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LIC Login Process

In India, LIC is synonymous with insurance. So much so, that normal conversations sound something like this, “Do you have an LIC?”. Whereas they mean, do you have an insurance? It is incredibly difficult to ignore LIC when you are in the market looking for an insurance. The brand has been around for decades and commands massive following and respect.

All this can be attributed to simply great products over the years and the ability to provide even better after sales service. Individuals who are looking for a hassle-free experience and a policy that has their back during the worst times, LIC is the brand to visit.

Times have changed and so has the insurer. It would be fair to say we are already in the middle of an online revolution. Thus, it doesn’t come across as surprising that a lot of insurers have moved into the online foray. Today, most of the services that LIC offers are available online, thereby ensuring that you do not have to visit their branch offices as frequently as you used to.

Before you can get started with using the services, it is important to be aware of the LIC login process and how to activate it yourself.

LIC of India Login Process - Step by Step

To be able to access LIC’s online services, you must hold a policy with Life Insurance Corporation of India. LIC login process ensures that you have instant access to all the features and services that LIC has on offer at your fingertips. Here is all that you need to do.

  • The first step to having access to LIC login process is to make sure you have registered for the services. The following segment addresses this and will guide you through the same.
  • Once you are a registered user and have all the necessary details, you must visit LIC’s official website.
  • Assuming that you are now a registered user for the online portal, select on Registered user option.
  • The website will lead you to the login page, where the system expects details such as your User ID or registered mobile number, password and date of birth.
  • Once you provide the details accurately, the system will allow you to login successfully.
  • After signing in, you have access to a plethora of details and services to make your experience with LIC enriching.

LIC Registration process for the New user

As mentioned earlier, the very first step towards LIC login process is registering your existing policy and creating an online account with LIC. To do the same, you need to carry out the following steps.

  • Visit the official website of LIC India.

  • Look for the customer portal option on the website, under the online services tab.

  • The website will provide you with a page to either select New user or Registered user.

  • Select the New User option to proceed with your LIC login process.

  • LIC’s website will provide you with the ‘create account’ page.

  • You need to enter the following details on this page.

    • LIC policy number.

    • The premium amount of your installments, excluding the taxes.

    • Your date of birth.

    • A mobile number.

    • Email address.

    • Gender

    • Passport number.

  • Apart from the passport details, everything else is mandatory.

  • Once you have provided all the above information accurately, select the Proceed button.

  • Now, the website will let you choose a Username and Password for creating the account.

  • With the creation of the username and password, the account creation process is complete.

  • You can now use the steps in the above section for a successful LIC login process.

Advantages of LIC Online Portal

There is no denying the fact that switching to online services has a lot of goodies on offer. Well, not in a literal sense. When you use the LIC online portal, you get access to a host of features that you would otherwise have to visit a branch office for. Once you are done with LIC login process, you can use these offerings to optimize your policy.

You could be present in any part of the world and just check the policy details or make a payment or check status at any point in time. The LIC online portal offers the following options for its large customer base.

  • Lets’ you register for availing the e-Services.
  • Lets’ you make online payments for your policies.
  • Lets’ you check the schedule of your policy premiums.
  • Let’s you keep a tab on your bonus status.
  • Let’s you know the status of your claims.
  • Let’s you know your loan status.
  • Can avail services to receive a quotation for the revival of a policy.
  • You can view your premium due calendar so that you can avoid missing out on payments.
  • Allows users to register any grievance.
  • You can locate any LIC branch office, should you need to visit one.
  • You can check the history of all the claims that you have made till date.
  • You can view your policy bond or proposal form’s image on the website.

How to Use LIC's Portal Online

In order to use LIC’s portal online, you need to visit the official website of LIC of India. There are only two conditions which can deter you from using these services. Firstly, you must hold any policy from the house of LIC. And secondly, you must register for LIC’s e-Services. Once you have the above two, you can simply visit the website and login using your Username and Password to avail the services.

You can associate multiple policies to the same account and avail these services for all of them together. If you haven’t already created an online account with LIC, you can use the above sections to do the same.

LIC Login Process if You Have Forgotten Password

It happens with all of us, we at times forget the password for our accounts. This doesn’t mean you cannot make use of the services anymore. You just need to follow a few simple steps, after which you can resume services like normal.

You must open the login page for online portal or e-Services. The website asks you to enter your Username/User ID, password and date of birth on this page. In the event that you do not remember your password, click on the Forgot User ID/ password link.

On the next page, you must enter the User ID, your date of birth and go through the verification mechanism. On the next page, you can change your password.

LIC Login to Make Online Premium Payment

If you wish to make payment for your insurance premium, you can do so either as a registered user or as an unregistered user.

  • With Registration

    You can login to LIC’s e-Services platform by entering your User ID, password and date of birth. Once you have logged in to the customer portal, select the ‘Self Policies’ options. The website offers you a link to pay the premium, if your policy is due for premiums payment. If not, it simply states the due date for your premium. You can click on the pay premium option and use any of the payment modes such as credit card, debit card or net banking to complete the payment.

  • Without Registration

    If you are not a registered user on the website, you can still make the payment of your policy premium. You can directly look for Pay Premium online link on LIC’s official website. You must then select ‘Pay Direct’. This option is valid for users who haven’t registered. The website expects details such as your policy number, the premium amount, your date of birth, email id and phone number. These contact details need to be accurate, since LIC will send the details to these details. After you have provided the details correctly, you can pay for your policy using any of the payment methods.

LIC’s Channels and Modes of Premium Collection

We now know that you can login directly to LIC’s website to pay your policy premiums. However, there are a few alternatives as well. The first one being the old school method. You can make the policy payment with the help of an agent or visit the nearest branch office for the same.

However, you can also make use of electronic modes for policy payment. You need to furnish ECS mandate for your respective banks, post which a standing instruction is created by LIC. As per your policy premium dates, the amount will be deducted directly from your account. This ensures an even greater level of convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I login to LIC customer portal?

To login to LIC customer portal, you must visit LIC’s official website and select Customer Portal option. Post that, you must select registered user option and use your Username and password to login to the website.

How can I register in LIC portal?

To register in LIC portal, you need to access the customer portal from LIC’s home page. On the customer portal page, you can select the New User option. You must then provide all the necessary details related to your policy and create a username and password. The website will then let you avail its services using these credentials.

Is there any cost involved for creating an account on the LIC portal?

You do not have to pay any charges for availing the e-Services portal on LIC’s official website. These services are offered by LIC to improve customer relations and ensure that customers have a hassle-free and convenient experience with LIC.

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