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UAN Member Portal

UAN e-SEWA Member Portal is an online platform launched by EPFO for all its members to get access to various services online and to efficiently manage the provident fund account.

Every member who is registered with EPFO is allotted with a unique 12 digits Universal Account Number (UAN), issued by the Ministry of Employment and Labour. The UAN issued a unique number which remains the same throughout the career of the employee, irrespective of the job changes.

A person can self-generate a UAN, through an online process using the Aadhar card, even before joining his or her first job.

The UAN e-SEWA portal is a unified platform, where you get all the information related to your PF accounts, whether it is from your existing employers or the previous one. With the help of UAN, the portal brings all your PF accounts with multiple IDs of different companies at one place, and one can access them on a single platform.

With UAN, EPFO has streamlined and digitised various functions, making it more simplified for both employees and employers. On this portal, the employee can fetch all PF related records, update KYC details, view EPF passbook, and even place a request for transfer and withdrawal of EPF balance, thus making the entire processes effortless.

Register at UAN Member Portal

For accessing all your PF related information through UAN, you first need to activate your UAN. Following are the steps involved in registering at UAN e-SEWA portal.

Before proceeding, keep your UAN or EPF Member ID handy to complete the process quickly.

  • Visit the EPFO homepage, go to the 'Our Services' section, and click on 'For Employees' option.
  • Click on the 'Member UAN or Online Services (OCS/OTCP),' present in the 'Services' section.
  • You will be re-directed to UAN e-SEWA Member portal, from where you have to select 'Activate UAN' option in the 'Important Links' section.
  • You can initiate your UAN activation through any of the following documents, such as UAN, EPF Member ID, Aadhaar, or PAN.
  • Select any of the document you wish to proceed with and enter your Name, Date of Birth and Mobile No.
  • Enter the security code and click on the 'Get Authorization PIN' button to continue.
  • Enter the PIN that you receive on your registered mobile no., and tick on 'I Agree,' to the terms and conditions. Following that, click on the 'Validate OTP and Activate UAN' button.
  • Your UAN will get activated, and you will receive a password on your mobile no. to log in to your account. If you are not sure about the status of your UAN, you can check it by clicking on 'Know Your UAN Status' present under 'Important Links' in the UAN e-SEWA portal.

After your first login attempt, change the system generated a password according to your choice and convenience.

UAN Login Process

The UAN login process is simple and is done through a UAN e-SEWA Portal.

Enter your UAN and Password in the respected field to log in. After logging in successfully, you will able to view your profile, UAN card, and all records related to your EPF accounts.

You can view and download your EPF passbook from the Member Passbook portal, using your UAN and same password as in UAN login.

UAN Member e-Sewa Portal Services

Through UAN, the member gets access to hosts of services related to EPF account, which we will now have a look at in detail. Under the 'View' section in the menu bar, the member will have access to the following information. Profile

The profile segment contains all your basic personal information available with EPFO, such as

  • UAN
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Father's or Husband's Name
  • International Worker or Not
  • Qualification
  • Marital Status
  • Permanent Address
  • Current Address
  • Differently Abled

Except for your UAN, Father's or Husband's Name, and International Worker status, you can edit all your information, only if your account is not Aadhaar verified.

Service History

Under this option, you can view your service history with different companies in chronological order, displaying all the relevant information, such as

  • Establishment Member ID
  • Establishment Name
  • Establishment ID
  • Date of Joining EPF
  • Date of Exiting EPF
  • Date of Joining EPS (Employee Pension Scheme)
  • Date of Exiting EPS
  • Date of Joining FPS (Family Pension Scheme)
  • Date of Exiting FPS

UAN Card

Under this option, you can preview and download your UAN Card from the portal, and keep it for future reference in case of a job switch. The new employer asks for UAN Card to link your new EPF account.

The card contains the following information:

  • UAN
  • You Name
  • Father's or Husband's Name
  • KYC Details
  • QR Code
  • Date Stamp

EPF Passbook

You will be redirected to EPF Member Passbook portal if you wish to view your passbook, where using your UAN and the password for UAN e-SEWA portal login, you can view and download your EPF passbook.

The passbook shows contributions made by the employee and the employer every month, and interest credited at the end of the period. Manage

Under the 'Manage' option in the menu bar, you can view and modify your basic details and contact details. If your account has been Aadhaar verified, you will not be able to view and modify the details. Any modification will require modification in Aadhaar data or need to contact customer care.


Through KYC option, you can update your key documents number in the EPFO database. You can update the following documents:

  • Bank Account
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar ID
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Election Card
  • Ration Card
  • National Population Register


You can update the Nominee information using this option. You have to update the Family Declaration page by updating details, including Aadhaar of all your family members. Under nomination details, you have to declare the total amount to be shared in percentage among the nominees. If you are selecting only one family member as a nominee to your EPF balance, then mention 100% as total share amount.

Then, click on 'Save EPF Nomination' button, and then validate it by entering the OTP you received on your mobile no. linked to your Aadhar Card.

