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How to Change EPF Nomination Online

The Employee Provident Fund, commonly called as the EPF scheme, is a saving instrument introduced under the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. This scheme was introduced to create a retirement corpus. This scheme allows subscribers to register a nominee who is the beneficiary to receive the accumulated corpus in case of demise of the subscriber. Registering a nominee for the Employee Provident Fund account is important as the corpus accumulated in the account is huge and it can act as a financial support. Most of the time, the subscribers neglect or fail to register a nominee for their EPF account. Nominating a family member is highly recommended because in case of mis-happening, your entire retirement corpus can be easily paid to the nominee. In case no nominee is registered, then your family might face a lot of problems for claiming the retirement fund. Registering a nominee for EPF account on time is advised as it will help your family in the times of crises.

Before filing a nomination for your EPF account, it is advised that you have in-depth knowledge of the EPF Nomination process. The EPF nomination rules will save your family’s time. Now-a-days, the EPF nomination can be changed online using the UAN Portal. Following are the rules related to EPF Nomination.

EPF Nomination Rules

The EPF Nomination rules are the various terms and conditions related to the change and incorporation of the nominee. These rules and conditions help you in understanding the basic details related to the same. Using the online facility available with the EPF account will help the account holder to change, update and register the nomination as per the account holder’s wish and at any point of time.

Following is the list of rules related to the EPF Nomination.

  • All EPF accounts must be provided with nominations. Having nominations registered makes it easy for the EPFO to transfer funds easily and in a hassle-free manner to the nominees account in case of demise of the account holder.
  • In case of nominations, the account holder can put up one or more than 1 nominee for their EPF account.
  • In case of more than one nomination, the account holder needs to fix the percentage of share to be receivable by such nominees. Once the percentage is fixed, each nominee shall receive the amount in the proportion designated by the account holder. Such payment shall be made in case of death of the account holder.
  • You can change the nomination of your EPF account any number of times as there is no limit on changing or updating the nomination.
  • It is always recommended that you nominate your family members as a nominee to your EPF account. Registering someone who is not a family member as nominee is not considered as a valid nomination under EPF account.
  • In case if you do not have any family or family members, then you can register someone close to you as a nominee. However, once you have any one as a family member, then it is mandatory that you transfer the nomination in the name of your family member.
  • In case if you have registered the nominations before the marriage, then it is mandatory that you re-register or update your nominations post marriage. If you fail to update the prior given nominations i.e. nomination registered before your marriage, then the prior nomination shall stand invalid. Thus, it is necessary to register fresh nominations for your EPF account post-marriage.
  • In case you have appointed a minor as your nominee to the EPF account, then first you must appoint a guardian for such minor nomination. Kindly note, the appointed guardian should be the family member. However, if you do not have any family member who can be appointed as guardian, then the account holder can appoint a guardian from outside your family.
  • In the event of demise of the EPF account holder, the maturity amount available under the EPF account shall be paid to the registered nominee. The payment of maturity amount shall be as per the stated proportion (if any) in the EPF nominations.
  • In case the account holder fails to register a nominee, then the maturity amount shall be equally distributed among family members. Kindly note, under such scenarios the distribution of the accumulated fund shall be subject to certain terms and conditions. So, it is recommended to file EPF nomination to avoid future disagreements.

Thus, in this manner, all EPF account holders must keep in mind the nomination rules related to registering of nominations under EPF account. Also, using the online channel for registering nominees is very hassle-free as it helps the account holder to change or update or register the nominee easily and quickly at any point in time.

The rights of the EPF nominee are limited to the receipt of accumulated EFP funds of the EPF account in case of death of the account holder. The nominee has no ownership over the accumulated EPF Fund. Upon death of the account holder, the nominee shall receive the accumulated EPF fund according to the legal heir’s law and the fund shall be distributed in the proportion that have been mentioned by the account holder.

Thus, these nomination rules emphasize on the importance of registering nomination under EPF account. Ensure that the nominee you register is your own legal heir. Failing to register a nominee for your EPF account may result in legal conflict within the family members.

Steps to Change EPF Nomination Online

If you are unsure about whether you have registered a nominee for your EPF account, then checking the EPF nomination is easy and simple. You can check your EPF nomination details online by following below given simple steps.

