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Registrars: CAMS and KARVY

Mutual funds are popularly known and invested in as they yield high returns. With the ever-increasing flow in the number of investments in mutual funds, business in mutual fund organizations are increasing too. It becomes impossible for mutual fund companies to keep a track of the activities done by all their investors. Therefore, they outsource these back-end transactions and record-keeping to trusted institutions known as Registrars and Transfer Agents.

Registrars and Transfer Agents are basically organizations or companies that register detailed records of investor transactions and keep a record of it all. They are skilled experts for maintaining such records professionally.

Investors carry out multiple transaction such as buying, selling, exchanging, redeeming funds, updating certain personal information, etc. The Registrars and Transfer Agents take care of all these activities of the investors and store all such information. This is convenient to mutual fund companies and takes the load off them.

Role of Registrars and Transfer Agents

The primary role of Registrars and Transfer Agents is to look after data related to the investors’ activities and keep a record of them. All tasks related to mutual funds are carried out by the investors at the hand of Registrars and Transfer Agents at many branches. These investors do a lot of buying and selling of shares along with other tasks like updating personal information, exchanging and switching to other funds. All these transactions are taken care of by the Registrars and Transfer Agents.

The Registrars and Transfer Agents also provide information to investors about new offers emerging in the market, details of units, maturity dates, nominee changes, timely performance of mutual funds and everything related to investors.

Registrars and Transfer Agent Services to Stake-Holders

There are three stake-holders in every mutual fund transaction. The three-parties that are involved are the distributors, investors and the mutual fund company. The Registrars and Transfer Agents provide all-round service and assist all these stake-holders.

Ways in which the Registrars and Transfer Agents provide service to these three stake-holders are as follows:


Mutual fund companies have distributors that sell their products of probable investors.

  • The RTA provides sale necessities like forms for investors and various handouts.
  • The RTA gives a synthesized statement of the distributors sales in any month.
  • The RTA assists them by buying and selling mutual funds on account of their clients.


Investors are the people who invest their money in mutual fund companies.

  • The RTA provides information to investors regarding new offers, distribution of dividend, maturity dates, various funds, updates, etc.
  • The RTA vigilantly makes various information and service forms available to the investors.
  • The RTA is a one-stop customer service help line to investors regarding all their transactions.
  • The RTA delivers synthesized statements to customers regularly.

Mutual fund companies

Mutual fund companies are flooded with an increasing number of investors.

  • The RTA helps the mutual fund companies by reducing their cost in the maintenance records.
  • The RTA provides an amalgamation of synthesized statements to all the customers of mutual fund companies.
  • The mutual fund companies do not require opening their branch offices in places where RTA’s are present.

The two leading Registrar and Transfer Agent companies in India are Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) and Karvy. Both these companies are instrumental in the smooth functioning of the mutual fund companies of India. They take care of almost 80% funds of mutual funds in India.

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS)

CAMS is one of the leading mutual funds transfer agency in India. It has more than 300 customer service centres and has its headquarters in Chennai. Its customer service is a all-query helpline that will assist you with everything relating to mutual funds.

CAMS is the medium that provides back-end services to Mutual Fund Companies, Private Equity, Venture Capital Fund Companies, KYC Registration Agencies and all the people that have invested in these companies.

Services Provided By CAMS

  • Creation of investors account: Verifying all forms and documents, creating an account with ready information, scan and attested documents of the investors.

  • Transaction process: All acceptance of forms of any transaction and their verification; settlement of money from investors and mutual fund companies; resolution with bank about receipt of money and giving confirmation to investors; intermediary payments and reconciliation of orders.

  • Keeping records: Maintaining all customer data and records of all transactions.

  • Customer Service: A one-stop place that has all information of the investors and assists them with everything.

  • Supervision: Report of any transaction that is doubtful.

Features of MyCAMS App

CAMS has emerged their website portal and mobile application for their investors to make it easier for them to do transactions by themselves. This completely strikes out the need for investors to contact customer cares and distributors.

Investors can now do the following with the incredible features of MyCAM-

  • 24 hours customer service, with available option of chat with an expert.

  • All in one site where, by simply entering his pan card number, the investor is presented with a list of all investments related to it.

