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Family Travel Insurance: An Overview

An overseas family trip requires careful planning, ample research, and flawless execution. While you will take every step to foolproof your journey, chances of unpleasant incidents cannot be ruled out.

Can you secure your trip abroad for such untoward events?

Yes, a Family Travel Insurance is a way out! Anybody, up to the age of 60 years, can opt for a family travel insurance covering spouse (up to the age of 60) and children (maximum two from 3 months up to the age of 21 years).

What Are The Advantages of Family Travel Insurance?

Single policy for the entire family covering medical expenses and emergency evacuation & repatriation

  • Round the clock assistance for loss of valuable documents such as a passport
  • Financial aid for loss or delay of baggage
  • Compensation in an ill-fated event of death or permanent disability such as loss of limbs or loss of eyesight
  • Coverage if you miss any connecting flight
  • Highjack distress allowance
  • Protection against third party liability in case you cause any inadvertent loss or damage

Travelling overseas with family? Need assistance in choosing the right policy?

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What's Covered and What's Not in My Travel Insurance?

Family Travel Insurance covers your back against nearly everything that can go haywire during a trip mainly involving:

  • Accidents
  • Sudden illness
  • Emergencies such as delay in schedule, loss of belongings, third party damages caused by you, etc.

While a travel insurance is meant to provide you highest protection for a stress-free trip, certain conditions are not covered:

  • Travel against the medical advice or to seek the care overseas
  • Pre-existing medical condition and its complexities
  • Any injury due to sports or any other dangerous activities
  • Hospitalization or expenses linked to cosmetic/plastic surgery
  • Costs due to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, and abortions
  • Suicide, attempted suicide or deliberately self-inflicted injury or illness
  • Any treatment that can wait until you return to India or any preventive care. Click to read more in details about travel insurance.

Why Should I Opt For Family v/s Individual Policies?

  • Because it offers comprehensive coverage in a single policy
  • Because it’s relatively cheaper
  • Because it’s handy carrying a single document

How Do I Decide On The Right Plan?

The scope of coverage and benefits in a travel insurance may vary from one plan to another. Hence, you must research well to secure a policy that meets your requirements. Following suggestions will help you make up your mind.

  • Depending on your country of visit, choose the coverage suitably
  • If it is just a family vacation or a short trip without any likelihood of future travel, consider single trip policy
  • Do not hide or alter any facts regarding your medical or travel history
  • Research well and compare benefits for an engaging deal
  • Buy well in advance as it is mandatory for the visa application for countries such as Schengen
  • Choose the insurance company wisely depending on its financial stability for claim settlements and post-sales services
  • Keep all the customer care numbers handy for quick assistance irrespective of time zone and weather conditions
  • Last but not the least, read the fine prints to know what's covered and what's not

How Can Coverfox Assist In Buying The Right Insurance?

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Your travel insurance doesn't need to cost you a fortune. Compare, get covered, keep your details handy, and hopefully, you'll never need them. However, if you twist your bone in a Kenyan wilderness or get mugged by a Belgian thug, you'll be elated to be covered.