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Max Life Insurance

A financially sound company with a proven track record over the last 15 years, Max Life Insurance offers outstanding investment expertise. Max Life Insurance, one of the top ranking life insurers, is a joint venture between Max India Ltd. and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd. Max Financial Services Ltd is part of the Max Group, which is a leading Indian multi-business corporation, while Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance is a member of MS&AD Insurance Group, which is amongst the leading general insurers in the world. Max Life Insurance offers comprehensive long term savings, protection and retirement solutions through its high quality agency distribution and multi-channel distribution partners.

Max Life Products are available across 1453 locations ensuring ease of reach anywhere across the country

The company’s vision is 'To be the most admired life insurance company by securing the financial future for their customers'. The company has a good customer-centric approach focused on advice-based sales and quality service. In the financial year 2017-18, Max Life recorded a sum assured of Rs. 5,11,541 crore and Asset Under Management of Rs. 52,237 crore as on 31st March 2018.

Interesting facts about the company

  • Max life started its operations in the year 2000 with its Headquarters is in Delhi
  • The company has assets of Rs. 44,716 crore
  • It has a vast network of 210 Offices in 143 cities
  • The company boasts an employee force of more than 9000 and its huge advisor base of almost 50,000.
  • The Claim Settlement Ratio of Max Life Insurance for F.Y 2017-18 is 98.26%.
  • It has a solvency ratio of 275% (Source: Public Disclosure FY 2017-18)
  • Its 13th Month Persistency reached 80.5% (Source: Public Disclosure FY 2017-18)

Benefits of Max life Insurance Company

  • Variety in Plans – Max Life Insurance company offer good variety in life insurance plans to suite different requirements of their customers.

  • Tax savings - Life insurance premiums (up to Rs. 150,000 per annum) are tax exempt under the Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. In addition, Section 10 (10D) offers total exemption of claim amount or bonus.

  • Extensive coverage for low cost - Plans offers extensive coverage to insured for low premiums.

Types of Max Life Insurance Plans

Note: All information regarding product benefits & features have been sourced from the official website of Max Life Insurance.

Claims Process of Max Life insurance

The company has the following channels for their customers for claim reporting.

  1. Nearest Max Life Insurance Company Office (details of the nearest branch can also be looked up on the website)
  2. Personal Agent Advisor if available
  3. Email -
  4. Write to the Claims Department on the below address
  5. Max Life Insurance Operations Centre

Along with the dully filled claim form the following documents needs to be submitted:

Mandatory documents required

  • Original policy documents
  • Original/attested copy of death certificate issued by local municipal authority
  • Death claim application form (Form A)
  • NEFT mandate form attested by bank authorities along with a cancelled cheque or bank account passbook
  • Nominee's photo identity proof such as copy of Passport, PAN card, Voter identity card, Aadhar (UID) card, etc.

Additional documents required on basis of cause of death

  • Medical/Natural death:
  • Attending physician's statement (Form 'C')
  • Medical records (admission notes, discharge/death summary, test reports, etc.)
  • Accidental/Unnatural death:
  • Copy of the First Information Report (FIR) or Panchanama/Police complaint
  • Copy of Post Mortem report (PMR)/Autopsy and Viscera report
  • Copy of the Final Police Investigation report (FPIR)/Charge sheet

Claims Department

Max Life Insurance Company Operations center, - 2nd floor 90A, Sector 18, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon-122015, India

Telephone - Toll Free: 1800 200 5577

  • All claims need to be submitted with appropriate claim forms. Life, Group, Cancer claims have different forms. These forms can be downloaded directly from Max Life Insurance company website’s claim section or can be taken from nearest Max Life Insurance company branch

  • After filling the forms and attaching necessary documents (documents list can be taken from the company website or nearest Max Life Insurance branch), it needs to be submitted to the nearest Max Life Insurance branch.

  • All valid claims need to be settled within 30 days after receiving the all correct documents as per the guidelines provided by IRDA. However, Max Life Insurance have their own benchmark to settle the claim within 10 days.

  • Claim amount will be dispatched as per the option chosen at the time of submitting the claim documents. However, electronic transfer is recommended for fast and hassle free experience.

Documents Required for Claim Settlement

Life Claims

Mandatory documents required

  • Original policy documents
  • Original or attested copy of death certificate (issued by local municipal authority)
  • NEFT mandate form attested by bank authorities along with a cancelled cheque or bank account passbook
  • Death claim application form (Form A)
  • Nominee's photo identity proof

Other documents required on basis of cause of death

  • Medical/Natural death:
  • Attending physician's statement (Form 'C')
  • Medical records Accidental/Unnatural death:
  • Copy of the First Information Report (FIR) or Panchanama/Police complaint
  • Copy of the Final Police Investigation report (FPIR)/Charge sheet
  • Copy of Post Mortem report (PMR)/Autopsy and Viscera report

Health Claims

  • Health claim application form
  • Attested copies of all medical records
  • Attending physician's statement
  • NEFT mandate form

Group Claims

Employer Employee Policies

  • Claim form, as applicable
  • Original or attested copy of death certificate (issued by local municipal authority)
  • EFT mandate form to be completed by nominee/policyholder with a cancelled cheque copy, where the account holder's name is printed or copy of bank pass book

Non Employer Employee Policies: Lender Borrower & Non Lender Borrower Relationships:

  • Insurance certificate
  • Original or attested copy of death certificate (issued by local municipal authority)
  • Claim form, as applicable
  • NEFT mandate form attested by bank authorities and a cancelled cheque or bank account passbook

Additional documents required on the basis of cause of death

  • Medical/Natural death:
  • Attending physician's statement
  • Medical records Accidental/ Unnatural death:
  • Copy of First Information Report or Panchanama/Police complaint
  • Copy of Post Mortem Report /Autopsy and Viscera report
  • Copy of Final Police Investigation report /Charge sheet

Cancer Claims

  • Cancer Insurance Claim Form - Form CA
  • NEFT Form

Riders Offered by Max Life Insurance

  • Comprehensive Accidental Benefit Rider - The rider sum assured will be paid in the event of death or dismemberment as a result of an accident.
  • Waiver of Premium - All future premiums will be waived in the event of critical illness, dismemberment or death of the insured.
  • Critical Illness Rider - A lump-sum amount shall be paid on the diagnosis of any critical illness listed in the policy document.