  • Login to the Unified Portal by clicking on the following link: www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/index.php
  • Login to your member account using valid user id and password
  • Under the ‘Profile’ tab, click and select the ‘e-Nomination’ option
  • Upon clicking the ‘e-Nomination’ option, you will be able to view all the details of nomination associated with the EPF account In case there are no nominations, then you need to register your EPF nominations as early as possible. Following is a step-by-step guide that will help you in registering or changing or updating your EPF Nomination.
  • The form related to updating or changing or registering EPF nomination is available online on the Unified portal of EPFO
  • For filling up the form of changing / updating / registering EPF nominations online, the member first has to activate their UAN account on the EPFO member portal.
  • After registering and signing up to the UAN account, the member shall be directed to the home screen of their EPFOs UAN account.
  • This online EPF account acts as a single window service portal for all the needs of the members.
  • For registering / updating / changing your EPF nominations online, click on the ‘Profile’ Tab
  • Under the ‘Profile’ Tab, you shall be able to access the link of nomination form.
  • For accessing the nomination form under the ‘Profile’ Tab, click on the ‘Edit Nomination’ link
  • Upon clicking the link, the Nomination Form shall appear on your computer screen.
  • This nomination form is used for changing / registering / updating your Nomination Details
  • The first screen shall display all the details of the EPF account holder namely: Universal Account Number, Member ID, Establishment ID, Name of the member, Date of Birth of the member, Name of Father or Spouse, Relationship, Date of Joining, Gender details, Marital Status of the EPF account holder, Permanent Address and Present Address details.
  • Out of the above-mentioned field, only the Permanent Address and present address details field are editable. Other all details will be auto-populated from the EPFO database and cannot be edited. You can only edit details of present address and permanent address.
  • If the details of Present address and Permanent address are the same, click on the ‘Same as Permanent Address’ check box and the present address shall be copied same as permanent address. Click on the ‘Update’ button to save the changes and go further.
  • Upon Clicking the ‘Update’ button, the next screen shall appear where the EPF account holder can enter or edit the family members’ details.
  • Under the Family member details section, the EPF account holder needs to provide all the details of their family members. Along with details, the EPF member need to submit the KYC details of every family member. In case your family consists of minor members, then you need to provide KYC details of the minor family member. As entering the KYC details of all family members is mandatory, it is recommended to avail Aadhaar Card for every family member beforehand. Enter the details of each family member correctly and on new row field. Upon entering all the details, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Upon clicking on the ‘Submit’ Button of the Family member details section, the entire data shall be saved and auto-populated under the ‘Part A EPF’ section.
  • The ‘Part A EPF’ section deals with the nomination details of the EPF account. You can make changes under this section if required. Under this section, the EPF account holder has to fix the proportion of the nomination in percentage. Your EPF money shall be distributed to your family members as per this pre-determined percentage. Kindly note, the total percentage proportion amongst all the nominees should be 100%. Once you have fixed the percentage of proportion for all the nominees, click on ‘Submit’ Button.
  • If you do not have family members, then go to section Part B EPS (Para 18) under the section 4 you can nominate the name of the person to receive your pension.
  • Once you have completely filled the form tick right on the ‘I have read and understood Nomination Declaration’ mark. By clicking, you agree to all the terms and conditions of the Nomination Rules laid down by the EPFO.
  • Once you have submitted all the details, the EPF website shall allow you to download the printable PDF version of the nomination form. You need to download the printable PDF version of the form, sign it and submit it to your employer.
  • Submission of the nomination form to the employer is mandatory as the employer keeps record of it.
  • Upon receiving the request of registering / updating / changing of nomination of EPF account, employer is required to check and verify such changes.
  • The employer shall verify and check the nomination details filled by the employee on the Online Transfer Claim Portal and approve the same.

Thus, in this manner, any account holder can easily register or update or change the nomination details under their EPF account.

FAQs on How to Change EPF Nomination Online

How can I change my EPF nominee?

You can change the EPF nomination either via online channel or offline channel. For changing or registering or updating the nominee details, the EPF account holder needs to fill the ‘Update Nominee Details’ form. This form is available on the EPFOs UAN portal and in any EPFO office. Any UAN account holder who wishes to change the nominee can visit the EPFOs online portal or nearest EPFO account, fill the necessary form, submit all the details and change the details of EPF nominee.

How can I check my PF nominee online?

Yes, you can check your PF nominee online in following manner-

Login to your EPFO account on the UAN portal with the help of your User ID and Password

Click on the ‘Profile’ tab and click on ‘e-nomination’ option

In this manner, you shall be able to view your PF nominations online on the EPFO portal.

How do I nominate an EPF beneficiary?

You can nominate your EPF beneficiary by submitting ‘Update Nominee Details’ either online or through offline channel. You can fill and submit the form online on the EPFO website. Similarly, in case of offline submission of form you need to fill the form and submit the same to your employer. Nomination of beneficiary via online channel is very simple and quick.