Road Tax in Jharkhand
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Road Tax in Jharkhand

Road tax, also called Motor Vehicles Tax, is a tax that is imposed by state governments

on motor vehicles and road usage. It is calculated after taking into consideration different factors like engine capacity, unladen weight, seating capacity and cost price. Every state has different rules and regulations pertaining to how road tax is charged.

The levy and collection of road tax in the state of Jharkhand is governed by the Jharkhand Motor Vehicles Taxation (JMVT) Act, 2001. The Transport Department of Jharkhand is the regulatory authority for the movement of vehicles in the state. The administration of motor vehicle tax in the state is vested with the Department.

Jharkhand Road Tax Rates

Rate chart of tax to be paid on vehicles paying one-time tax in Schedule-1 Part-"C" and Tractor & Trailer of tractor:

Stages of Registration Vehicles paying one-time tax in Schedule-1 Part-"C" and Tractor & Trailer of tractor
More than one year but less than two years 90%
More than two year but less than three years 80%
More than three year but less than four years 75%
More than four year but less than Five years 70%
More than Five year but less than Six years 65%
More than Six year but less than Seven years 60%
More than Seven year but less than Eight years 55%
More than Eight year but less than Nine Years 50%
More than Nine year but less than Ten years 45%
More than Ten year but less than Eleven years 40%
More than Eleven year but less than Twelve years 40%
More than Twelve year but less than Thirteen years 40%
More than Thirteen year but less than Fourteen years 40%
More than Fourteen year but less than Fifteen years 30%
More than Fifteen years 30%

Rate chart for refund of one-time tax of vehicles paying one-time tax in Schedule-1

Part-"C" and Tractor & Trailer of tractor

Scale of Refund Vehicles paying one-time tax inSchedule-1 Part-"C" and Tractor & Trailer of tractor
Within one year 70%
After one year but within two years 60%
After two year but within three years 50%
After three year but within four years 40%
After four year but within five years 30%
After five year 0

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How to Calculate Road Tax in Jharkhand

As stated above, a number of factors are considered while determining the payable road tax. Age of a vehicle, fuel type, make and manufacturer, length and width of the vehicle, engine capacity, place of manufacture, purpose (commercial or personal use), etc. are some of the elements that influence motor vehicle tax. It should be noted that number of wheels as well as seating capacity are also used to ascertain road tax.

How to Pay Road Tax?

Road tax for private vehicles has to be deposited during the time of registration at the concerned zonal registration office or self-registration dealer. This is a one-time payment. In case of commercial vehicles, tax can be paid via e-payment on

FAQs on Jharkhand Road Tax

Are there any timing restrictions for depositing road tax?

The payment process is online. There are no timing restrictions for depositing road tax.

What happens if road tax is not paid by the due date?

In case of a delay, one can pay it along with the penalty, which can go up to 100% of the road tax rate/amount.

Can road tax be paid in instalments?

Yes, road tax can also be paid on a quarterly or yearly basis for commercial vehicles, including auto and taxi.