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CIBIL Consumer Login

CIBIL Score is important for loan applications with financial institutions. People who want to access CIBIL score and report can register on the CIBIL website. The CIBIL Registration Process is easy and free of hassles. Requiring the most basic personal information and the details of your loans and previous credits. An individual as well as commercial enterprise can be registered on CIBIL for access to credit information.

Benefits of CIBIL Consumer Login

CIBIL scores are important for availing loan approvals. The banks check your CIBIL score or credit score through CIBIL. The CIBIL scores go towards determining your creditworthiness that in turn helps when availing loans easily. To check the CIBIL score, an individual will have to login on the website.

  • When a borrower applies for a loan or credit card at a bank or a financial institution, the lender checks the credit or CIBIL score first to determine if the applicant is eligible to avail the loan.

  • The lender will not consider or may reject an application if the CIBIL score doesn’t meet their expectations or if it is too low. When the credit score is high, the lender will take the application and go on to evaluate other elements before the application is approved.

  • The CIBIL score is the first exposure to your creditworthiness for the lender. The better the score, the higher the chances of credit approval.

CIBIL login process for consumers

Here is a short brief about the CIBIL login process for consumers

  • CIBIL has different platforms for individual and commercial consumers logins.
  • CIBIL gives a one-time free access to credit score and report for individuals. Interested customers can visit the free CIBIL score and report page on their website and fill the form.
  • For normal access to credit scores and reports, all individuals or companies are required to register for CIBIL’s credit reporting services from the website.
  • They have to take monthly, bi-annual or annual subscription to the reports which would provide credit reports. The CIBIL subscription allows you to access various other products and services such as credit monitoring services.
  • Unlimited score and report is generated by CIBIL at a charge of Rs. 550 for monthly, Rs. 800 for bi-annual and Rs. 1200 for annual subscription.
  • Companies pay an amount of Rs. 3,000 for a single CIBIL rank and company credit report.

Documents required for CIBIL registration

To ensure that the credit report is solicited by the correct owner, CIBIL asks users to upload KYC documents. Given below is the KYC documents checklist for individual users and commercial users.

  • For Individuals

    • Identity Proof- PAN Card, Passport, Voters Identity Card, Driver’s Licence, Aadhaar Card.
    • Address Proof- Bank statement, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill.
  • For Companies

    • Address Proof- Bank statement, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Certificate of Incorporation.

Kindly note that both individual and commercial users need to ensure that the address mentioned at the time of filling the CIBIL registration form matches with that mentioned on the KYC documents provided by them.

Considering that the identity of a company is verified with the assistance of PAN and other uploaded documents, they have to submit address proof only so that the Company Credit Report reaches the correct address.

FAQs on CIBIL Consumer Login

What is CIBIL Score and what elements affect my CIBIL Score?

CIBIL score is a 3-figure summary of your credit history, built using details found from the accounts & enquiries segments on your CIBIL report. Scores range from 300 to 900. When you are close to 900, the possibility of your loan approval becomes higher.

There is a mistake in my report. How do I raise a dispute on that mistake? How long will it take to solve the dispute?

To initiate a dispute resolution with CIBIL, simply follow the below online dispute procedure.

  • Once the dispute is submitted, CIBIL will also denote the relevant field or account or segment on your credit report as being under dispute.

  • It will take around a month to resolve a dispute, depending upon the time taken by the Credit Institution to respond on the issue.

How can I improve my CIBIL Score?

You can improve CIBIL scores by keeping a healthy credit history, required for loan approvals by lenders.

Follow these 6 steps which will help you better your score:

A. Timely Payment: Late payments are viewed in a bad light by lenders. B. Use Less Credit: Always be in control of your credit utilisation ratio. C. Keep Good Credit: Having a good mix of secured and unsecured loans is a good idea. Far too many unsecured loans are bound to gather negative light from the lender. D. Indulge less in new credit: You should never give signals that you are needy. So be cautious when applying for new credit. E. Observe co-signed & joint accounts every month: You are held equally liable for payments missed out. A joint holder’s ignorance will certainly affect your access to credit as and when needed. F. Frequent Review of Credit History: Observe your CIBIL score & report frequently to override unpleasant surprises such as rejection of loan application

How many credit bureaus are there in India?

Besides CIBIL, there are five other credit bureaus in the country,

A. Experian Credit Information Co. of India Pvt. Ltd, B. Equifax Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd and C. CRIF High Mark Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd. D. CRISIL Limited E. ICRA Limited

The above have various scoring patterns and therefore your scores will vary. However, with a good CIBIL score, your scores will become favourable everywhere.

How do more number of personal loans affect your score?

A higher number of personal loans also affect the scores negatively, considering that such loans have a high rate of interest when compared to car or home loans and therefore, higher possibilities of default.