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How to Get an Aadhaar card Franchise?

Jagrity Sharma Jagrity Sharma 25 July 2019

This article highlights all you need to know for setting up your Aadhaar Card Franchise and why Aadhaar Card Franchise is quite an interesting proposition.

Aadhaar Card Franchise

In the digital journey of India, Aadhaar Card became an important Identification document when it comes to deal with Income Tax and Government benefits. Though it is no more essential for banks and financial institutions or for getting mobile connections, Aadhaar is still a preferred document by many Government and private organizations for identification purposes. Registrars are appointed by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and registrars in turn appoint Enrolment Agencies who are given the Aadhaar card Franchise. The franchise is hired under contract after verifying the profile of the entity and technical and financial evaluation.

How to get an Aadhaar Card Franchise?

If you are interested getting an Aadhaar Card franchise, there are certain procedures and steps that need to be followed.

  • The first step towards getting an Aadhaar Card franchise is to clear an online examination conducted by UIDAI. This is the certification to become an operator or supervisor which enables a person to apply for the franchise
  • After clearing this examination, one is authorised for conducting verification of Aadhaar enrolment and biometrics and get the Aadhaar Card agency
  • To get a Government-recognized Centre, ‘Common Service Centre’ (CSC) registration is needed
    • CSC has the service Delivery locations which are equipped with communication and information technologies. This supports efficient delivery of the public utilities which are essential to its end users
    • For CSC registration, ‘Eligibility Form’ needs to be filled
    • On this page, one needs to go to, click on: ‘Interested to become a CSC’ at the left of the page
    • Click on the link ‘For CSC registration, click here’
    • Enter Aadhaar Number in the specified box
    • Select authentication option from: Iris/ Fingerprint/ OTP and click: ‘Proceed’.
    • OTP process is a must. Click on ‘Generate OTP’
    • Upload the Geo-tagged image of centre and click on ‘Submit’
    • Acknowledgement number will be sent to the applicant after submission
    • Application status for registration could be tracked by going to the link: Enter e-mail ID, Registration ID and the Aadhaar number in the required boxes and click on ‘Submit’

Important Note: There are certain personal Aadhaar Card details of the applicant of franchise that will be filled automatically from the Aadhaar Card data base. Mobile number and e-mail ID will be taken from Aadhaar Card detail. So, you must provide other details along with your Aadhaar Card details to apply for the franchise. Just remember that the Aadhaar card details cannot be modified here until the change is made in the Aadhaar card itself.

How does the Aadhaar Card Franchise Work?

There are multiple protocols that Aadhaar Card Franchises need to follow which you must adhere to. They are:

  • Franchises assign supervisors and operators to work on the fields at the enrolment stations so that smooth operation of Aadhaar enrolling of residents can be done.
  • The franchise must notify the residents as well as UIDAI in advance about the enrolment schedule.
  • UIDAI empanels the Franchises and on generating Aadhaar successfully, they will be paid by the registrar.
  • The franchise sets up enrolment centres for new Aadhaar enrolment as well as to update existing resident data.
  • Franchise must use the software for enrolment purposes that are supplied by UIDAI only. The software has the provision to capture audit data of each Aadhaar enrolment and/or update, capturing information for traceability of enrolment resident, enrolment agency, operator, supervisor, registrar and so on.
  • All equipment like biometric devices, computers, printers and other accessories should be as per prescribed specification by the UIDAI.
  • Biometric devices used for Aadhaar enrolment, should be as per specification that are charted by authority. It must be certified and as per the UIDAI guideline.
  • Enrolment operators collect electronic and physical copies of the supporting documents and all conversion into electronic format must be as per the UIDAI-defined process.
  • The franchise is responsible for execution plus audit at the field level. The enrolling agency must allow the access of authority in its premises and support the authority to examine, books, documents, records and computer data that is in possession of the franchise, and provide copies of documents and other requested materials for audit purposes.
  • The franchise must strictly adhere to the Code of Conducts, policies, processes and guidelines, forms, templates and checklists that are issued by authority at different points of time.

Functions of the Aadhaar Franchise

Once you understand the working of the franchise for Aadhaar, you must also be aware of the standard functions that all Aadhaar Card Franchises must provide. Most important functions of the franchise are listed below:

1.To set up an Enrolment centre, you must procure devices and other required things according to checklist as a franchise.

2.In order to enrol supervisors, operators and registrars and activate them with the UIDAI: a. Franchise must get the first operator enrolled. An authorised Enrolment Agency operator must do this.

b. Data packet and User-management sheets for this operator should be sent to CIDR.

c. Get Unique Identification for the first operator and get permit for this operator to enrol other operators, supervisors as well as Technical Administrators.

d. Send the data packets and user management sheets of all of them to CIDR.

e. Receive Unique Identifications for each of them.

f. Get them registered for certification examination conducted by Testing and Certification Agency (TCA).

g. After certification and registration in CIDR, operators are entitled to enrol residents and other introducers.

3.To Get Station Registration: a. From UIDAI, Franchise should get Registrar code and Enrolment Agency (EA) code.

b. Get latest software for Aadhaar and install, configure and register client laptops.

c. Complete the User setup.

d. Load and test pre-enrolment data

There are certain queries that any new Aadhaar Card Franchise might have with regards to their earnings, type of investment needed, etc. which need to be addressed. Some frequently asked questions could be:

1.How much can you earn as an Aadhaar Card Franchise?

For a successfully generated Aadhar card, you will get INR 35 per card.

2.What type of investments would you need to set up your franchise?

The major investment is related to the equipment and technology that is required to generate the Aadhaar. So, you will need internet connection, webcam, laptop, a lamp, iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, a standby printer. Moreover, a designated space is needed to carry out all these procedures. You can own such space or can get that for rent.

3.How many days will it take to generate Aadhar card?

After the Aadhaar application is done with you, it will take up to 90 days for the Aadhaar card to be delivered to the resident’s address. However, one can download e-Aadhaar and use it for ID proof until the physical copy of Aadhaar card is received.

4.Is e-Aadhaar card accepted everywhere?

e-Aadhaar is equally accepted like the physical copy of Aadhaar Card. If someone refuses to accept e-Aadhaar card, a complaint could be made against them.

5.Are children eligible for Aadhaar card?

Yes, children, even a new-born is eligible to get the unique 12-digit Aadhaar number. However, biometric need to be updated in Aadhaar Card details when the child is 5 years old and again once the child is 15 years old. This is mandatory.

With these basic information, you can easily set up with own Aadhaar Card franchise and provide all Aadhaar Card details to applicants in a hassle free manner.

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