involved. For instance, you got to pre-pone your flight tickets back home.

Travel insurance plays an important role by covering for such interruptions. All your cost for the last-minute airline bookings, hotel bookings and some other trip expenses are taken care by the travel insurance.

In your wildest dream ever- YOU CALL OFF THE WEDDING!!

Hey, such things happen. And sometimes things happen for good. You call off the wedding due to some reasons, which you are not too comfortable to share with us. Though the travel insurance needs a strong reason over changing your mind, you can buy coverage of ‘Cancel for any reason coverage’.

Therefore, your trip cancellation would be taken care off.


Wedding preps, guest list and the honeymoon planning may exhaust you physically and mentally. You need time to relax and keep your stress away. After all, honeymoon is the time when you can spend quality time with your partner and keep all the worries at bay.

Buy a travel insurance plan from and be ready for the most amazing and fantasized honeymoon. Enjoy your most awaiting trips with your better half while you rest your worries with us.

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