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Single Trip Travel Insurance

We sincerely hope your foreign trip is exciting, but not for all the crazy reasons! No one wants a massive bill as the enduring memory of a holiday to cherish. We sincerely hope your foreign trip is exciting, but not for all the crazy reasons! No one wants a massive bill as the enduring memory of a holiday to cherish.

While you may be aware of the significance of an international travel insurance, it can get a bit tricky while deciding whether to opt for a single trip or a multi-trip policy.

Why Travel Insurance?

International Travel Insurance is essential to cover the expense of the unexpected. While the benefits depend on the policy, there are many advantages that a decent international travel insurance offers. It covers you for nearly everything - from expenses arising out of any sickness and injury to theft of your personal belongings during your trip. It also provides compensation if you have to cancel or curtail your journey due to an emergency.

Not Sure Which One Will Suit You The Best?

Now, here's the important question. Whether to opt for a single trip travel insurance or to buy a multi-trip one. It is not as complicated as it sounds. If you travel overseas quite frequently, an Annual Multi Trip Insurance fits your bill. However, if you visit any country maybe once or twice a year, a single trip cover is an ideal solution. Thus, assess your travel needs to settle on the right choice.

What's A Single Trip Insurance?

Well, yes. You guessed it right! As the name indicates, a single trip travel insurance cover will provide you an adequate coverage for any unforeseen incidents for one particular trip. And as it covers for contingencies related to only one trip, the premium for the same will cost you lesser compared to a Multi Trip Policy.

Am I Eligible?

While the eligibility criterion varies from one insurer to another, by the whole, all insurers provide similar benefits. Some cover a day old baby while few has a minimum age restriction of six months. On a brighter side, there's no limitation of the maximum age of enrollment. Similarly, single trip travel insurance is available in family option too. Hence, if you wish to buy a travel insurance for that much-awaited family vacation, a Single Trip Family Travel Insurance is an ideal pick.

Peace Of Mind For Great Value…

You’ll gain fabulous cover and value for money with a single trip insurance, leaving more money to spend on a splendid time.

Medical Benefits

  • Medically necessitated OPD procedures
  • Coverage of hospitalization charges for the emergency medical condition
  • Medical evacuation & repatriation
  • Monetary compensation in the event of death or disability

Travel Benefits

Compensation for -

  • Loss & delay of checked-in baggage
  • Delay or cancellation of trip
  • Missed connection

Additional Benefits

  • Third party loss & liability
  • In the case of flight hijack
  • Emergency cash advance in case of robbery
  • Expenses for obtaining a new or duplicate passport if you misplace the original
  • Cost of hospitalization in India for any illness contracted during its term

That's Not All. Please Read This Section Carefully

Now that you are aware of the benefits of insuring yourself before you embark on your journey, you must understand what your travel insurance policy does not cover.

  • Travel against the medical advice or to seek the care overseas
  • Pre-existing medical condition and its complexities
  • Any injury due to sports or any other dangerous activities
  • Hospitalization or expenses linked to cosmetic/plastic surgery
  • Costs due to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, and abortions
  • Suicide, attempted suicide or deliberately self-inflicted injury or illness
  • Any treatment that can wait until you return to India or any preventive care

Still not sure how it works?

Your Travel Advisor is here to assist, just ask!

In The Event Of A Claim

  • Give the prompt notice of an incident giving rise to a claim to your insurance company on their contact number.

  • Your policy document includes the details of the emergency contact number. Please notify your policy number and contact phone number when you call.

  • You must retain the necessary proofs about the value of the property insured or the amount of any loss.

Some Useful Need-To-Knows

"Why should I buy travel insurance, I might not even need it?" you may ask. However, the whole intent is to cover you for the unexpected. Because it is tough to predict the future, all you can do is - be prepared.

  • Buy as soon as you've booked the trip to cover cancellation: If you’ve planned a vacation and felt it is no biggie to leave insurance on the 'things to do' list, you are taking a risk.

  • Never assume all policies are similar: Although buying travel insurance is not rocket science, don't do it without a proper homework. Policies differ significantly, and each has its own inclusions and exclusions.

  • If you are an elderly traveler, or there is one in your group, consider a separate cover: The premiums for family travel insurance largely depends on the age of the oldest member. Thus, if you or someone in your family is liable to pay more, a separate policy for that traveler may be the safest option to avoid others spending over the odds.

  • Always disclose your medical conditions or your claim may be denied: To avoid any rude shock later, ensure to give a full and frank rundown on any prevailing health issues that might impact your policy.

We're here to help - at every step of your buying process.

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