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What is Overseas Health Insurance

An international voyage for business or leisure always calls for some prior preparations like booking tickets in advance, applying for a visa, getting the hotel bookings executed and so on. Amidst all this, overseas health insurance always takes a back seat, in most of the cases. Before getting to know the features and other details of this important topic of discussion, let us first understand why we need an overseas health insurance plan.


Overseas health insurance is an insurance plan that covers you against the risk of hospitalisation when travelling to a foreign country. Western countries have very high medical care expenses due to their strict government guidelines. If a traveller falls prey to these exorbitant hospital expenses during his visit to any of these countries, all his life's savings will get washed off in one go. Hence, it is highly advisable and sensible to take out an overseas health insurance policy and safeguard yourself from such risks or tragedies when travelling abroad.

The best part about these travel health insurance policies is that they not only cover medical claims, but they also protect against other mishaps which might occur when traversing in a foreign land. Also, there are special insurance plans offered by different insurance companies for different countries like the USA, Australia, Schengen regions, the Middle East, and so on. All you need to do is research a little before opting for a health insurance plan for your next overseas visit.

Features of an Overseas Health Insurance Policy

An overseas health insurance policy provides comprehensive health coverage to you and your family when globe-trotting. It provides you with stress-free enjoyment during your travel period as it covers you against any medical or financial emergencies that may occur during that period. In the normal course, an overseas health insurance policy covers the following:

  • All medical expenses during the beneficiaries' trip anywhere outside the Republic of India
  • All inpatient and outpatient medical charges while in a foreign country
  • The insurer can get insurance up to the specified amount from the choices available, one can choose as per his convenience and capacity to pay the premium amount.
  • There is a cashless settlement facility available with most of the insurance companies. It is advisable to go through all the terms and conditions carefully before opting for one.
  • Different plans cover different parts and countries of the world. So, you can choose a policy that suits your specifications the best.

Who Can Take out an Overseas Health Insurance Plan?

Overseas health insurance plans can be taken out by any of the following contenders:

  • Anyone travelling the world alone or with family
  • A student planning to study abroad
  • Anyone who has taken up an opportunity to work overseas for a few months
  • Any person who may be moving abroad but is not sure of how long he would be there

Benefits of Taking out an Overseas Health Insurance Policy

Providing for your healthcare needs and making proper arrangements for it in a foreign country is as important as taking care of the necessities for living, such as food, clothing, and shelter. An ideal way to ensure quality medicare facilities no matter which part of the world you are in is by opting for a beneficial overseas health insurance policy that suits your specifications the best. Here are some of the major advantages of taking out an international health cover plan for you and your family:

Protects From Financial Loss

The cost of medical treatment widely varies from country to country, and in some parts of the world, they are incredibly expensive and beyond reach for a common man. The primary advantage of taking out an overseas health insurance plan is that it protects you from unforeseen and unexpected financial losses arising out of medical emergencies in a foreign land. An expatriate health insurance policy would safeguard you during your times of need. It would even ensure that you do not compromise on the quality and level of medical treatment required due to immediate financial considerations

Premium Access to Healthcare

A global healthcare plan would guarantee you access to the highest quality of healthcare and multiple choices available. This simply means that your decision for the selection of medical facilities would solely rest on your comfort level, needs, and personal preferences and not on your affordability or capacity to settle the medical bills thereof. Many overseas health insurance plans, as part of the policy, even provide a private or a semi-private room in a hospital for you to be able to recuperate with comfort and tolerance

Cover for Emergencies

In the event that you or any of your covered family members require an emergency medical treatment, an overseas health insurance plan can act as a saviour for you and your loved ones during times of distress, and cover all the costs involved therein. Right from charges for ambulance services and surgical treatment to rehabilitation costs, everything from start to finish gets borne by the insurance company, without you having to stress yourself out at any stage

Day-to-Day Medical Expenses

The importance of an overseas health insurance policy is not justified only during a medical emergency; it can even extend help by taking care of your day-to-day medical needs. This may include a visit to a general medical practitioner or dentist, getting laser eye treatment done and others. Moreover, there are health insurance policies that even cover inpatient and outpatient treatments during maternity.

Support and Expertise

Choosing a globally reputed insurance company and taking out an overseas health insurance policy with it would ensure you complete support and expertise throughout the policy period and even beyond it. With global presence as well as local knowledge, you stand to get the best and most appropriate medical treatments. Additionally, you get access to round-the-clock customer care service with multilingual emergency helpline numbers.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, an overseas health insurance policy should not be an option for anyone travelling abroad. Whatever be the purpose of travel, it should be a necessity and should be taken up as a priority.

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