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Overseas Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad is very common these days. Most people travel overseas for vacations, business trips, holidays, education, etc. However, travelling abroad comes with many concerns and unseen events. A few of them are delays in trip, emergency medical costs, flight cancellations and so on. To take care of all of these unfortunate occurrences during your travel to a destination abroad, overseas travel insurance plays a significant role. It provides financial protection against all these adversities. Overseas travel insurances provide different insurance plans to different types of customers, mainly depending upon their requirements.

Features of Overseas Travel Insurance

Following are the salient features of overseas travel insurance:

  • Medical treatment: In case you suffer an injury or get sick, an overseas medical insurance will help you obtain the necessary medical treatment. It ensures that it covers repatriation costs.

  • Coverage for trip cancellation: Overseas travel insurance will compensate in a situation where your entire trip or part of it is cancelled. It compensates by offering you your trip expenses.

  • Coverage for trip interruption: Overseas travel insurance also compensates the cost of your trip, if in case your trip is interrupted due to any personal or other stated reasons.

  • Loss of travel baggage: If you happen to lose your baggage due to any reason, the overseas travel insurance company will pay you money for emergency use and reimburse for the entire bag.

  • Loss of documents: In case you lose your travel documents, for example your passport or tickets, overseas travel insurance pays you with the fees to reapply for these documents.

  • Hospital cash: Overseas travel insurance provides the insured with cash everyday as allowance, in case he or she is hospitalized because of an injury or illness.

  • Financial help: Overseas travel insurance also provides financial assistance if he or she loses his entire travel money or even a part of it due to robbery, larceny or theft.

  • Hijack remittance: Overseas travel insurance offers a sum as compensation for the insured, if the carrier/airline has been hijacked. As per the limits mentioned in the policy, each day of the hijack, an allowance will be paid for the insured.

  • Accident: In case of a personal accident, if you die, a compensation will be paid to your immediate family member.

  • Repatriation: Overseas travel insurance also offers coverage for the expense of transporting the insured person’s mortal remains from one country to another, in case of an unfortunate situation.

Benefits of Overseas Travel Insurance

  • Helps you deal with all kinds of issues: From basic to complex, overseas travel insurance companies offer financial protection and coverage from all kinds of problems. With a solid insurance cover, you can be prepared in such unforeseen times of adversities like losing passports, emergency medical expenses, evacuation and so on.

  • Medical protection: Overseas travel insurances provide an all-inclusive medical coverage internationally. During your travel, if you need to see the doctor for any reason, you can inform your insurance company and ask for reimbursement on your medical bills. This covers doctors’ expenses as well as pharmacy related costs. Make sure you are clear about what all your overseas travel insurance policy covers.

  • Insured baggage: Simple issues like losing your baggage, delay in baggage arrival, or misplacement of baggage can be reimbursed with the help of your overseas travel insurance policy. You can claim repayment of the same from the insurer.

  • Trip cancellation or trip interruption expenses: Trip cancellations and interruptions can happen almost at anytime, anywhere! In such disheartening times, you can shield yourself from these losses. With overseas travel insurance, you will receive a reimbursement of the monetary penalties like prepayment of flight tickets.

How to Apply for Overseas Travel Insurance?

  • Fill the insurance application:

It must include accurate information of your full name, birth date, email ID, mobile number, ticket details, date of travelling, passport number and all your passport details. Mention your beneficiary who will receive the benefits of this overseas travel insurance plan in case something happens to you and you die.

  • To buy your overseas travel insurance plan online, follow the given steps:
  • Go to the official website of the general insurance company you want to purchase the policy from.
  • Choose if you need a ‘Multi-trip’, ‘Single trip’, ‘individual/family trip’, etc.
  • Fill in the required details like Name, Email ID, address, date of birth, trip information, policy date, etc. wherever applicable.
  • Click on submit/ proceed
  • Follow the instructions given

How Can I Renew Overseas Travel Insurance Policy?

Renewing your overseas travel insurance policy is very easy and simple. Every company strives to make their customers’ experience with them the best. Hence, insurance companies offer various methods for payment of the insurance policies, with the aim of providing convenience to their customers. You can renew your overseas travel insurance policy without any hassle in a simple manner through utilising net banking, debit cards or even credit cards.

There are two methods for renewing your overseas travel insurance online. To do so, follow the given steps:

  • Instant renewal: Enter your policy details vigilantly, authenticate the payment with your bank through internet banking, credit card or debit card. This is a swift and uncomplicated procedure that consumes less time.
  • Simple sign-up: Go to your insurance company and log in to your customer account. You have to log in with your credentials like username and password. Once done, you can easily get access to your policy details and other information. After this, you must authenticate your payment.

What types of documents are required to buy Overseas Travel Insurance Policy?

To buy an overseas travel insurance policy, you need basic relevant documents as given below:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Confirmed flight tickets and visa copy
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof

What are the Exclusions of Overseas Travel Insurance Policy?

