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Future Generali Life Child Plans

Future Generali Life Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between Future Group, a leading Indian retailer and Generali Group, a global insurance group. The company offers various investment products that fulfil both saving and investment goals of its customers. Among all the products, the child plans offered by Future Generali promises multiple benefits and comes with loads of features and are specially designed to meet your child’s expenses in future.

The company offers one child insurance plan which is known as Future Generali Assured Education Plan, which is specially designed to provide financial security of the child’s future even in case of death of a parent. This child plan helps your child to be financially independent, so as to fulfil his education goals. The plan makes you carefree about his educational expenses and ensures that in any case, your child stays financially independent.

Features And Benefits of Future Generali Child Plan

This plan is uniquely designed to secure the future of the child by ensuring the availability of the fund, even after the death of the parent. Future Generali Assured Education Plan comes loaded with great features.


Following features are offered by Future Generali Life Child Plans:

  • Premiums are paid for the entire duration of the plan under regular pay option.

  • Maturity benefits can be claimed by three different ways- either as money-back payouts under option A and B or lump sum payout under option C.

A. Under option A, 40% of the sum assured will be received on policy maturity, 30% one year after maturity, 20% after another year, and the remaining 10% will be assured after another year when the child completes 20 years of age.

B. Under this option, 10% of the sum assured will be paid on maturity and for every subsequent year for two years and when the child reaches 20 years of age which is three years post maturity, 70% of the sum assured will be paid.

  • Under this option, the whole sum assured i.e. 100% amount will be paid on maturity.

  • The maturity occurs when the child reaches 17 years.

  • If the insured expires before maturity, then the death sum assured will be paid to the nominee.

  • The premium payment mode can be changed after going through a few formalities and liabilities.

  • Loans of up to a maximum of 85% of the surrender value can be availed on this plan.

  • There is an option of adding two riders, i.e. Future Generali Non-linked Accidental Death rider and Future Generali Non-linked Accidental Total and permanent disability rider to customize your plan.


Benefits offered by Future Generali Assured Education Plan are stated below:

  • Maturity Benefits: With investment in child plans, you can be assured about the payouts and can have control of your child’s higher education. With the flexibility of choosing the payment option, the plan is designed in such a way that it can fulfil all the dreams of your child, without any financial issue.

  • Death Benefits: The plan offers an uninterrupted secure future for your child. If in any case, parent of the insured dies or any unfortunate event occurs, then the child will not suffer. Your child will enjoy all the benefits that were supposed to be offered to him/her.

The company will:

i. Waive all future premiums payable under the policy.

ii. Immediately pay Guaranteed Death Sum Assured to ensure your family’s immediate needs are taken care of.

iii. Pay 5% of the Sum Assured immediately and on every death anniversary of the Life Assured till your child turns 17. This guaranteed amount can be used to fund your child’s regular school fees.

iv. Pay Maturity Benefit (100% of Sum Assured) as per your chosen option while purchasing the plan.

The Death Sum Assured will be:

i. 10 times Annualised Premium (excluding taxes, rider premium and extra premiums, if any), or ii. 105% of total premiums paid (excluding taxes, rider premium and extra premiums, if any) as on date of death, or

iii. Maturity Sum Assured, which is equal to the Sum Assured

iv. Absolute amount payable on death, which is equal to the Sum Assured


Every parent wants to secure their child’s future by investing their precious savings in this plan, but not everyone is eligible to put their money in these plans. Following Eligibility details must be considered before investing your money-

  • Minimum entry age of the parents must be 21 years whereas the maximum age is 50 years.

  • The minimum age limit for your child’s entry is 0 with a maximum of 10 years aged child can be insured under this plan.

  • Maturity age is a minimum of 35 years and a maximum of 67 years.

  • The policy term is fixed at 17 years minus the age of the child at the time of investment.

  • There is no upper limit of the premium amount, but a minimum of Rs. 20,000 annually and Rs. 2000 monthly should be paid towards premium.

  • Premium payment term is equal to the plan term.

  • Premium paying frequency can be yearly or monthly.


To strengthen your plan, you can opt for additional riders. A rider is an additional insurance plan that can be chosen, along with your regular plan by paying an additional nominal premium. Under this plan, there are two riders option provided by the company.

