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The company completely understands that investing in a health insurance plan is now a basic necessity and hence, every plan covers the in-patient hospitalisation, day care treatment and considers a plethora of other medical expenses. Hence, health insurance plan by National Insurance is unique, keeping in mind the health needs of the end consumer.


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Benefits of National Health Insurance

  • Hospital cash in cases of hospitalisation for more than 3 days, depending on the type of plan
  • Benefits extend to Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments as well
  • Includes a free-look period for a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the National Health Insurance policy
  • Offers a grace period of 30 days from the date of premium payment or due date of the policy
  • You can switch to another insurance company, but the process has to be completed at least 45 days before the date of expiry of the - National Health Insurance policy
  • Add-on riders are applicable for out-patient treatment, pre-existing diabetes, pre-existing hypertension and critical illnesses

How to Buy and Renew Mediclaim Policy of National Insurance?

To buy a National Health Insurance plan, you can visit any branch of National Insurance Company for the proposal form, fill up the required details and then submit the form. In certain case, the insurance company analyses if any risk factor is involved as per the report of your existing health condition. This will determine the premium that you will be eligible for. The policy documents will then be handed over to you directly or you will receive it via registered post.

To renew your National Health Insurance Health policy, you can login to the company’s official website, mention your policy number and email ID, and select the 'Proceed' option. Next, type in the required details of the policy, your contact details, and confirm the accuracy of the details provided by you. You will be able to view the renewal premium, along with the renewal notice, on your screen.

What is Covered in National Health Insurance Policy?

  • Charges incurred for treatment like doctor consultation fees, surgeon's fees, charges for anaesthetist and specialist doctors up to a maximum of 25% of sum insured
  • Hospital room rent of 1% of the pre-determined sum insured, provided it is not more than Rs. 5,000 per day
  • Reimbursement for Intensive Care Unit room rent of up to 2% of sum insured, till a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per day
  • Expenditures towards medicines, operation, nursing, operation theatre expenses, blood, oxygen, etc. is payable by the insurance company
  • Specialised medical treatments like radio therapy, chemotherapy, organ transplant, etc. are payable up to a certain percentage of sum insured

What is Not Covered in National Health Insurance Policy?

  • Hospitalisation charges incurred solely due to diagnostic purposes
  • Pre-existing diseases are excluded, even after the policyholder has renewed the National Health Insurance policy several times
  • Medical and/or hospitalisation due to intentional self-injury, overuse of drugs or alcohol, congenital external disease, venereal diseases, sterility, etc.
  • Diseases like HIV AIDS is excluded from this policy
  • Treatments such as dental treatment, etc.
  • Expenditures for maternity-related needs and childbirth treatments

Cancellation Procedure for National Health Insurance Policy

In case a policyholder is not agreeable to certain terms and conditions in his/her National Health Insurance during the free-look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy, he/she can return it to the insurance company.

The premium already paid will be refunded after certain deductions such as stamp duty and other applicable charges. If a policyholder wants to cancel a policy after the free-look period, he/she can submit the relevant surrender form and the necessary policy documents at any National Insurance Company branch office to initiate the cancellation procedure for your National Health Insurance policy.

Review of National Health Insurance

National Insurance, is the oldest insurance company in India. One of the insurance company owned by Indian Government that was founded before Independence. And is planning to go public. Health Insurance policies by National Insurance provides a comprehensive coverage to protect yourself and your family in case of any medical emergencies. You can widen the scope of health insurance policy and also for cover critical illness by paying additional premium. National Insurance is a sure shot consideration for all family health insurance needs.

Contact Details of National Health Insurance

National Insurance Company Ltd.

  • 3, Middleton Street, P.B. No. 9229, KOLKATA 700 071.
  • Contact number: 1800 200 7710
  • Phone number: 033-22831705
  • Fax: 033-22831712
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How can you check the status of your Mediclaim policy from National Health Insurance?
    • All you need to do to check the status of your Mediclaim policy is to visit the official website of National Health Insurance, login with valid credentials and then type the policy number. The status of your policy will be displayed on the screen.

  • Q. What is the renewal process for National Health Insurance plan?
    • You can renew your National Health Insurance plan through these simple steps:

      • Go to the official website of National Health Insurance
      • Mention your policy number and email ID and then select the ‘Proceed’ option
      • Enter the required information regarding your policy and contact details
      • Confirm that the details entered by you are accurate
      • The premium amount to be paid to renew the National Health Insurance plan and the renewal notice will be displayed on the screen
  • Q. How National Health Insurance policy covers whole family?
    • The National Health Insurance policy covers the whole family till a maximum of the sum assured opted by the policyholder, as per the policy document.

  • Q. Do National Health Insurance policies cover Homeopathy and Naturopathy?
    • Yes, Homeopathy and Naturopathy are covered under the National Health Insurance policy, provided the treatments are undertaken at a government hospital, or any health centre recognised by the government. Such treatments undertaken at health centres that are accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Health or Council of India can also avail the benefits offered by National Health Insurance policies.

  • Q. How does National Health Insurance function?
    • Any individual between the ages of 18 and 70 years are eligible to applying for an individual National Health Insurance policy. Apart from individual policies, there are Family Floater plans that are especially designed to cover the policyholder and his/her family, which includes children, spouse and dependent parents. Pre-policy medical tests are not mandatory for National Insurance Mediclaim policies. However, a waiting period is applicable for policyholders with a history of pre-existing diseases.

      An extensive range of network hospitals across India enable them to offer the benefit of cashless treatments to their policyholders. The co-payment benefit is extended only to policyholders of at least 60 years of age and above. Further, maternity expenditures are covered post the waiting period and up to the first two children.