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How can I find out if my Aadhaar has been used somewhere?

Karan SharmaKaran Sharma12 June 2019

Do you think your Aadhaar card number is safe? Read this article and find out how you can lock your Aadhaar card.

Used of Aadhaar card

The Aadhaar card is a very important document. An Aadhaar card holds the biometric and demographic data of an individual. This data is valuable and hence, there is a possibility of misuse.

For protecting the data of the people, the Unique Identification Authority of India has developed a new feature called Aadhaar Authentication History. This feature lets you check online when and who has used your Aadhaar number.

Aadhaar Authentication

Aadhaar authentication is a process by which the Aadhaar details of a person (number, demographic information or biometric information) is verified and cross-checked by the Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR). This is usually conducted in case a bank, a financial institution, government agency requests for such information.

The different types of authentication methods are

Demographic Authentication

In this method, the Aadhaar number and demographic information of the Aadhaar number holder is cross-checked and verified with the demographic information of the Aadhaar number holder in the records held/registered by CIDR.

OTP or One Time Pin based Authentication

In this method, an OTP with limited validity is sent to the registered phone number/email id of the Aadhaar number holder. The Aadhaar number holder is required to provide the OTP along with the Aadhaar card number to the authority.

Biometric-based Authentication

In this method, the Aadhaar number and biometric information submitted by an Aadhaar number holder are matched with the biometric information of the said Aadhaar number holder registered in the CIDR. This can be fingerprint-based or iris-based authentication or other biometric modalities as registered in the CIDR.

Multi-factor Authentication

This is a combination of two or more methods mentioned above.

How to check online if somebody has used my Aadhaar card?

You can follow the process mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI -
  2. Select the option ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’ under the ‘My Aadhaar’ tab.
  3. Enter your 12 digit UID or 16 digit VID and click ‘Generate OTP’
  4. You will be given options to select - Demographic, Biometric, OTP, Demographic and Biometric, Biometric and OTP or Demographic and OTP.
  5. You can also select the date range and maximum 6 months of authentication history.
  6. You can also select the number of records. The maximum number is 50.
  7. Post selecting the above parameters, enter the OTP which you have received and click submit.
  8. Post submission, you will be directed to a page where you will find the complete details of Aadhaar authentication history. It will show you the date, time, and type of authentication request, but not the company or agency who used your Aadhaar card number and data for authentication.
  9. You can also cross-check the same information by checking your email which was sent by UIDAI after every successful authentication. In the email, you will find details like who authenticated your Aadhaar.

Benefits of Aadhaar Card

The benefits of having an Aadhaar card are:

  • Proof of Identity: The Aadhaar card was designed keeping in mind the aspect of maximum social welfare. The card has many purposes, making it a universally accepted government-issued card. You do not need to register or apply for a separate card for availing any government backed service. Example: You can use your Aadhaar card as an ID and Address Proof when you apply for any private or public service. In short, it is a very versatile card which can be used for a number of government related services and schemes.
  • Government Subsidies: This is a secondary, but an important benefit which can be availed by every Aadhaar card holder. An Aadhaar card permits the cardholder to avail of all government subsidies as mentioned in the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, benefits and services) Act, 2016. Since the government already has the data registered, an individual can simply furnish their Aadhaar card details and avail the various subsidies or programmes. In addition, the Aadhaar card can be linked to a bank account. This enables the government to transfer the LPG subsidy directly into your bank account. This feature ensured that funds are not being misallocated.
  • Easy Application & Acceptance: The Aadhaar card is one of the widely accepted documents. It can be applied for online. You can even download the electronic version of the card, known as the e-Aadhaar. The e-Aadhaar can be easily downloaded and printed. Also, an Aadhaar can be viewed on the official mAadhaar mobile application. This feature facilitates mobility in case you do not have a physical copy of the card.
  • Acquisition of Passport: Due to the poor government facilities, the process of getting a new passport was a daunting task in the earlier days. The process comprised of multiple stages such as appointment with the authorities, processing your application, dispatching of the passport and police verification checks. This is a time consuming process and may take multiple weeks. But since the inception of Aadhaar card, it serves as both - Proof of ID and Address, making it easier for the passport department to verify and expedite the passport process. If you wish to obtain a passport, you can apply for the same by simply attaching your Aadhaar Card as the only residence and identity proof along with their application.
  • Opening Bank Accounts: Anaadhar cardis highly essential for opening a savings bank account since it has become mandatory to link you bank account with Aadhaar card number. The Aadhar card serves as a document for KYC, identification and verification purposes. Also, banks and financial institutions consider Aadhaar card as a valid proof of identity and address.
  • Jan Dhan Yojana: The only document accepted by the Jan Dhan Yojana for opening an account is your Aadhaar card. The Jan Dhan Yojana offers assistance to people in remote and rural areas to avail the services offered by banks. Now that you are aware of the entire process of Aadhaar Authentication, ensure that your Aadhaar card is safe and sound. If it is being misused, contact the UIDAI immediately.

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