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NRI Investment plans in India

Good returns on investment help you get positive returns and build your wealth by finding the best investment option if you are an NRI and wish to invest in India.

India has seen significant development in all sectors over the last two decades. As a result, the country has opened its arms for foreign investments. This has encouraged non-resident Indians (NRIs) to consider India a feasible destination to invest. The Government of India is encouraging the country to do more business each day. With numerous options to invest in, NRIs may find it challenging to sort out the best choice for them.

NRIs have multiple opportunities to invest in India. Financial planning for NRIs is somewhat similar to that of Indian residents with some point of difference. Those who want to make the most of investment plans available in India need to follow appropriate financial advice for managing investment and helping it to grow. Some of the investment plans for NRIs includes equity shares, mutual fund, bank deposits, NRO domestic funds and real estate. Merely deciding on the investment option is not sufficient. One needs to find that perfect investment option for decent returns. The points to consider before making investment decision include investment point, amount of investment, and applicable taxes.

Considering risk and returns, the following investment plans are the best for NRIs in 2020.

Direct equity:Equity market is an ideal place for NRIs to invest their money. Here it is crucial to consider the time horizon of the investment, returns and risk appetite along with investment goals. One of the primary benefits of investing in direct equities is that there is no limit set for NRIs to invest their money.

Mutual fund investment:When compared to investment in direct equities, a mutual fund is a safe bet. This is especially true for NRI investors having limited Indian market expertise. When investing money in mutual funds, it is important to determine whether the fund is open for NRIs based in the USA or Canada. Checking investment rules is another important thing to consider for NRI investors. Mutual funds are capable of offering higher returns than other forms of investment plans for NRIs. Numerous fund houses are offering various mutual fund schemes to invest in. It is important to find and pick one as per your risk profile and financial goals.

NRIs can invest in mutual fund through NRO or NRE accounts. They need to invest in Indian currency. Moreover, the rate of return offered by mutual funds depends on the type of fund scheme invested in, i.e. debt, equity, hybrid.

Real estate investment:NRIs can also invest in immovable properties in India. It can lead to huge returns for an NRI. This is one of the favourite options for NRIs who are having huge sums of money to invest in. The real estate prices in metro cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune have skyrocketed over the lasts two decades. Many NRIs prefer to purchase houses in India to let out for rent. This helps them to fetch good returns on a monthly basis.

NRIs have a plethora of investment plans in India to choose from. You need to evaluate your risk profile and financial goals before deciding where to invest. Investing in India is a wise option as the country is expected to witness major developmental activities over the next decade.