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Secure your E- filing Accounts through E – Filing Vault

Janhavi Shinde Janhavi Shinde 23 January 2019

Income Tax Department makes it easier for tax payers to e-file their income tax with the help of e-filing vault. Let’s bump into some for detailed information about the whereabouts of this new facility.

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As a respectable income tax payer, you always ensure that you file your returns well before the due date. In this digital age, e-filing income tax is mandatory. But, with digital records comes the risk of fraudulent practices and malicious intent as someone knowing your PAN and password can easily get access to your personal information like your name, contact, number, income tax return details, and so on.

In order to avoid this kind of breach of security, the income tax department has introduced a protective measure called ‘e-filing vault’. The e-filing vault ensures there is a dual factor login authentication. With this feature, an additional check will be required besides the normal log in details like your user id (PAN number) and password.

How Can the E-Filing Vault Higher Security Feature Be Activated?

Here is the process of activating the e-filing vault to secure your income tax details.

Log into the e-filing portal

The first step for activating the e-filing vault for protection of your income tax related information is using your user id and password to log in to your e-filing portal.

Go to profile settings

The next step in protecting your income tax information through e-filing vault is going to the profile settings and then to the e-filing vault. You will be shown two options here, login with higher security options and lock reset password option.

Select higher security options

There are multiple options under higher security options to safeguard your income tax details. They are:

  • Login through net banking
  • Login using digital signature certificate
  • Login using Aadhar OTP
  • Login using Bank Account EVC
  • Login using Demat EVC (electronic verification code)

E-filing vault activated

Once you have chosen any of the above options, your income tax details are safe as future log in will not only require the normal login procedure but also the option chosen by you.

For example, if you choose the login through net banking option to secure your income tax details, here is how you will activate this security option:

  • Select the option login through net banking, then click okay and then finally proceed. The site will then redirect you to a confirmation page. You need to click on the confirm button. There will be a confirmation message displayed on screen.

  • When you log in after that, the site will redirect you to 'e-filing log-in through net banking' page. You will have to select the bank and log in to the bank.

  • You need to make sure that the bank you select is on the list of banks given on the site.

  • When you have logged in to the Net Banking account, click on the 'login to the e-filing account link.

  • You will then be redirected to the e-filing dashboard.

The next time you log in to the e-filing portal to file your income tax returns, you will need to use the net banking option.

In the same manner, if you choose the digital signature option for protection of your income tax data, then here is the process. In the profile settings, you will need to register the digital signature certificate.

If you want to secure your income tax data using Aadhar OTP, then you need to log in to the income tax e-filing portal and go to the profile settings. There, you will have to click on the link Aadhar button. When you want to file your returns, select the 'I would like to generate Aadhar OTP to e-verify my return' and a one-time password will be sent to your mobile number registered with Aadhar.

You can also activate the dual factor log in authentication to safeguard your income tax details using bank account EVC. For this, you need to select the option 'Login using Bank Account EVC'. A confirmation will appear saying 'By selecting this option, you will be able to login to e-filing through bank account number. On clicking 'OK and proceed' button, you will be redirected to a confirmation page 'saying login using bank account number'. You need to click on the confirm button. Your bank account needs to be prevalidated to generate your EVC.

To protect your income tax details using demat EVC, you need to link demat account to PAN. To link the bank account, select 'prevalidate your demat account from'.

Can the Dual Factor Authentication Feature Be Disabled?

Yes, you can disable the dual factor authentication feature any time you want. The process involved to disable this feature is:

  • The first step will be going to 'Profile Settings' and thereafter selecting the 'e-filing vault' option.
  • The next step would be choosing the log-in option selected by you. It could be any of the five options mentioned above.
  • Once you have selected the desired option, you need to click on the 'disable' button.
  • For example, if you have chosen the login using Aadhar OTP, then you will have to click on the option and then choose disable.

How Can I Reset the Password?

It is possible that you might forget the e-filing password needed to upload your income tax return. In such cases, you should click on the 'forgot password' option available on the login page.

The next step would be entering your user ID (which is your PAN no) & Captcha code. There are certain options available to reset the password and these are:

  • Answer secret code
  • Upload Digital Signature Certificate
  • Using OTP (PIN)
  • Using Aadhar OTP

As far as the upload Digital Signature Certificate and using Aadhar OTP options are concerned, you need to activate them by clicking on the profile settings and then select 'E-Filing Vault - Higher Security Option'. You will then be directed to the 'Lock reset password options' page with the following options:

  • You can always login using the net banking and reset your password.
  • Upload DSC.
  • Using Aadhar OTP.

You can choose 'upload DSC' or 'using Aadhar OTP' and then click proceed. If net-banking/DSC/Aadhar options are selected, e-filing OTP and secret question are disabled providing you additional security.

Complete Safety of Your Income Tax Details Guaranteed with E-Filing Vault

With cyber crime on the rise, it is very important that details regarding your income tax information are also safeguarded. As a regular tax paying citizen, it is important that you not only pay your taxes on time but ensure there is no unauthorised access to your income tax data.

So, activate the e-filing vault and ensure safety of your income tax information.

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