Future Generali Non-linked Accidental Death Rider: This is an additional insurance cover in case of accidental death, resulting from an accident. The cover amount will be paid to the family.

Future Generali Non-linked Accidental Total and permanent disability rider: This add-on plan provides an additional cover in case of total and permanent disability, resulting from an accident. The cover amount will be paid on confirmation of the permanent disability.

Documents Required

To apply for the benefits of Future Generali Life Child Plans, the policyholder has to carefully fill up the application form available at the nearest branch of Future Generali Life Insurance Company and submit it with identity proof, bank account proof, address proof and a recent photograph.

  • Identity proof: Identity proof consists of your Passport, Voter Id, Driving License or Aadhaar card.

  • Bank Account proof: Your passbook or cancelled Cheque may be used as a bank account proof.

  • Proof of residence: This proof may consist of the following documents-

  1. Any utility bill not older than two months of any service provider.

  2. Bank account or Post office saving account statement.

  3. Letter of allotment or accommodation from the employer.

  4. A letter issued by foreign embassy or Mission in India.

While visiting the branch for applying, carry the original and authentic set of documents to avoid any delay in the verification process. Once your documents and your identity gets verified, you can apply for child plan to fulfil your financial goals.

Why Choose Future Generali Life Child Plans?

Future Generali Life Child Plans offers numerous reasons to invest your money. The flexibility and benefits of child plans promise the financial security of your child’s future. Future Generali is the most trusted brand of the insurance industry and with this plan, they ensure considerable fund is available, even after the death of a parent.

  • The most important benefit of this Future Generali Life Child Plans is that the plan ensures the safe future of your child. The plan enables you to invest systematically until your child turns 17 years.

  • It offers you the flexibility to choose from three options of payouts depending on your child education milestones.

  • Even in any case of an unfortunate event, your child’s future will be financially independent.

  • The option of riders will also strengthen your policy and will cover you against an accidental death or permanent disability.

  • Tax benefits can be availed under this plan.

How Future Generali Life Child Plans work?

Investing in Future Generali child plans is not a complicated process with easy applying process and minimum documentation, this investment instrument is most preferred by those who are new to this investment game. Let’s go through the process of applying for child plan in following points-

  • The very first step towards investing in this secured investment instrument is to decide the amount of money you will need for your child’s education.

  • Choose the most suitable rider options available and increase the strength of your insurance plan.

  • Consult to the advisor and ask for all the details related to the plan such as the premium amount to be paid, maturity period, tax benefits and riders. Clear all the confusion and read terms and condition carefully.

  • Pay the premium and be assured about the payouts to fund your child’s education.

FAQs on Future Generali Child Insurance Plans

What should I do if I want to change my premium paying?

Premium paying changes are subject to a few terms and conditions always consult your advisor before taking this decision. If the plan provides an option for changing the premiums, the insurance company will act on your request.

Why you should opt for Future Generali Child Plans?

Future Generali Child Plans gives your child a secure and financially independent future. The company also promises to give the best possible service to its investors.

How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payment available?

Future Generali Life Child Plans offers the following modes of payment:

  • Online Payment mode by Debit card, credit card or net banking.

  • Cash/Cheque deposit at a branch

  • Pay by phone

  • Auto Debit

How can I check policy status for Future Generali Life Child Plans?

To check the policy status of your Future Generali Life Child plan, log in to your account using your Login ID and Password and instantly get all the details at your fingertips.

What is the policy renewal process for Future Generali Life Child Plans?

Renewal of your policy can be done by paying the outstanding premiums through the following modes:

  • Online mode: Login to your account using your Login ID and Password and renew your plan by making an online payment.

  • Offline mode: Visit the nearest branch and pay the due premiums.

What is the company’s process to settle a claim for Future Generali Life Child Plans?

Submit all the relevant documents and the correctly filled claim form. After verification, your claim application will be settled within 7 days. You are supposed to apply through email.

What is the policy cancellation process for Future Generali Life Child Plans?

To cancel a policy, submit a duly filed surrender form along with relevant documents at any branch and after verification, the company will take only 5 working days to cancel your plan and refund the applicable premiums or surrender value.