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Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

One of India’s largest and fastest growing mutual funds, the Reliance Mutual Fund is a part of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani (ADA) Group. With Average Assets Under Management of INR 2,44,843.44 Crores (July 2018 - September 2018 Quarter Q2) and folios over 86.22 lakhs (as on September 30, 2018), RMF gives its customers a well-rounded range of products. In an attempt to aid its investors, RMF is now spread over 160 cities all over the country. With the launching of newer and fresher investment plans, the company is helping the investors in gaining more out of their investments.

Registered with the SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India), RMF was created to launch multiple schemes wherein unit are issued to the people with a view to provide capital to the monetary market and to give the investors an opportunity to make their investments in branched-out securities. When someone invests in mutual funds, the primary objective is that it leads to capital gains in the long run. RMF helps the customer to invest in equity and equity related instruments of multiple large capital industries and companies. Another intention of the investor is to generate steady and regular returns, and hence the company aids the customer to invest in debt, money market securities and REITs.

Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Service Toll-Free Number

Today, a greater part of the mutual fund transactions are carried out online, there is a minimum amount of human intervention required, still many a time a customer may have a query about a product that may need some human assistance.

Reliance Mutual Funds has an efficient customer care support for its customers, for all kinds of instant assistance. The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 9 pm. The customer care executives provide the appropriate service and product guidance and also help in diagnosing the problem faced by the customer. The most run-of-the-mill way to contact the Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Services is to call them on their toll-free number-1800 300 11111. When you make a call on this number, you will receive an IVR, that is an interactive voice response. This system will take you to the department that you have a query about. When you reach a customer service specialist, he would further assist you in resolving your concern or query.

“Have Us Call You”Service

If you have a tight schedule and do not have the time to make a phone call, then you may make use of the “Have Us Call You” service. To avail this service, you have to visit the official website- and fill in your name, registered email id and your registered mobile number. You may also specify the hours within which you wish to receive the phone call. This is a highly skilled customer service, where a customer care executive from the Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Service would call you. You should keep your documents and your folio number handy, when the executive calls you, in order to felicitate the process of resolving your concern or issue.

Account Statement Related Services

Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Service also provides certain customer services that do not require human intervention. These online services can be used for the services that are account statement related. If you wish to receive your Account Statement or the Capital Gains statement, you need to login to the official website and follow the required website link.

To Get Account Statement

Your account statements contain the basic information such as your folio number, the current holdings and the value of your investments etc. These come in very handy and are essential when at the end of the financial year, you need to compute tax-deductions, especially if you have made any ELSS investments. The Account Statement also provides significant information about how the investments are doing, that also works as an indication to the investors if they need to make some alterations in their strategy of making investments. Though it is rather rare, but if you notice any mismatch in the account statement and your actual provided details, you must contact the Customer Care Service. They will help you in sorting out the issue at the earliest.

To Get Capital Gains Statement

When you sell or redeem an investment, the profit that you have gained from the transaction is called capital gain. The Capital Gains statement expresses the short-term as well as the long-term capital gains made by your investments. This helps you calculate the income tax liability that falls on you in an easy and accurate way. The method to download the statement is easy and self-explanatory. In case you are facing a difficulty and are not able to see or download the statement, you may contact the Customer Care Service, who would help you resolve your issue.

Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Service via Email

When a customer calls the Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Service Toll-Free Number, he is provided with live support and most of their queries and requests are taken care of. Some people, however, find the written mode of communication to be easier as well as convenient. They feel that the written word is a better way to communicate rather than talking over the phone. For the convenience of such customers, Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care provides an email support system as well. The procedure is quite simple, you simply to need to send your query or the concern via an email to the registered email address of Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care, that is You need to ensure that the email consists of your personal details such as your name, your registered email and residential address, your Mutual Fund Folio number and your registered mobile number. In case, you have to provide a document, you may add it as an attachment to your email. Very soon you would be contacted by a representative of the company, who would present to you the answer to your queries or the solution to your problems.

New Video Calling Service from Reliance MF AMC

The innovations in technology have given way to great transformation of the Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Service. The leading mutual fund house, has developed a cutting-edge customer service where a customer can make use of video-calling to speak to a customer care executive. When you visit the official website, on the top-top-right of the home page is the option of “Video-Chat”. Once you provide your correct name, registered email and phone number, you can get started with video chatting. This is one of the most personalized customer care service provided by a company, as the customer is talking face-to-face with the executive which in turn has brought an improvement in the sales and customer loyalty. Many a time, if an individual cannot see the face of the person he is speaking to, the conversation may appear vague. When the person spoken to you is right in front, it brings more integrity to the conversation.

FAQs on Reliance Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

How can I get Reliance Mutual Fund customer care number?

There are many easy ways to get the Reliance Mutual Fund customer care number. You may either go to the official website of the company or you may just type it on the internet search engine that your mobile or computer works with. The documents or the account statements related to the Reliance Mutual Fund, also contain the contact details of the company.

How to get Reliance Mutual Fund account statement through the customer care number?

To download the statement, you need to visit the official website and fill in your details like your folio number and the period for which you need to receive the account statement. When you click submit, you will be shown the statement, on the top right of which is the option to Download or to Print.

Alternately, you can place your request by calling the customer care number and they will send you the account statement in your registered email id.

How can I update my email id in my Reliance Mutual Fund folio?

If you wish to update your profile online you can do that by going to the ‘Update your Profile’ page on the official website of Reliance Mutual Funds and update your office phone number, residence phone number, fax number and your occupation.

Alternately, you can call the Customer Care number of Reliance Mutual Fund and they will guide you with the procedure. It can also be done offline by visiting any branch of Reliance Mutual Fund and filling up a physical form.

How can I login Reliance Mutual Fund with folio number?

When you visit the website, you would see the option of “Enter folio number”. When you enter your folio number and Submit, you will be taken to the page displaying your latest account statement.

What is Reliance Mutual Fund office address in my city?

The Reliance Mutual Fund office address are different for different cities. You may visit the company’s website and click on “Locate Us”. Then, you may look for the specific city office address that you are looking for. Alternately, you can call the Reliance Customer Care and they will guide you with the details of the same.