  • Service-related forms readily available for download.

  • All transactions can be done through this app. (Purchasing, selling, exchange, redeeming, etc.)

  • Portfolio Value Systems, SIP details, Dividend options, any kind of changes to be done; the investor can manage his investment account.

  • Can be operated on desktop as well mobile.

Subsidiaries of CAMS

CAMS Repository Services Ltd. is a licensed company that carries out duties like E-Insurance Account Creation, Services of Policy Holders, maintenance of accounts and converting regular policies into E-Policies.

CAMS KYC Registration Agency is another subsidiary of CAMS that provides services for non-financial transactions. It saves and manages all KYC records of investors like registration, changes in details and data.


Karvy is India’s largest Registrar and Transfer Agent company and manages over 70 billion accounts; a customer-oriented company catering to all the financial needs of both their corporate and retail customers.

Features of Karvy Online Trade App

  • Desktop and mobile app with easy usage.
  • Chat with expert.
  • Accurate information of investment holdings.
  • Trading online.
  • Safe transfer of funds.
  • Tracks investors portfolio and its performance.

Services Provided by Karvy

Karvy provides two types of services that are equally essential.

  • Financial Services: RTA’s service for corporate and mutual funds, equity and commodity broking, wealth management, insurance repository, investment banking, derivatives, distributing financial products, forex and currencies.

  • Non-financial Services: Data management and analytics services, research of market, alternate energy and international BPO.

Subsidiaries of Karvy

Karvy is a company that offers various services financially. It has many subsidiaries that contribute to Karvy being the largest RTA in India.

Karvy Stock Broking ltd, Karvy Computershare Private ltd, Karvy Computershare WLL, Karvy Comtrade ltd, Karvy Investment Advisory Services, Karvy Capital Ltd, Karvy Holding ltd, Karvy Financial Services ltd, Karvy Insurance Repository ltd, Karvy Data Management Services ltd, Karvy Solar Power ltd, Karvy Consultants ltd, Karvy Inc. USA, Karvy Analytics ltd, Karvy Investor Services Karvy Middle East LLC and a few more.

To conclude, CAMS and Karvy are the most trusted Registrar and Transfer Agents in India. They provide efficient services and play a major role in handling all the records of transactions of their investors.

FAQ's on Registrars: CAMS and KARVY

What mutual funds are under Karvy?

Mutual funds under Karvy are Axis, Benchmark, Bharati, Baroda Pioneer, Canara Robeco, Edelweiss, JM, LIC, Mirae asset, Morgan Stanley, Principal, Peerless, Quantum, Reliance, Religare, Sahara, Sansui, Taurus, UTI, Paramerica, Bank Muscat India Fund and IDBI Mutual Fund.

Who is the registrar for Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund?

Franklin Templeton International Services pvt. Ltd.

Who are Registrar and Transfer Agents?

Registrar and Transfer Agents are people who maintain records such as buying, selling, exchanging of units as well as all information of their clients.

What is Karvy Fund?

Karvy is a Registrar and Transfer Agent that maintains data and assists in the functioning of many mutual fund companies.

How do I redeem my Karvy mutual funds?

For offline, you need to sign a redemption form and send it to the AMC’s or distributors office. If done online, then you must login through your trading account, select the type of fund as well as the number of units you wish to redeem and confirm the order.

What is Karvy?

Karvy is a renowned Registrar and Transfer Agent in India. It manages the date and records transactions of all the investors of the mutual company’s they work with.

What is Ktrack?

Ktrack is an app for mutual fund distributors. The manage mutual funds that are taken care of by Karvy. Ktrack app tracks the investor’s portfolio and transactions too.

What is ARN code?

An ARN code is a unique identification number introduced to identify the intermediaries involved in the selling of mutual funds.

How do you get KYC done?

Visit the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) website and download the application form. Fill it accurately and submit it with the required documents to the company of service.

How can I open a demat account in Karvy?

Go to Karvy’s website and fill up the application form for demat account. Submit all your documents. Then, there will be a one-on-one verification through WhatsApp or Skype. After this process is completed efficiently, you will be provided with an ID and account number.