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Gold Rate in Thane

Thane is one of the most industrialized city in Maharashtra. The highest demand of Gold comes from this state. Gold rate is of utmost significance in Thane. A lot of people living in Thane invest in Gold because it is considered as a safe asset. People invest in Gold for many reasons such as investment, ritual, gifting, jewellery, wedding, security against inflation, high resale value, festivities, etc. Gold rates in Thane are significantly higher during special occasions such as Diwali, Dussehra, Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya, etc.

Factors affecting Gold Rate in Thane

Since Gold is valued all over the world, factors affecting the rate of Gold in Thane stem internationally. Gold is traded in the international markets, which are influenced by a lot of factors, right from interest rates to the movement of dollar to interest rates. The correlation of Gold and USD is just the opposite, when one of them falls, the other gains and vice versa. This is a major factor which impacts the rate of Gold in Thane. Additional factors which influence the rate of Gold in Thane include:

  • Central Bank Actions
  • Government Policies
  • Demand and Supply
  • Investment Trends
  • Currency Changes
  • International Relations
  • Import and Customs Duty
  • Macroeconomic and Political issues

How to invest in Gold in Thane?

Gold is available in two forms - 22 or 24 Karat. This determines the purity of the metal. 22 Karat implies that the purity is 92%, while 24 Karat Gold comes with 99.9% purity. There are several ways to buy Gold in Thane, depending on the amount needed.

  • Jewellery - Gold is the most sought after for making Jewellery in India. It is an asset given to children over generations during weddings.
  • Banks - Banks across India sell/buy Gold in all forms. Also, there are dedicated Banks and NBFCs which offer Gold loans.
  • Bullion - For large traders and retailers, Gold, in the form of bullion, is an excellent option. Bullion comes in the form of coins, bars and ingots. It usually weighs between 1 gram and 10 grams.
  • ETFs - Gold Exchange Traded Funds are open-funds which are traded in the stock market. You can invest any amount of money anytime (either as a lump sum or SIP).
  • Digital Gold - This is the latest type to enter the market. It allows people to invest in Gold at live market prices. A person can trade 24 Karat Gold for an amount as low as Rs. 100. People who want to cash out can either sell their digital gold online or convert them into gold coins.
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds - These are government bonds launched in the year 2015. The underlying asset is physical gold which is issued in grams. The price of these bonds is decided on the basis of simple average of the closing rate of 999 pure gold published by the India Bullion and Jewellers Association Limited.

Things to Remember Before Purchasing Gold in Thane

You should look into the following factors before purchasing Gold in Thane:

Purity Certification - Ensure that the Gold article is BIS certified. A BIS certified gold jewellery includes BIS logo, Purity/fineness Mark, Assaying and Hallmarking Centre’s Mark, Year of Marking and Jewellers Identification Mark.

Making Charges - This is the cost of molding a Gold article as per the desired design. These expenses are also dependent on factors such as the design of the gold jewellery, gold jewellery brand or jeweller from which you are purchasing gold, etc. It can range from 8% to 25%.

Weight - The price of Gold is directly proportional to its weight. If a Gold article has precious gems and stones, the weight as well as price of Gold will increase.

Invoice - Always purchase Gold with a physical invoice. It will help at the time of exchanging your gold jewellery.

6 Month's Gold Rate in Thane

Trend of Gold Rate in Thane for August 2019 (rates per kg)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1st August rate3412Rs.34,800
31st August rate3772Rs.38,650
Highest rate3822 on 28th August 2019Rs.38,950 on August 8
Lowest rate3383 on 03 August 2019Rs.34,800 on August 1
Overall performanceNANA
% changeNANA

Trend of Gold Rate in Thane for July 2019 (rates per kg)

Gold Rates22 Karat24 Karat
1st July rate33223493
31st July rate34093580
Highest rate3442 on 27th July 20193612 on 26th July 2019
Lowest rate3274 on 02 July 20193438 on 03 July 2019
Overall performanceNANA
% changeNANA

Trend of Gold Rate in Thane for June 2019 (rates per kg)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1st June rate31053261
30th June rate33223494
Highest rate3366 on 26th June 20193536 on 26th June 2019
Lowest rate3105 on 01 June 20193261 on 01 June 2019
Overall performanceNANA
% changeNANA

Trend of Gold Rate in Thane for May 2019 (rates per kg)

Gold RatesGold Rates24 Carat
1st May rate31473299
31st May rate31073259
Highest rate3167 on 16th May 20193325 on 20th May 2019
Lowest rate3073 on 03 May 20193226 on 03 May 2019
Overall performanceNANA
% changeNANA

Trend of Gold Rate in Thane for April 2019 (rates per kg)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1st April rate31123273
30th April rate31483300
Highest rate3148 on 28th April 20193305 on 28th April 2019
Lowest rate3093 on 20 April 20193246 on 22 April 2019
Overall performanceNANA
% changeNANA

Trend of Gold Rate in Thane for March 2019 (rates per kg)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
1st March rate32793441
31st March rate31493310
Highest rate3279 on 1st March 20193446 on 3rd March 2019
Lowest rate3116 on 20 March 20193274 on 20 March 2019
Overall performanceNANA
% changeNANA

Impact of GST on the Rate of Gold in Thane

Precious metals such as Silver and Gold are subjected to Goods and Services Tax. A 3% GST is applicable on the final price of Gold.

What is BIS Hallmarked Gold Rate in Thane?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the primary hallmarking agency. It is the National Standards body of India that authenticates the purity of Gold in India. Hallmarking is the process which records and determines the metal content in Gold/Silver articles. Hallmarked Gold will contain the following information:

  • BIS Mark
  • Purity Grade (16 Gold is 22 Karat Gold; 916 Gold means that there is 91.6g of Gold in a 100g alloy. 958 is 23 Karat and 750 is 18 Karat Gold. 18 Karat/22 Karat or 24 Karat).
  • Hallmarking Centre’s Identification Number
  • Jeweller’s identification Mark
  • Year of marking - denoted by a code letter (e.g. ‘R’ for year 2013).

How to Buy Gold after Checking Gold Price in Nashik?

The different ways by which a user can buy gold include:

  • Purchasing gold ornaments from a jewellery store
  • Investing in gold coins and bars offered by jewellers, banks, non-banking finance companies and e-commerce websites
  • Buying Gold ETFs from the stock exchange after opening demat and trading accounts
  • Availing Sovereign Gold Bonds issued by the government
  • Investing in companies involved in the mining, extracting and marketing of gold


In conclusion, Gold is a good investment option. However, you must ensure that you purchase Gold from a certified and established jeweller to get a fair price and good quality.

FAQs on Gold Rate in Thane

What is the rate of Gold per gram in Thane?

The rate of Gold per gram in Thane is Rs. 3,755 as on 9th September 2019.

What is the rate of Gold for 10 grams in Thane?

The rate of Gold per 10 grams in Thane is Rs. 37,550 as on 9th September 2019.

What is the rate of Gold for 100 grams in Thane?

The rate of Gold per 100 grams in Thane is Rs. 3,75,500 as on 9th September 2019.

What is the rate of Gold for 1 kg in Thane?

The rate of 1 kg Gold in Thane is Rs. 37,55,000 as on 9th September 2019.