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Top Government Insurance Companies and Their Health Insurance Plans?

Governments all over the world work towards providing quality healthcare for their citizens. Creating awareness about health problems, ensuring reliable medical infrastructure and promoting health insurance are constructive actions conducted by the authorities for public welfare. The Government of India also undertakes such measures from time to time. Read more to know about Government health insurance plans in India.

With the ever-increasing risk of life-threatening diseases and rising costs of medical treatment, having a health insurance plan is surely the need of the hour. And yet a vast section of India’s population continues to be outside the range of health insurance. A study shows that nearly 46% of the total population in the country has a health insurance plan as of 2019. It essentially means that almost 54% of the country's 1.3 billion people don't have a medical cover.

Health consciousness in India has undergone a positive change in the past few years. Earlier confined to the selected upper middle class and higher-income groups, health insurance has become a need for everyone today. Governmental outreach has also boosted the process, and the growing financial literacy has further added to the growth of health insurance policyholders in the country.

We have listed below the government insurance companies in India and the various health insurance plans offered by them. You can check their (ICR) Incurred Claim Ratio, the number of network hospitals, and other features such as renewability and waiting period. Below is the list of government health insurance providers in India. You can compare them based on the features and benefits offered and then make a choice.

New India Assurance Health Insurance

New India Assurance Company is a fully owned subsidiary of The Government of India and is a multinational insurance company present across 27 countries and a market leader in the non-life insurance sector in India. Robust domestic and international presence, a wide range of insurance plans, advance and effective technology, effective complaint management structure are some keys to the company's immense success. New India Assurance is the only insurance company which is considered as the direct insurer in India. Below are some of the benefits of buying a health insurance plan from New India Assurance.

  • The company offers a comprehensive health insurance plan for the entire family offering coverage to self, spouse and two dependent children.
  • The company offers one of the best cancer coverage plans, namely the New India cancer Guard Policy.
  • To provide global coverage, the company offers New India Global Mediclaim Policy.

New India Health Insurance at a glance:

Key featuresHighlights
Network Hospitals1200+
Incurred Claim Ratio103.19 %
Waiting period for pre-existing diseases4 years

Health insurance policies offered by New India Health Assurance

The New India Assurance company provides a series of cost-efficient health insurance policies for individuals as well as for families which are namely:

  • New India Top Up Mediclaim Policy
  • New India Floater Mediclaim Policy
  • Mediclaim 2012 Policy
  • New India Asha Kiran Policy
  • Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana Policy
  • Family Floater Mediclaim Policy
  • Mediclaim 2007 Plan
  • Janata Mediclaim Policy
  • Personal Accident Policy
  • Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Oriental Health Insurance

Oriental Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Limited founded on September 12, 1947. Oriental Insurance Company provides insurance coverage to megaprojects, including power plants, petrochemical plants, and steel plants. The company provides a range of insurance plans to the urban and rural population of the country. Oriental Insurance has registered its extensive presence across the nation. The company has 31 regional offices and 1800+ operating offices. Below are some of the benefits of buying a health insurance plan from Oriental health Insurance.

  • The company offers both individuals as well as family floater plan.
  • Most health insurance plans can be customised as per the customer’s needs.
  • Customers are not required to undergo a medical test up to the age of 60 years.

Oriental Health Insurance at a glance:

Key FeaturesHighlights
Network Hospitals4300+
Incurred Claim Ratio113.86 %
Waiting Period for pre-existing diseases4 years

The various health insurance plans offered by Oriental Health Insurance Company

  • Oriental Individual Mediclaim Plan
  • Oriental Happy Family Floater Plan
  • Oriental Group Mediclaim Plan
  • Oriental Overseas Mediclaim Plan
  • Jan Arogya Plan
  • Oriental Bank Mediclaim Plan
  • Group Mediclaim Plans for Bank account holders & Employees
  • PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim Plan
  • Health of Privileged Elders (HOPE) Plan
  • Thane Janta Sahakari Bank Mediplus Plan
  • Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana Plan

National Health Insurance Company

National Insurance Company Limited is completely owned by the Government of India, and it has been serving its customers for more than a century. The company has an incurred claim ratio of 103.19% for the financial year 2018-19. Below are some of the benefits of buying a health insurance plan from National Insurance Company.

  • Most of the health insurance policies cover the cost of treatment for 30 days before hospitalisation and 60 days after hospitalisation.
  • Some health insurance plans also cover free health check-up benefit up to 1% of the sum insured on completion of four claim-free years.
  • The company offers an extensive family health insurance plan named Parivar Mediclaim Policy that provides coverage for up to six family members under a single policy.

National Health Insurance at a glance:

Key FeaturesHighlights
Network Hospitals6000+
Incurred Claim Ratio115.55 %
Waiting Period for pre-existing diseases4 years

The company offers a series of cost-efficient health insurance plans which are namely:

  • Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies Policy
  • National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim Policy
  • National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim Plus Policy
  • National Insurance Mediclaim Plus Policy
  • National Varishtha Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens
  • National Insurance Mediclaim Policy
  • National Critical Illness Policy
  • National Individual Personal Accident Policy For better healthcare and safeguard against financial crisis during any medical emergency, any Indian national can apply for any of these plans offered by government health insurance companies.

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