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How to e-File Revised Return of Income Tax?

Filing for income tax can be a bit confusing, if you’re doing it for the first time. So what happens when you make a mistake in filing your Income Tax Returns? Read ahead to know more.

When you make a mistake while filing your ITR, you are required to file a revised return with corrections and submit the same to the Income Tax Department. You can do this online as well as offline. To make an e-File Revised Return, you need to ensure that the original filing was done online as well.

You can simply visit the official website of the income tax department of India and file the taxes online. Make sure that you have your Income Tax Return-Verification (ITR-V) Form handy.

The following conditions need to be met in case of a Revised IT Return (e-File)

  1. The original ITR was filed online.
  2. The mistake made was genuine.
  3. The original return was filed before 31st March.
  4. The IT department has not completed the assessment of your IT Return.

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How to Revise your Income Tax Return?

You can revise your Income Tax Return online as well as offline. For online, you can visit the website of the Income Tax Department of India and login to the e-filing portal to make the changes. For offline, you will have to personally visit the income tax department’s local office and fill in the revised application form and submit the same.

How to file Revised Return online?

For e-Filing Revised Returns, you need to login to the online portal of the Income Tax Department and follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Keep your Income Tax Return-Verification (ITR-V) Form handy. This is received post the original return filing. The other things required are acknowledgement number and filing date of the original IT Return.

  • Login to the portal with the registered User ID and Password.

  • Select the ‘Quick E-File’ option.

  • Select the assessment year and address in the first section.
  • Select the Filing Status in the second section.
  • Under column A21, select 17 - revised return - 139(5) because you are filing revised return.
  • Under column A24, you have to submit the acknowledgement number and the date when the original was filed.
  • Fill in the correct information and submit the same.
  • Post submission, you will receive the ITR-V of the revised return, which you are required to sign and send along with the original ITR-V to the Central Processing Centre (CPC) in Bengaluru within a period of 120 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last date to file the revised return?

The last date to file a revised return is 31st March 2019.

How many times can I file a revised ITR?

You can file a Revised ITR as many times you find/make an error in filing the original return.