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How to Check LIC Policy Status, Details & Statement via Online

Did you forget to pay your policy premium on time? It is a rather common mistake that a lot of policy holders do. It is quite common for us all to get really busy either with office work or life in general. Working diligently towards a project deadline or working all through the night to meet client expectations can take a toll. And amidst all this, one might forget about their policies. The result is something that can hurt you a bit financially. Most of the insurers levy a fine or an additional charge if you fail to pay the premiums on time and LIC is no different. One of the easiest ways by which you can avoid paying these charges or fines is by keeping a tab on your LIC policy status. There are quite a few tools around which can help you find out details about your policy such as the due date for the premiums, maturity date, bonus if any etc.

The inclusion of online services in the insurance industry has made things easier for almost everyone involved. LIC offers a myriad of such solutions to make life easier for their policyholders. To put in a different way, these e-services on offer are essentially the digitization of information, for which you had to visit a branch office earlier. There are different ways by which you can check your LIC policy status. The following are the methods along with relevant details. Using these will ensure that do not ever miss out on paying your policy premium on time.

How to Check LIC Policy Status Online?

With Registration

  • You must visit the online portal of LIC to avail this service. The website allows you to choose between a new user and a Registered user. If you have not already registered, you can do so from this page and if you have, you can select the Registered user link, details of which is mentioned below.
  • The link will lead you to the login page where you must enter your username and password.
  • After you have successfully logged in to the website, you can see the various options available for you to choose from.
  • You must now select the Policy Status tab from the page.
  • The website will list out all the active policies for you under this section. If a policy that you own is not listed, you can add it via the Enroll Policy option under the Tools section.
  • When you click on any of the policies on the list, you will be able to see all the details related to it. Details such as the name of the policy, its term, the due date for the policy premium, sum assured etc.

New Users

Policyholders who haven’t registered for the online services can find a link to do so on the home page of LIC. For new users, you need to fill in the online registration form and decide on a login name. Once you are done with the registration, LIC will send a confirmation email to your registered email id. You need to follow the link to complete the registration. Post this, you can add your existing policies by entering details such as policy number, your date of birth, policy premium etc. After this, you can use the above steps to check your LIC policy status.

Without Registration

If you are someone who is not too keen on registering for the online services on offer, you can get details of your policy via sending an SMS to 56767877. Here are all the services that you can avail and the SMS codes that you need to enter accordingly.

Premium installment of your policyA policyholder can opt for policies with annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly installments.ASKLIC <Policy Number> PREMIUM
Nominee details of your policyTo view the details of nominees of a specific policy.ASKLIC <Policy Number> NOM
Policy revivalYou can revive a policy within 5 years of its lapse.ASKLIC <Policy Number> REVIVAL
Loan available on your policyTo find out the loan amount that you can avail on your policy.ASKLIC <Policy Number> LOAN
The bonus amount of your policyLIC policies usually have accumulated bonuses. ASKLIC <Policy Number> BONUS

You must type in the above codes in an SMS and send it to 56767877 or 9222492224.

How to Check LIC Policy Status through SMS

Send SMS to Check LIC Policy Status:

Apart from getting the details of your policy, LIC also lets you get your policy status by merely sending SMS. The process remains the same as above, where you have certain predefined codes for specific purposes.

Information related to cheque returnIn the event of insufficient funds in the account.ASKLIC <Policy Number> CHQRET
Information related to existence certificateAs the name suggests, it certifies the existing of the policyholder.ASKLIC <Policy Number> ECDUE
Policy StatusIf you wish to know the status of your policy.ASKLIC <Policy Number> STAT
Annuity amount of the policyTo know the annuity amount that LIC will pay in regular intervals.ASKLIC <Policy Number> AMOUNT
Last release date of AnnuityTo know the last date on which an annuity was released.ASKLIC <Policy Number> ANNPD

You must enter the above codes in an SMS and send it to 56767877 or 9222492224.

How to Check your LIC Policy Status through Customer Care

Policyholders who are not very fond of the above methods can directly contact the insurer to know their LIC policy status. LIC has an Integrated Voice Response System or IVRS as it is popularly known. The service is available 24/7 which means that you can get information about your policy round the clock. To get information about your LIC policy status via IVRS, you simply need to dial 1251 from your phone. Policyholders who have BSNL or MTNL numbers can dial 1251 directly from the phones to access LIC’s IVRS. For policyholders calling from numbers other than BSNL or MTNL, can dial the IVRS number of their respective city and follow it up with 1251.

In order to handle customer queries and issues in a hassle-free manner, LIC has 8 specified zones which include North Zone, North Central Zone, East Zone, East Central Zone, West Zone, West Central Zone, South Zone and South Central Zone. It almost goes without saying that each of these zones has different numbers and centers for you to visit or call and get your queries resolved. For an example, if you are someone who resides in Guwahati, you can call 0361-24500389 for any information related to your policy or simply to know your LIC policy status.

FAQs on LIC Policy Status

Is it needed to check LIC policy status on a timely basis?

Simply put, yes, it is. A lot of us tend to forget about the policy premiums after we have purchased a policy. The whole point of buying an insurance policy in the first place is to get coverage against specific scenarios or situations. And by not checking the status, you can run into the risk of a policy lapse, which defeats the whole purpose and will cost your additional amount to revive the policy. Checking LIC policy status in a timely manner will ensure you are on the top of paying premiums.

Are there any charges for availing LIC policy status information?

LIC doesn’t charge their customers for finding out details about their policies or knowing LIC policy status. If you are a registered user on the online portal, you can simply log in and view the details. However, if you want to know the status of your policy and are using SMS for the same, you will end up paying SMS charges as per your service provider. Similarly, if you call the IVRS or other numbers for information, you might have to pay call charges.

Are this facilities policy specific?

No. LIC offers this service for any policyholder who has a policy with LIC. Irrespective of whether you have an endowment plan, a whole life plan or ULIP or term insurance plan with LIC, you will be able to use these services. As long as you know the policy details, you can find out status or other information relevant to your policy.

Do I need to register for information via SMS?

No. Policyholders who wish to know additional information about their policy, need not register specifically for SMS based services. The above-mentioned codes are just enough for you to avail the services. The only thing to keep in mind is the format of the SMS and the policy number. As long as you have these two, your LIC policy status is just an SMS away from you.

Can I call from anywhere in the country?

Yes. If you wish to know your LIC policy status, you can dial the IVRS number from anywhere in India. If you are looking for some very specific information related to a branch or a city, you can call the branch directly and get the required information. LIC also supports email communication, but the turnaround time can get a bit longer than calls or SMS.