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UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

When talking about Mutual Funds, there is one name that quickly comes to mind- UTI Mutual Funds. The company came into the mutual funds market in the year 1993 and started its work with its headquarters based in Mumbai. Over the years, with its hard work and the team of experts, the company has made its mark in India and has been able to establish an extensive network all over the country. Thanks to the extremely professional and dedicated team of workers, UTI Mutual Funds deliver the best schemes and products to its customers.

Another aspect that makes UTI Mutual Funds one of the leading mutual fund companies in the country is their customer loyalty. The company is committed to provide an efficient customer care service to its customers and has been often recognised to have adopted numerous innovative techniques for the same.

UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care Service Toll-Free Number

Even today when most of the mutual fund and other financial transactions are carried out online, where there is hardly any human intervention, there are many customers who prefer the conventional ways of communication. Calling the UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care Service Toll-Free Number is not just easy but it is very convenient too. The customer care team is at service all round the clock to answer all the queries related to the account or a general inquiry about mutual funds. The toll-free number 1800-266-1230 can be used in case the customer has any difficulty in using the services available or if he has any queries.

When you dial this number, you will reach an IVR, which is an interactive voice response. You would be asked to select your preferred language and then the department you need help with, and you will soon be connected to a customer service specialist. The specialist will be able to help you with your query or guide you through the difficulty that you must be facing.

UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care Service via Email

Very often, a customer may be facing a difficulty with his mutual funds but due to his tight schedule, is unable to make a phone call to the customer care. In such a case, the customers have the option of UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care Service via Email. This is a straightforward way off communication especially for those who find writing to be the best way to communicate. He simply needs to put his concern in an email, attach the required documents if any and mail them to: invest@uti.co.in.

A customer care executive, generally within two working days, will get in touch with a probable solution. It should be kept in mind by the customer to include his details like name, registered phone number, registered email id and the folio number in the email.

SMS Services of UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care

If the customer wants that UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care executive should call him back, that can also be arranged by following a simple procedure. Making use of the SMS Services of UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care is quite easy and is very user-oriented. The customer has to send an SMS the word- gain, from his registered mobile number to the number 5676756. A customer care executive will soon get in touch with the customer, so it is highly recommended that the investor information documents and details are kept handy.

Online Chat with a Representative

Another popular customer service provided by UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care is Online Chat with a Representative, where the customer can share his concerns online. The company is one of the very few mutual fund companies that provide this service. When the customer visits the official website of UTI Mutual Funds: utimf.com he needs to go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and click “Chat Now” button. The online chat customer service can be availed from Monday Saturday, from 10am - 10pm.

Customer Service Form

Another innovative customer service provided by UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care is the Service Form. This is nothing but a form that has to be filled and submitted by the customers. . On the official website, under the section ‘Write to Us’ the customer will find the service form. The details like name, address, phone number and email id are to be provided by the customer. This service is often used to make a query, give feedback or to place a request. You may visit: utimf.com/Contact-US/Pages/Write-To-Us.aspx for the same.

Send Me an Advisor Service

A big proof of the dedication and loyalty of UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care is the ‘Send Me an Advisor Service’. The ‘send me an advisor’ customer service is exactly what it sounds like. The customer can ask for an advisor to personally visit him and help him resolve the issues that have been concerning the customer. The customer has to provide his details like his name, email ID, registered mobile number, address along with the pin code. Once the company verifies the details and authenticity of the service request, an advisor from the company will visit the customer and provide assistance.

FAQs on UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

How can I get UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care Number?

Thanks to the innovations in technology finding a phone number is easy. The UTI Mutual Fund Customer Care Number can be taken from the “Contact Us’ page of the company website or from any internet search engine that works on your computer or your mobile. The customer care number is also printed on the official documents issued by the company.

How to download UTI Mutual Fund Account Statement?

The customers can ask for an account statement online by following a very simple process. He needs to visit utimf.com/utimf-soa and login to his account. The login can be done through his folio number/ registered email id or using his PAN number. The customer has the option to receive the account statement at his email address or even his postal address.

How can I get UTI Mutual Fund updated email id?

Updating or registering your email id with UTI mutual fund is easy. Just log on to and fill up the given form. After you fill in the details, ‘Submit” the form. You will be notified when the email address is updated.

How can I log in to UTI Mutual Fund with Folio number?

When a customer wants to log into his account, he can do so by using any of the three options- his folio number/ registered email id or using his PAN number.

What is UTI Mutual Fund office address?

To locate the UTI Mutual Fund office address go to: utimf.com/help/uti-offices. You may also visit the company website and go to ‘Locate Us’. Just enter the name of the city, click ‘Search’ and a list of the branch offices will appear on the screen