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How Our Term Insurance Experts Can Help You Over a Single Call?

Inderpal Ahluwalia 24 May 2018

Don’t miss out on the free assistance from our Insurance Experts while buying the ideal term insurance plan. It will save you time, effort and money. Read on to know more!

How coverfox experts can help you cover a single call

When it comes to getting a life insurance, doing an in-depth research online before buying, is the key to getting an ideal term insurance plan. Alternatively, you could call up our customer service representatives who will give you expert advice and that too free of cost. Our experts are very efficient in guiding you on every step of the buying process. They ensure that you are accurate in making one of the most crucial decisions of your life i.e. buying a term insurance.

Well, there are many questions that can crop up in a person's mind when he/ she thinks of buying a term plan. Some of those questions could be:

  • What kind of protection does a term insurance plan offer?
  • How to select the best term plan out of so many plans available in the insurance market?
  • Which is the best life insurance company for buying a term plan?
  • How does the claim process work in a term plan?
  • What are the exclusions of a term plan?
  • How to ensure that my claim will be successfully processed?
  • Which company gives the best after sales service?
  • What is the best mode of purchase for a term insurance plan?
  • What are the variants of a term plan?

The list of these questions can go on and on. The more you get to know about a term insurance, the more questions will crop up in your mind and it could get confusing.

The most important thing to remember before signing the dotted line is you cannot change the terms of your term life insurance plan once you buy it. It is therefore necessary that you buy the right one. Our advisors will help you do just that.

Worry not, Coverfox has professional Insurance Experts who are there to guide you and answer all your queries regarding a term plan.

Things that could go wrong with your term insurance plan:

  • Not choosing the optimum coverage: Choosing the accurate coverage is the key to having comprehensive financial cover with your term plan. Our insurance advisors will help you with the proper calculations to arrive at that perfect cover amount which helps your family in your absence at the same time is pocket friendly for you. Thus, ensuring that the term plan is absolute worth your money. You don't want to be over insured when you don't need it and you don't want to be under insured and defeat the purpose of having a term plan altogether

  • Choosing the wrong coverage duration: Apart from choosing the right coverage, it is vital to make sure you choose the right duration for your term plan. Ensure that the term plan covers maximum duration and is above your liability tenure i.e your home, car and other personal loans, all put together.

  • Not considering the relevant riders that could help customize your cover: Term insurance offers you great flexibility to enhance your coverage as per your requirement. With the availability of so many riders our experts can guide you about which riders will add more value to your term plan.

  • Get stuck in the application process: The term life insurance process is lengthy due to application process, attaching supporting documents and medical tests involved. Without expert guidance this can become a time consuming activity and cause you unnecessary hassle. Our insurance advisors can hand-hold you through the process so you can breeze through the application process.

  • Avoid bad post-sales experience: We stand hand in hand with our customers even after the sale is completed. If at all there are any issues post payment like delay in policy getting issued, we chase the insurer for you to get things on track. Our insurance advisors guard you against any inconvenience if there are any post sales issues with the insurer and solve it.

Best qualities of our In-house Insurance experts

Our in-house insurance experts are good at their job as their objectives are aligned with the vision and mission of the company. Coverfox endeavours to make insurance buying easy and wants to establish a platform to create the smartest and simplest way of buying insurance in the industry. This is where our Insurance Experts come in, who with their immense knowledge on the products and its features and with the use of the latest technology, help to filter out the ideal plan that suits your needs.


Our insurance experts come with a robust base of industry knowledge on insurance. They also have thorough knowledge of IRDAIs rules and regulations helping you with the insight of compliance and procedures of life insurance.

Well trained

Coverfox has an exclusive and comprehensive training for their insurance advisors. The training programs are just not restricted to insurance industry but also cover inflation, financial markets, and economy so to cover a broad spectrum of questions from the customers.

Unbiased advice no matter what

Coverfox was established with the objective to fill the gap in the market that was created due to mis-selling of insurance. We have achieved tremendous success over the years since we thrive on the principle of giving unbiased advice.

So, why should you pick up the phone and call our insurance experts or answer their call?

In the world of telemarketers, who spam you numerous times a day, an important call from our insurance expert advisor might get missed out. This can prove costly for you as you may miss on many advantages as mentioned above of having an insurance advisor by your side.

Insurance experts help you in choosing between a cheap vs a reputed insurer

Amongst the many numerous term life insurance plans available in the market, a cheap plan can seem attractive at first to a prospective buyer. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, it is the universal rule of buying any product. Our insurance experts can help you secure a deal for the same price with a reputed insurer by advising you to make smart changes in your plan as per your requirements.

For example – if you find a plan for a low price but want to attach an accidental death benefit rider then the rider price will increase the overall premium of the plan. Our Insurance expert can suggest a plan that will have an inbuilt accidental death benefit in the base plan itself which may be of the same price or even lower from the other term insurance plan along with the added benefit of a reputed branded insurer.

How our Insurance expert can guide to avoid getting your claim rejected?

Term Life Insurance is a legal contract between the two parties, the insurer, and the policyholder. The Term Insurance contract like any other contract has terms and conditions mentioned regarding the service it is offering to the policyholder. In the terms and conditions, there is an important section called exclusions. The exclusions give information under what circumstances the insurance claim can be rejected, for example, suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, self-inflicted injury, and participation in dangerous activity or crime. The clauses mentioned in the exclusions can sometimes be complex to understand.

Our Insurance experts can help you de-code these clauses into a simple language which may help you better understand the exclusions helping your family to avoid any shocks and panic situations in the future or during the claim settlement process.


Coverfox has introduced free NASPRO (Nominee Assistance Programmes) for all its term insurance customers. NASPRO adds great value to your term insurance plan. It not only offers complete claim support by our specialised Insurance Experts but also offers complimentary services of specialists in the fields of finance, legal and psychological counselling to your nominee. NASPRO is the industry first nominee assistance program started and offered by Coverfox, in which your nominee gets special assistance during the claim settlement process.


On any given day, wouldn't you like to have a friendly expert offering free assistance for something about which you may not have the complete knowledge? And by now you must be able to understand the spectrum of topics on term insurance that our Insurance Experts can cover.

Well, no matter how much we emphasize on the importance of speaking to our Insurance experts, the true value addition of the same can be appreciated only when you experience the individual case handling ability of our experts first-hand. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and speak to your personal Insurance expert advisor today! The only regret you will have is, why didn’t I try this before.