West Bengal Road Tax

Have you ever wondered why a vehicle costs different when you see it in a showroom as compared to the selling price? Well, it is because of the numerous taxes imposed on the vehicle by the state government. These taxes are a key source of revenue for meeting state expenditure. Same is the case in West Bengal.

Under Section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, all motor vehicles in the state of West Bengal are subjected to on-road taxes mentioned by the state and central government, registration charges and cost of vehicle insurance. When you purchase a vehicle, there are always two prices in consideration - on-road and ex-showroom. Usually, the on-road price is 10% more than the ex-showroom price. Therefore, always remember that when you are buying a new car or bike, you will be charged state VAT, central excise duty and central sales tax.

Road Tax Calculation in West Bengal

As mentioned before, road tax is imposed by the state and the central government. It varies within every state as it is subject to government rules and traffic regulations. This road tax is based upon numerous factors - cost price, seating & engine capacity, two/four wheeler, van, truck, wagon, etc.

On Two Wheelers

Motorbike (up to 1 year old)Rate
More than 80ccUp to 80cc₹1560
More than 80cc₹3125
More than 170cc₹4685
More than 250cc₹6250

For a battery operated motorbike:

Engine CapacityOn Time Tax
2.5 km to 0.35 km₹1560
0.35 km to 0.50 km₹3125
0.50 km to 0.75 km₹4685
More than 0.75 km₹6250

For motorbikes not plying for hire:

Engine CapacityAnnual Tax
Up to 80cc₹100 Additional tax - 25% of the annual tax
More than 80cc₹200
More than 170cc₹300
More than 250cc₹400

On Four Wheelers

For motor vehicles under the ownership of individuals/societies under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961.

Engine CapacityOne Time TaxAir Conditioned Vehicles
More than 2500cc₹30,000₹15,000

For motor vehicles owned by other:

Engine CapacityOne Time Tax
More than 2500cc₹32,000

For motor vehicles under the ownership of Industries or societies registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961:

Engine CapacityAnnual Tax
0-900cc₹600 Additional tax - 50% of the annual tax plan of ₹1000

For an omnibus registered as non-transport vehicle and has completed 10 years of service:

Engine CapacityAnnual Tax
Seating capacity up to 10 persons₹1,400 Additional tax – 50% of tax plus ₹100
Seating capacity beyond 10 persons₹1,400 for 10 persons + ₹150 for each additional seat beyond 10 persons

How to pay Road Tax in West Bengal?

The most convenient way to pay road tax in West Bengal is online by visiting the official website of Motor Vehicle Department of West Bengal. For the offline payment option, you will have pay the road tax to the Regional Transport Office when you apply for vehicle registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is road tax?

Road tax is the tax charged by the state and central government in order to maintain public roads and highways across India. It varies from state to state and is calculated based on factors like engine capacity, seating capacity, unladen weight and cost price.

What is an ex-showroom price?

An ex-showroom price is the cost price at which an authorised car dealer purchases a car or bike from the manufacturer including the tax paid to the state government as cost of procurement.

What is on-road price

On-road price of a vehicle includes state VAT, central excise duty and central sales tax. Also, registration and cost of insurance is also applicable in most cases.

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