Aditya Birla Group Activ Health

The most important resources of an organization are its employees. Safeguarding the needs of employees will benefit the company as well as the employees. In short, happy employees are the best employees. Happy employees are more productive and efficient in comparison to a stressed workforce.

Keeping these points in mind, Aditya Birla Health Insurance has created Group Activ Health Plan. The group health insurance plan provides cover for all the employees/ members against expenses arising out of medical emergency and hospital treatment.

Note: All information has been sourced from the official website of Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Limited.

Features of Aditya Birla Group Activ Health

The Features Of This Plan Are:

  • Premium paid towards this policy is exempt under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Cashless Claim Settlement is possible.
  • Simple and easy documentation.
  • Simple underwriting for quick and easy policy issuance.
  • Multiple option covers to choose from.

Benefit of Aditya Birla Group Activ Health

The Benefits Of This Plan are:

Health Returns

Activ Health App

  • It is a specialized mobile app which helps in tracking your health and activity.
  • 24/7 access to electronic health records.
  • Feature to search a doctor nearby.
  • Feature to browse the company healthcare network.

Hospital Room

  • Option to select a shared/private room during hospital stay.

Second E-opinion

  • In case of critical illnesses, second opinions are covered.
  • Option to obtain a second opinion, even from international experts.

Tax Benefits under Aditya Birla Group Activ Health

  • The tax benefit under this plan is that the premium paid towards this policy is exempt under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What is Covered in Aditya Birla Group Activ Health?

This Plan Covers For All Possible Medical Treatment Such As:

  • Hospitalization Expenses
  1. Day Car Treatment
  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses
  • Ambulance Charges
  • Health Check-up Expenses
  • There is no waiting period for critical illnesses like hypertension, asthma, diabetes, heart ailments, etc.

What is Not Covered in Aditya Birla Group Activ Health?

The Following List Of Exclusions Are:

  • Treatment directly or indirectly arising from or consequent upon war or any act of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, war like operations.
  • Intentional self - injury or attempted suicide while Insured Person is sane or insane.
  • Participation or involvement in naval, military or air force operation.
  • Participation in extreme sports.
  • Abuse or the consequences of the abuse of intoxicants or hallucinogenic substances such as intoxicating drugs and alcohol.
  • Cosmetic, aesthetic and re-shaping treatments and Surgeries.
  • Circumcisions.
  • Psychiatric or psychological disorders, mental disorders (including mental health treatments), Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease, general debility or exhaustion (“rundown condition”), sleep apnea, stress.
  • External Congenital Anomalies, diseases or defects, genetic disorders, stem cell therapy.
  • Treatment taken outside India

How to Claim Aditya Birla Group Activ Health & Documents Required For Claim?

Post Diagnosis, you simply need to intimate the HR in your company within 7 days and submit claim documents within 30 days.

The Documents Required For Filing A Claim:

  • Completed claim form
  • Medical certificate confirming Critical Illness.
  • Certificate confirming that the claim doesn’t relate to Pre-Existing Disease or any Illness/ Injury which was diagnosed within the first 90 days.
  • Photocopy of indoor case papers (if applicable).
  • FIR copy or medico legal certificate - in accidental cases only.
  • Specific documents (if any)

Eligibility criteria for Aditya Birla Group Activ Health

  • All employees of an organisation can be covered where this policy is in effect.

Documents required to buy Aditya Birla Group Activ Health

  • There are no specific documents required from the employee to buy this policy. The employees are automatically enrolled by the organization.

Conclusion & Review


The Aditya Birla Group Activ Health is a suitable option for any organisation which seeks to provide a comprehensive group health cover to its employees/members.

Aditya Birla Group Activ Health - Review

Safeguarding the interests of your employees should be the number one priority of any organization. This will not only keep your employees happy, but will also reduce attrition. Aditya Birla Group Activ Health Plan is one such policy which helps an organisation to provide the best health services for its employees.