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things to cover in travel insurance policy

Things that should be covered in your Travel Insurance Policy

Travelling has now become a way of life. Be it for leisure, adventure or business, millennials are travelling more than ever and seem to be making the most of it too. However, most of us don’t factor in the consequences of untoward situations taking place on such trips and thereby, don’t invest in an adequate travel insurance plan. A travel insurance plan can financially protect you from various situations that might turn out to be extremely expensive, if they occur outside your home country. So what does one need to keep in mind when considering a travel insurance plan? Here’s a list of the top considerations one must keep in mind when buying a travel insurance policy-

  • Trip Cancellation protection-If, in any case, you trip gets cancelled due to unavoidable reasons, then there are travel insurance plans in place that cover the cost of your travel and lodging. If you’re travelling abroad, it is wise to have this protection in place.
  • Medical Protection-This is a must-have in a travel insurance policy. In case you are travelling out of your home county and fall ill, medical expenses can be very costly. Hence, it’s advised to have a medical cover in your travel insurance plan to provide financial protection in such an untoward situation.
  • Accidental Death Coverage-God forbid, but if you meet with an accidental death during your trip, manytravel insurance plansprovide protection to repatriate your remains to your home country to your family. It is wise to check for this coverage in your plan as well.
  • Loss of Baggage Protection-Your baggage might have most of the essentials that you might need on your trip. Therefore, travel insurance plans provide financial protection in case you tend to lose your baggage due to the fault of the airline, the hotel where you were put up, theft, or any other reason.
  • Adventure Sports Coverage-In case you are visiting a location to try out your hand at an adventure sport, then this cover is a must have for you. While most travel insurance plans do not cover adventure sports, you certainly can find some insurance policies offering this additional cover as a rider. Hence, it is vital to read the terms and conditions of this cover and get yourself financially secured when experiencing an adventure sport.
  • Loss of Passport Coverage-Losing your passport in a foreign country can surely leave you hassled. Hence, it is important to get a cover in your travel insurance plan that financially covers you with a daily allowance till the time your new passport reaches you and you can reach your home country or final destination safely.
  • Trip Delay Coverage-Flight delays are certainly not a passenger’s fault. This is why many travel insurance plans provide trip delay coverages that cover your lodging and a few other expenses, till you finally take off to your destination.
  • Emergency Cash Coverage-While this is not a common coverage, certain travel insurance plans also provide an emergency cash coverage to financially cover you in an emergency situation. It’s best to ask for this coverage from your insurer, in case you are travelling to a country that is extremely expensive.

In a Nutshell

While travelling to a new destination may seem very exciting and lucrative, it surely has its pros and cons. Therefore, it always advised to stay financially covered with a travel insurance plan so that you can truly enjoy your stay abroad!

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