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Kanpur Nagar Nigam Property Tax

If you are a resident of Kanpur, you must have come across the need to pay property tax. The Kanpur Municipal Corporation (KMC) is the civic body which collects property tax from the residents of Kanpur. Property tax is an important source of revenue for the Kanpur Municipal Corporation. The KMC has also created an online portal to facilitate the process of collecting property tax.

The Annual Value Calculator is no longer used by the KMC to assess the property tax. This method has been replaced by the PID system, where every registered user is given a unique 15-digit PID number. This 15-digit PID number is used to pay property tax online.

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How to pay KMC Property Tax?

You can pay KMC property tax online as well as offline.

The process to pay the tax offline is as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of KMC and select the tab ‘Pay your Property Tax Online’.
  2. Submit the 15 digit unique PID number. In case you don’t have your PID number, you can select other details such as name, zone number, address and ward number.
  3. Post submission, the new page will have details of the payable property tax amount.
  4. Post selection, you will be directed to the payment gateway where you can make the payment via net banking.

KMC Payroll Application Login - NA (The access is restricted for employees and corporation authorities only)

KMC Property Tax Calculator

The website of KMC also features a property tax calculator. This calculator helps you determine the amount of property tax payable to KMC. The calculator works separately for calculating residential and commercial tax. Each of these sections require specific information to be submitted.

For Residential Property Tax,

  1. Name/Owner/Landlord details
  2. Name of the occupant/tenant
  3. Plot no
  4. Address
  5. Respective ward/zone
  6. Year construction/age
  7. Total area/ Sq. ft.
  8. Self-occupied/rental

For Commercial Property Tax,

  1. Name/owner of the organization
  2. Ward/zone/mohalla

Rebates and Penalties from KMC

  1. Rebates are applicable to specific parts of properties such as balconies, garages, corridors.
  2. Rebates are given to disabled/handicapped people.
  3. Penalty is based on the size of the property and range between ₹100 to ₹25,000/-

KMC Property Tax Exemptions

Religious institutions/graveyards/places of worship/schools/charitable buildings/ancient buildings/properties below the value of ₹360 are exempted from KMC Property Tax.