The process to file nomination details with the EPFO is complete, and there is no need to send any physical document to the EPFO.

Online Services

Under this option, various functions, which were earlier deemed to be complex in nature, can now be done in a few steps without any hassles.

CLAIM (Form-31, 19, 10C, and 10D)

This is a new composite claim form introduced by the EPFO, to smoothly settle the process of partial and full withdrawal from EPF accounts online.

In order to make a successful withdrawal request, you must link your UAN with Aadhaar.

Transfer Request (One Member- One EPF Account)

The member can place a transfer request of PF amount from the previous employer to the current employer. The idea of UAN replaces the need for having multiple EPF accounts, in case of a job change.

Before making a Transfer Request, update all your KYC details and ensure all information are correct. An employee can make only one transfer request on his or her previous PF account.

Track Claim Status

The UAN portal allows you to track your withdrawal claim request, directly by logging into your account. The member doesn't need any acknowledgement number to know the status of their claim.

UAN Customer Care

A UAN member has different options in front of him to contact customer support, in case there is any issue related to UAN login, withdrawal claim, and transfer request process.

The customer support team can be reached via the following modes:

  1. Toll-Free no.: 1800-118-005
  2. Email ID:
  3. By contacting the respective EPFO regional office of your EPFO account, you can find the contact details of all regional and sub-regional EPFO office.

How to Reset Password at UAN Member Portal

There are two ways through which you can change or reset your password.

Under the 'Account' option in the menu bar, you can find 'Change Password,' through which you can reset your password very easily.

Forgot password

In case, you have forgotten your UAN e-SEWA member portal password, click on the 'forgot password' option, present under the UAN login area.

Compared to the first option, the process to retrieve your password is a bit lengthy, as you need to undergo a verification process.

Following are the steps for this procedure.

  • After clicking on 'Forgot Password,' you will be redirected to the next page, where you need to enter your UAN and the security code, and then click on the 'Submit' button.
  • In the next page, if you want OTP on your registered number, click on Yes to receive the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP to make a successful verification, following which you can reset your password.

Change in Registered Mobile Number

  • In case you don't want to receive OTP on your registered mobile number, then click on 'No.'
  • Next enter your Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and then click on 'Verify.'
  • Following that, enter your Aadhaar or PAN number and New Mobile Number.
  • Validate your mobile number by entering the OTP sent on your new number.
  • Once successfully verified, now you can reset your password.

Advantages of Updating Mobile Number on EPFO portal

Updating your mobile number on the EPFO portal comes very handy and is extremely useful. Some of the advantages are as follows.

  • Simplified validation process through OTP verification.
  • Can get access to various EPFO facilities on mobile through UMANG App.
  • Can check EPF balance by sending SMS from registered mobile number.
  • Can receive a regular SMS update on contributions made to your EPF account.
  • Can track the status of withdrawal claims.

FAQs on UAN e-SEWA Member Portal

How to get the password to login to UAN member e-SEWA portal for the first time?

You need to first activate your UAN in order to receive the password to login to UAN member e-SEWA portal. After successful UAN activation, you will receive the password on your registered mobile no.

Will a new UAN get generated when I change my job?

No, your UAN will be the same throughout your professional career, irrespective of a change in jobs. The idea of UAN replaces the need to remembering multiple EPF account IDs. Your UAN acts as a bridge to provide smooth EPFO services.

In case of a job change, you can transfer your EPF balance from the previous employer to current employer by making a Transfer Request on the UAN portal.

How to view my EPF passbook on UAN Member Portal?

Following are steps involved to view your EPF passbook on UAN Member Portal. Visit the EPFO homepage, and go to the 'Our Services' section, and click on 'For Employees' option. Under the 'Services' section, click on the 'Member Passbook' option. In the next page, use your UAN and the password for UAN e-SEWA portal login, to view, and download your EPF passbook.

How to view my UAN Card on UAN Login Portal?

After successfully logging into the UAN portal, you can click on the 'UAN Card' tile present in the dashboard to view and download your UAN Card.

Or, under the 'View' option in the menu bar, click on UAN Card, from where you can view and download your UAN Card.

How to change my email ID and mobile number of the EPF Member e-SEWA portal?

You can change your email ID and mobile number by selecting the 'Contact Details' under the 'Manage' option present in the menu bar.

In the next page, click on 'Change Mobile No.,' and enter your new mobile number and validate your number.

In the same process, you can change your email ID.

Which documents should I submit for updating KYC Details?

Documents which are required for UAN KYC verification are Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Bank Account, Ration Card, and National Population Register.

You don't need to submit any documents when you're updating KYC details through UAN member portal.

After updating your KYC details in the portal, your KYC verification will be kept pending, until EPFO has verified the details from the concerned authorities.

How do I know that the KYC update has been approved by my employer?

The KYC approval status on UAN portal will show as pending. Once the employer has verified your KYC details with the concerned authority, the approval status will be shown against that particular document given for KYC.