Here’s a list of exclusions of an Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

  • If you lose your passport and the complaint about such loss is not registered with the police authorities, then the damage or loss you suffered will not receive coverage.
  • Pre-existing illnesses or diseases not declared before the policy began, will not be given coverage. This is valid especially for people above the age of 70 years.
  • In case you are traveling overseas for medical treatment, you will not be given coverage.
  • If you travel without the recommendation and consultation of your doctor, you shall not be covered.
  • In case you are diagnosed with dangerous diseases before your travel, you will not be covered.
  • Injuries or any kind of harm caused due to wars, rebellions or war-like situations in a particular country abroad.
  • If you suffer any kind of loss under the influence of alcohol, drugs or due to mental disability or incapability or even due to an attempt of suicide, the insurance company will not give you coverage.
  • People will venereal diseases like HIV and AIDs are no given coverage.
  • If the loss is not reported within 24 hours of occurrence to the police.
  • Pregnancy related complications like abortion, miscarriage, etc.
  • Non-allopathic treatments are not covered.
  • Coverage will not be provided if the medical policy has expired.
  • In case your passport is detained by officials like custom officers.
  • At the time of returning, delay of baggage will not be covered.

What is the Claim Process of Overseas Travel Insurance Policy?

Filing a claim is simple and easy. You must inform the insurance company at the time of medical help while you travel. Each company has their own team that will check that your illness or injury is not a pre-existing condition. Mention all your details as well as the journey information accurately wherever necessary. For example, if you meet with a road accident while your stay overseas, you must inform the insurance company at the earliest, send relevant hospital bill expenses and also send photographs of the same if any.

  • Visit the official website of your insurance company
  • Download the claim form
  • Fill in the necessary details vigilantly (policy number, insured’s name, contact number, description of the loss, location of travel, etc.)
  • Submit it along with necessary relevant details of the contingency you have faced
  • Once your claim has been submitted, your claim will be verified


Aren’t we all extremely excited to get our passports stamped? Travelling abroad is a blessing and an adventure that truly fulfils your dreams. However, in the bargain, we must not forget the importance of securing and shielding our lives. The products and services offered by overseas travel insurance companies is commendable and indeed a blessing in disguise. It does not just cover the most common adversaries like injury, illness or theft, but also covers big issues like trip cancellations, interruptions, baggage delays, etc. Purchasing an overseas travel insurance policy will give you an incredibly peaceful mind and puts most of your worries when your away, to sleep! It is considered wise, to purchase an overseas insurance policy to keep you monetarily protected.

FAQs On Overseas Travel Insurance

Which is the most common type of travel coverage suggested?

Travel insurances are completely dependent on the customer’s requirement. There are two thresholds on the basis of which overseas travel insurance policies can be categories. First is risk-based and the second is based on the aspect of cancel-if-you-want. Both these thresholds possess crystal clear compensatory inclusions and protection for particular needs. The type of the overseas travel insurance is of least importance; what is significant is its ability to mitigate damages that result from unforeseen situations. Some overseas insurance plans have a medical repatriation feature and lost baggage reimbursement too. To decide on a plan, take your time and read through different policies. Compare them to one another and then decide which suits your needs best!

What is meant by ‘pre-existing’ conditions?

Pre-existing health condition means the disease or sickness a customer may have before the commencement of the overseas travel insurance policy. These pre-existing health problems can create issues for insurance holders. It is important that you declare these ailments to your insurance company before the policy begins.

Which are the best overseas travel insurance policies in our county?

Some of the best overseas travel insurance policies available in our country are as follows:

  • Reliance International Travel Secure Plan
  • TATA AIG Travel Guard Insurance Plan
  • Royal Sundaram Overseas Travel Insurance
  • Apollo Munich Overseas Travel Insurance
  • Religare Explore International Travel Insurance
  • Chola Overseas Protection Policy
  • IFFCO Tokio Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

What are the eligibility criteria for purchasing an overseas travel insurance policy?

The eligibility criteria for purchasing an overseas travel insurance policy is very simple. Firstly, the customer or applicant must be a citizen of India. Secondly, the age category mentioned under the overseas travel insurance policy must be met. Lastly, other conditions depend upon the type of policy taken based on the trip.

What are the ways through which I can save money whilst buying an overseas travel insurance policy online?

One of the most effective ways in which you can save money whilst buying an overseas travel insurance policy is by comparing quotes of various types of insurance policies on the online platform. Due to the vast insurance industry, the competition is high. Hence, the insurance companies try to give the best prices to their customers. There are many online sites on which you can compare different policies on one page. Depending on your requirement and budget, make your decision. If you are someone who travels overseas frequently, then an annual multi-trip facility is best for you.

Is it necessary for my parents to have their policy papers with them while they are travelling overseas?

They need to purchase the policy before they leave for their overseas trip. You can now buy an overseas travel insurance online by visiting the insurance company’s official website. It can be digitally signed and valid anywhere in the world. The policy is generated immediately after the payment is made, and then your parents will be able to take a print out of it. By chance, even if they happen to lose the paper of the policy, you can just log into the website with the help of your login ID and password, following which a printout can be taken.

Do overseas travel insurance policies provide coverage for trip cancellations and lost baggage?

Yes, most overseas travel insurance policies provide coverage in case of trip cancellations, lost baggage, etc.