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ICICI SIP Calculator

SIP calculator is an online tool that helps users determine the returns on their investments made via the systematic investment plan route. SIP is an investment vehicle offered by many fund houses to investors, allowing them to park smaller sums of money periodically rather than a lump sum amount.

Before investing in any mutual fund through SIP, users are advised to make use of the SIP calculators available online to know the future value of the investments. Individuals can accordingly plan their investment better - right from deciding how much to invest to the tenure they should select. Through ICICI's SIP calculator, individuals can find out how much their SIP installments today can earn them in the future.

About ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company

ICICI Prudential AMC is among the country's top asset management companies, offering a range of investment solutions. The company is a joint venture between ICICI Bank and Prudential Plc., a British multinational life insurance company. Over the years, the AMC has been able to establish itself as a prominent player in the mutual fund industry.

ICICI Prudential AMC manages significant assets under management in the mutual fund segment. It caters to portfolio management services for investors across the nation, along with advisory mandates for customers across international markets in asset classes like real estate, equity and debt.

The company has witnessed tremendous growth in scale since its inception - from 6 employees and 2 locations in the year 1998 to 2062 employees across 300+ locations, reaching out to an investor base of over 4 million as on June 30, 2019. The AMC has more than 68 mutual fund schemes in its portfolio.

(Source: Official website of ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company)

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Benefits of ICICI SIP Calculators

The advantages of using the ICICI SIP Calculator are as follows:

  • Results are accurate: The calculator helps users get precise results, which are vital for making informed financial decisions. The results of the calculator are backed by the formula in its system. This removes the need to manually calculate the returns and leaves no room for errors.
  • It gives faster results: The online SIP calculator provides results in a matter of seconds, as against manual calculations that could take several minutes. Also, if the individual wants to find out how different amounts or tenures impact the earnings, he or she can do so in just a few clicks that wouldn't even go beyond a few seconds. Online SIP calculators help save a lot of time and one would not have to be bothered with performing the math or using a physical calculator.
  • Easy to use: All that an individual will need to do to find out the returns on SIP investments is simply enter the required details in the boxes. The tool will instantly calculate the returns, based on the monthly investment amount, tenure and expected rate of returns provided, and accordingly show the results. There is no need for registration to make use of the online facility.
  • Helps take better investment decisions: One of the main benefits of using the SIP calculator is that one can get an idea of the different investment outcomes. The user can alter the investment amount or tenure to see how the returns are affected. This in turn helps the individual select the right amount and term that will help him or her reap the most profitable returns.

How to Calculate Using ICICI SIP Calculator?

To use the ICICI SIP calculator, an individual will need to input how much his or her monthly investment amount will be, the period of investment and the expected return (%). Based on the information provided, the online tool will show the user's earnings (profits) at the end of the investment period as well as the total investment.

Eg. a) Mr. A wants to invest a monthly sum of Rs. 10,000 for a period of 5 years. His expected rate of return is 15%. On entering these details in the online tool, he gets the following results:

Earnings (profits) at the end of the investment period = Rs. 8,96,817

Total Investment = Rs. 6,00,000

b) Mr. X wants to invest a monthly sum of Rs. 5,000 for a period of 8 years. His expected rate of return is 20%. On entering these details in the online tool, he gets the following results:

Earnings (profits) at the end of the investment period = Rs. 11,85,884

Total Investment = Rs. 4,80,000

Prior to investing in any mutual fund scheme of ICICI Prudential AMC, individuals are advised to use the online SIP calculator available on the company’s website. Users can accordingly make an informed decision on which scheme to invest in as well as the amount and period of investment. Estimation of the investment value can help users plan their finances better and choose the right mutual fund scheme.