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Do You Need Overseas Health Insurance When Travelling Abroad

Sumit Asrani Sumit Asrani 19 September 2017
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Traveling abroad? Well, medical emergencies in abroad could dig a hole in your pocket. An overseas health insurance plan is the best way to save money. However, you don’t have to buy an additional overseas health insurance policy to cover medical expenses if you have an overseas travel insurance policy. Read on to know more.

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Planning a trip overseas? Great!

Are you concerned about the medical expenses that may incur when travelling abroad? (God forbid it doesn’t happen).

Do not worry. Because you don’t have to buy an additional overseas health insurance policy when travelling abroad to get a medical cover.

Instead, DO THIS – Go for an Overseas/International Travel Insurance Policy when travelling abroad. An International Travel Insurance Policy gets you covered with medical expenses including personal accident cover, medical evacuation, etc.

Yes, you read it right. Don’t just take the word for it, read about the benefits of an international travel plan.

An International Travel Insurance Policy Helps You in Many Ways

As a matter of fact, you can buy an international travel insurance online. It’s instant and cheap. Moreover, it gets you cover against loss of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, medical emergencies, personal accident, liability cover etc.

Whether it’s your solo trip, a family vacation, a honeymoon, or a business trip, a travel insurance plan is a must when you are planning for an international trip. A travel insurance is a way to ensure that all the financial loss that may incur due to one or the other travel and medical contingencies are covered. This way, you stay worry-free while enjoying your trip. You can go for a multi-trip travel insurance if you are a frequent traveler.

Let me give you the details of all the medical expenses that are covered with an overseas travel insurance covers.

An Overseas Health Insurance under an International Travel Plan Covers the Following

It basically covers all the medical expenses incurred outside India, which may include bodily injuries caused, sickness or disease contracted. The best part is, claims are settled then and there. Almost, all the companies providing an international travel plan have a medical service network to provide support in case of medical emergencies.

Here is the list of few questions with answers that may be there on your mind. Read on to know more in-depth.

What if the weather doesn’t suit you?

It is always possible when you land in a different country, the weather may or may not suit you. You may fall sick. Sometimes, it is the cold weather and sometimes maybe an overall climate change that makes you fall sick. In which case, a travel insurance policy helps to cover all the financial expenses.

What if you suffer a bodily injury because of an accident?

If you get hospitalized due to the bodily injuries because of an accident or some other reason, the medical expense can soar high. Well, it is covered under an overseas health insurance plan that comes with an international travel plan.

These plans also provide with Personal Accident cover, which includes total and permanent disability cover, and accidental death.

Is dental treatment covered?

Yes, few companies do offer dental cover and some companies offer such treatments with some clauses, for instance, in case of injury to teeth or acute pain. To know more details, you must compare travel insurance policy online.

Is medical evacuation covered?

In case of extreme conditions and medical emergencies, if it is required that the insured must be sent back home urgently, it is covered.

What if you ate something and due to indigestion you are hospitalized?

In such cases of medical emergencies, medical treatments could be very costly. However, with a travel insurance policy you are financially covered for such medical treatment expenses too, check for in-patient medical cover in a plan.

What an International Travel Insurance Policy Covers?

You stay financially covered against:

  • Any medical emergency
  • Emergency cash allowance
  • Personal accident
  • Medical evacuation
  • The loss and delay of checked-in baggage
  • Any trip delays and cancellations or if you missed a connecting flight (Not all companies offer this, compare travel insurance plans to know more)
  • The loss of passport
  • Third party liability
  • Hijack
  • Expenses incurred due to the repatriation of remains

This is what usually is covered under an overseas travel insurance. However, there are certain exclusions of an international travel insurance policy which you should know.

What if you have an existing disease?

Usually, insurance companies offering an international travel policy does not cover any pre-existing disease(s). However, few companies may offer cover for an existing disease under their international travel plan.

Compare travel plans to find out.

How much overseas health coverage one gets in an international travel policy?

An international travel insurance policy may offer an overseas health insurance coverage as minimum as $25,000 and as maximum as $500,000. Depending on your need, you can choose the medical coverage amount.

You Don’t Have to Buy an Overseas Health Insurance; Instead, Buy the Right International Travel Insurance Policy

If you are planning to relocate outside India either for studying and/or working for more than six months, then buying an individual overseas health insurance would be a suitable option. As it covers emergency medical cover, regular medical check-ups, maternity cover, newborn cover, cancer treatment, compassionate visit, etc. this plan will take care of all the medical expenses that may incur while living abroad for a long period.

However, if you are visiting a country for a short period of time either for work, tourism, and holidays, it is advisable to opt for an International Travel plan. If you are planning a holiday trip and buy only Overseas Health Insurance plan or International Health Insurance, only medical expenses are covered. Whereas, a travel insurance policy will cover travel and medical related contingencies including loss of checked-in baggage, loss of passport and medical cover as discussed.

The premium for an international travel plan differs for everyone, as it depends on the number of days you will be staying abroad, the country you are visiting for a trip, your age, and sum assured. There are different travel insurance plans for individuals, family, senior citizens and students. Select an appropriate option depending on the situation. Moreover, the premium for an international travel plan also differs with single or multiple trip. Thus, it becomes necessary to compare travel insurance policies online.

What an International Travel Insurance Policy does not cover?

  • Expenses on injuries or illnesses due to alcohol, drugs, liquor or any such intoxication
  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Emergencies due to adventure sports – Bungee jumping, sky diving, etc.
  • Treatments under Ayurveda, Homeopathic, AIDS, are not covered
  • Cosmetics and Spa are not covered
  • Suicide is not covered
  • Travelling against medical advice is not covered

Compare Overseas Travel Insurance Policy - Overseas travel insurance policy comparison helps you to find the best plans. To get the right travel policy, you must compare different international travel plans. It helps you to know the medical coverage offered, that is, overseas health insurance, personal accident cover, whether or not it covers a pre-existing disease(s) and under what criteria, and if yes, how much is the coverage for it, trip delay cover, flight cancellation cover, checked-in baggage loss cover, etc.

Perhaps, you now know, why you don’t need an additional overseas health insurance policy. An international travel insurance policy covers it all when you are travelling abroad.

Safe Journey!!

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