Exclusion of Max Life Insurance Plan

If the life insured - whether sane or insane - passes away as a result of suicide within 12 months from the date of the policy inception or the date of policy revival of policy, the policy shall be terminated immediately. Here, the company will only refund the total premiums paid.

Review of Max Life Insurance

Max Life Insurance offers comprehensive life insurance and retirement solutions for long-term savings and protection both traditional and unit linked insurance plans. Max Life Insurance plans have organized their plans well for their customers. The plans have good inbuilt benefits and option of valuable add-ons available. Max Life has positioned itself on the quality platform and has maintained strong presence in the Indian market. In the financial year 2014-15, Max Life Insurance ranked fourth among private life insurers with a market share of 9.7%. The Company has been one of the fastest growing life insurance companies. The Company's solvency margin of 425% is than 2.8 times the mandatory 150% is indicative of its financial strength and stability. As on 31st March 2015, Max Life Insurance had assets under management of Rs. 31,220 crore. With such a strong product and business portfolio, Max Life Insurance Plans cannot be ignored while taking a decision on buying a life insurance product.

Company Address

For Life, Health & Group Claims Max Life Insurance Company Operations Center - 2nd Floor 90A, Sector 18, Udyog Vihar Gurugram-122001, India

Contact Information

Customer Service: 1800 200 5577

Online term plan queries: 1800 200 3383

NRI HELPDESK: 91-124-3812932

NRI Helpdesk Email:



For individuals:

For groups:

FAQs on Max Life Insurance

How to check Max life Insurance Policy Status?

If you are a registered policyholder, you can simply log in with your registered user ID and Password at the company’s website and check the status online.

How to pay Max Life Insurance Premium?

You can pay the premium for your Max Life Insurance Policy via ECS, which is available across all modes, i.e., monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually OR through drop boxes at various locations in your city OR through IVR - call helpline number 1860 120 5577 OR online banking.

How to pay a premium? What are the modes of payments available?

Following are the modes by which individuals can pay premiums towards their Max Life Insurance policy:

  • Pay Online
    • Through Max Life Website
    • Through Internet Banking (NEFT/RTGS)
    • Online "Renewal Payment" Through Foreign Remittance/Wire Transfer
    • Through Paytm / PhonePe / Google Pay and Airtel Money
    • Instapay service Through your Bank Website
  • Pay by Phone
  • Pay by Auto-Debit
  • Through Credit Card Standing Instruction
  • Through NACH/ECS/Direct Debit Mandate
  • Through Direct Debit
  • Through EBPP
    • Branch or Max Life Branch Dropbox
  • Through a Lakshmi Vilas Bank Branch
  • Through a Cheque
  • Through a Max Life Insurance Branch Office
  • Through an Axis Bank Branch or ATM
  • Through EBIX Cash Counters
  • Through Common Service Center
  • Through YES BANK
  • Cheque Pick-up

What is the policy renewal process?

Policyholders can renew their Max Life Insurance cover through the website of the insurance company by selecting the ‘Pay Premium’ option that appears on the top. Users will then be asked to either input their policy number or mobile number along with their date of birth, to proceed with renewing their insurance cover.

What is the company's process to settle a claim?

The claim settlement process is as follows:

Step 1 – Nominee or insured has to intimate Max Life about the claim. Step 2 – The duly-completed claim form along with the necessary documents have to be submitted. Step 3 – The insurance company will examine the claim and the documents. Step 4 – All genuine claims are settled in a matter of 30 days after all documents /clarifications have been received. If a claim requires further verification, the settlement may take up to 180 days

What is the policy cancellation process?

Individuals seeking to cancel their life insurance policy can do so during the free-look period. The insurer would require one to fill-up a cancellation form (available on the company website), and submit it along with the original policy copy.

Can I surrender my Max life insurance policy?

Policies that have saving or investment component can be surrendered after the completion of its lock-in period. According to a recent directive by the insurance regulator, life insurers have been asked not to levy surrender charges if the insured opts to terminate the cover after five years.

What is the Max life claim settlement ratio?

The claim settlement ratio of Max Life Insurance stood at 98.26% for the year 2017-2018.

How can I make changes to nomination or address?

One can change nomination anytime during the policy period by filling out and submitting the policy amendment request form. In case of a change in address, the individual would have to send a filled-up policy amendment request form along with an address proof (if cumulative premium of all active plans is over Rs. 10,000, inclusive of all applicable taxes, levies and cess).

Can I take a policy loan?

If the policy has a cash surrender value, then the insured can avail a policy loan of up to 90% of the cash surrender value. This, however, is subject to a minimum availability of Rs. 10,000. The loan can be taken for active policies, any time following the completion of three policy years.

How to revive a policy after 180 days?

A policy can be revived during the revival period, as stated in the policy contract. The individual will have to send a duly-completed health declaration form, and provide evidence of insurability that is acceptable to the insurer as per its underwriting practices. Any overdue premiums and unpaid charges have to be settled.

Does the company send reminder for premium payments?

Yes, the company sends a reminder before the premium payment is due.

Does the company provide a receipt for auto regular premium payments made to keep the policy in force?

Yes, the company sends the official receipt on the realization of the regular premium payment made to keep the policy active.