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How to Update KYC for EPF UAN

An individual can now update their KYC information for EPF online using UAN EPFO portal. To go about this process of updating or changing KYC (Know your customer) details on UAN EPFO portal, one will require UAN (Universal Account Number) credential. For this, the individual will need login to the EPFO UAN portal and update KYC by uploading the required documents online.

The mandatory KYC details required are PAN card number, Aadhar card, and bank account details. If the details have not been updated yet then these details on the EPFO portal must be updated immediately. There are a lot of benefits of KYC update in EPF.

If the account is proper (i.e. KYC document completed account) then the individual does not face any delay for transfer or withdrawal of money. If the bank account details are not up-to-date then there are chances for the claim to get rejected. Also, the EPF account holder will not get the privilege of getting SMS alerts if the KYC documents are not submitted.

Following documents are required for KYC update for EPF UAN:

  • NPR (National Population Register)
  • AADHAR card
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • Valid Bank Account details
  • Valid Passport Number
  • Valid Driving License
  • Valid Election Card
  • Valid Ration Card

Steps to Update KYC Details

EPFO has started giving the facility for the account holders to update their KYC details online on the portal without much hassle. The benefits of updating the KYC details include low TDS on withdrawals, easy operations of accounts, etc. Recently, the government has made is necessary for the employees to link their EPF account with Aadhaar card to bring in efficiency in the whole process.

To update KYC details in the EPF account, it is a very simple and easy process. The members need to follow the below mentioned steps to update their details at the EPF portal:

  • First the user needs to login to the EPF account using their UAN (Universal account number) and password at unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.
  • Under the “Manage” tab, the user will need to click on the “KYC” option from the drop-down list.
  • Once the login is successful, the KYC details updating form will appear. The user will be required to fill their respective details such as Aadhaar, passport, PAN, driving license, ration card, National Population Register (NPR) election card, and bank details.
  • The user will then have to click on the box in front of the document that he or she wants to update. The individual will need to enter the document number, name of the account holder as per the document and additional details such as IFSC code in case of bank account details and validity (expiry) date in case of driving license and passport.
  • Then the user will need to save the changes made by clicking the save button. The data will be saved automatically under the “Pending KYC” section.
  • If the user does not want to update the details then he/she can cancel the KYC process by selecting or clicking on the X sign which will be next to the document before it gets verified by EPFO
  • All other updated details are verified by the EPFO from the data of the specific department
  • If the details are approved then a verified mark will appear in the front of the document.

Contact details update in the EPF Account

The user can not only get his or her KYC details updated on EPF portal but the individual can also make changes or update contact details online. Below is the process of updating contact details.

  • You will need to login to your EPF account using your UAN (user ID) and password of the account.
  • Go to the “Manage” tab and then click on the “Contact Details” option in the drop-down menu.
  • You will see the mobile number and email address is already fed in your EPF account. These are details which were taken at the time of activation of your EPF account.
  • Click on the box which says “Change mobile number” option or “Change E-Mail ID” option in order to update the contact details. Then click on the “Get Authorization Pin” button.
  • After entering the verification PIN sent to you through an OTP on your existing mobile number, your e-mail or phone details will get updated in your EPF account.
  • The update may take some time to reflect the new contact details in your EPF account.

Benefits of Updating KYC Details

There are plenty of benefits of keeping your KYC details up-to-date in your EPF account. The account holder can avail a range of benefits. Some of the important advantages are mentioned below.

  • The request for claim withdrawal online can be processed when KYC details are linked with the UAN.
  • It ensures the smooth transfer of EPF accounts.
  • Users also get alerts notifying the monthly PF after activation
  • If the user/member decides to withdraw his/her PF before the completion of 5 years of service then 10% of TDS is to be paid against the amount, if the PAN details are updated in the account. In case the PAN details are not updated in the account, the same TDS percentage increases to 34.608%.

FAQ's on How to Update KYC for EPF UAN

Is it necessary to upload documents on the EPFO Portal?

No, uploading of scanned documents is not required on the EPFO online portal. The user is just required to mention the document name and number in the EPFO online portal.

How much time does it take for KYC documents to be approved?

The turnaround time for the review and approval of the KYC documents is usually 3 to 5 working days.

Is it mandatory to update KYC details online?

No, the government has not made it mandatory to update KYC details online. But there are many benefits of keeping your KYC details updated. One of the many benefits includes that the time taken for transfer and withdrawal of EPF money is reduced and it offers more convenience for the member.

Whom should I contact for any queries about UAN EPFO portal?

The EPFO has made arrangements allowing members to contact them through phone number and email address for any queries they might have regarding their specific EPFO account. EPFO Helpdesk phone number - 1800 118 005 Email address - dd.caiu@epfinida.gov.in.