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Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

Kotak Mahindra mutual funds also known as Kotak mutual funds is regarded as one of the most trusted fund house, and is a leading mutual fund service provider amongst its peer financial institutions. It is managed by Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company (KMAMC). It was established in 1996 and is managed by Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (KMBL). They have managed to maintain its position as a leading company selling mutual funds for a very long time. Contacting any institution in the comfort of your home is something that has been made possible, thanks to the advancement in technology. There are many ways by which you can contact Kotak Mahindra, if you have any doubts regarding your mutual funds. Some of the ways are by telephone, either toll free or otherwise, email or by visiting the branch in person. There even exists an SMS service for the purpose of query resolving. The following article gives a detailed explanation for the customer care services that are provided by Kotak Mahindra mutual funds.

Kotak Mutual Fund Customer Care Service Toll-Free Number

The easiest and fastest way to get in touch with any institution is through a phone call. It is convenient and economical at the same time. You also get the benefit of talking to an actual person which makes it easier to clear your doubts. There are two telephone numbers through which you can get in touch with Kotak mutual fund customer care. One is a toll free number 1800-222-626. You will not be charged if you call from this toll free number. You can call this number from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Another alternate number is (+91)22-61152100. This is not a toll free number and you will be charged a minimum amount when you call at this number. The plus side of the second number is that even if you are overseas, you will be able to get in touch with the customer care using this number. You need to keep in mind that you keep all your mutual funds related documents, also known as folio number / numbers, handy to avoid any hassles and to experience a quick resolving of issues.

Kotak Mutual Fund Customer Care Service via Email

As everyone these days is becoming more tech savvy, the e-mail route is becoming more convenient for people of all ages. Using an email is easy and convenient, in case you have to send any kind of attachments related to your investment. It also makes examination of pertinent documents more organised. You can contact Kotak Mahindra mutual fund customer care through the following e-mail id: mutual@kotak.com. When you decide to send out your e-mail to the customer care service e-mail id, make sure you attach all relevant documents such as your folio number and remember to send it on your Kotak Mahindra mutual fund AMC registered e-mail id. If you don’t do so, your query may not even be answered as the said query most probably won’t get registered. Once the e-mail has been received, you can expect a response within 2 working days. If not, then you can send another email or else make a phone call to know what the issue with the email is. There could be a technical issue in case the emails are not getting through.

SMS Services of Kotak Mutual Fund Customer Care

Just like e-mail, Kotak Mahindra mutual fund customer care also provides you with an SMS number through which you can communicate with the customer care. Even though SMSing is not really prominent these days, Kotak Mahindra provides you with this service too, leaving no stone unturned in order to cater to the needs of their customers. Even here, they provide you with two numbers for getting in touch with the customer care service. The first number is 9971056767 and the second one is 5676788. Just like emailing, you are required to send all your queries along with your folio number / numbers from your registered mobile number or your request will not get processed. Keep in mind that standard SMS charges would apply when you send an SMS to the customer care. Normally, the charges are minimal i.e. 3 to 5 rupees per SMS and just like e-mails, you should expect them to revert to you within the spam of two working days.

Visiting a Branch in Person

There are times when you may not be satisfied with the customer services provided through telephone or email. In that case, the best way is to go to the branch as and when you find time. If you are looking to get in touch with the customer care service in person, you will have to go down to one of Kotak Mahindra mutual funds branches that is located in several parts of the country as it is one of the leading AMC in India. To get to talk to one of the branches representatives for solving your query, you need to check the following website www.assetmanagement.kotak.com to locate your nearest Kotak Mahindra branch. When you visit the branch you should always make sure that you carry all investment related documents for a hassle free experience or else you may just have to run from pillar to post for a simple query. You may also receive other services for an enhanced experience when you are at the branch.

FAQs on Kotak Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

How can I get Kotak mutual fund mutual fund customer care number?

If you wish to contact Kotak mutual fund customer care service via telephone, you can just google the website of using the key words ' Kotak Mahindra customer care number '. You will get numerous results out of which you need to look out two main contact numbers one, a toll free number and another one which you can use even when you are overseas. You can also refer to the above article that mentions these two numbers.

How to download Kotak mutual fund mutual fund account statement?

Downloading an account statement for your mutual fund is not very tedious as the Kotak Mahindra website has all their information very well organised. In order to be able to download Kotak mutual fund account statement, you have to go on the following website. online.assetmanagement.kotak.com and an option 'request for account statement' will appear. You will have to click on that link and submit your folio number. Once that is done, you can avail your account statement.

How can I get my email id updated with Kotak mutual fund mutual fund updated?

There could be instances when your email id may get blocked for many reasons. In that case, there is a provision wherein you can change all the required details, provided you have all your investment documents with you. To change your registered email id, you need to go on the same website online.assetmanagement.kotak.com and then update your details. Make sure that you fill in relevant details as those details will get processed as your registered details. Do not keep changing your details as it may cause some amount of confusion in the later stages.

How can I login into Kotak mutual fund with folio number?

Kotak Mahindra customer care has made it a point to look after all the requirements of their customers and thus try to make dealing with them very simple. As mentioned earlier, the website online.assetmanagement.kotak.com is the one place you have to go for clearing all your confusions and queries. This website is a one stop for all minor queries that are worrying you. Now for logging into Kotak mutual fund with folio number, you will have to update your e-mail id /mobile number against your folio. By doing this, you can log into your mutual fund using your folio number.

What is Kotak mutual fund mutual fund office address?

For acquiring the mutual fund office address, you have to visit the website assetmanagement.kotak.com/contact-us. On this page you will find Kotak Mahindra's registered office which is located in Bandra Kurla complex (BKC) which is in Mumbai. You will also see a corporate office address which is also located at BKC in Mumbai. Lastly, you will find a service team address located in Malad in Mumbai. If you wish to go down to one of these offices, you need to have all your documents along with you so that you don't have an unpleasant experience while you go there.

Always take time when you decide to invest your money. If you feel that you want to invest, you should go for mutual funds because of its high returns and the fact that you could invest as less as 500 rupees in mutual funds. When you know you want to invest in mutual funds, go for institutions that make it easy for you rather than the other way around. Kotak Mahindra has been a leading institution for providing mutual funds, since it has been established. You need to always look out for the best option that suits you.