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Star Health Insurance Company

Why Buy Health Insurance From Star Health Insurance Company?

In recent years, there has been a pragmatic lifestyle shift among the general working population. The number of people leading a sedentary lifestyle is steadily on the rise, and this leads them to experience serious health issues later stages of life such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, lipid disorders, and other such slow killers. It’s essential to tackle these issues first hand and invest for the future, and the financial security of your family by opting for health insurance from a credible provider.

The average healthcare inflation has stood around 7.14% for 2018-2019, which marks a steep rise from 4.39%, where it stood for the fiscal years 2017-2018. This fact alone makes the importance of having health insurance undisputed in today’s landscape of skyrocketing medical care costs. Not only does it provide complete peace of mind, but the underlying tax-saving benefits add another value proposition for having active health insurance.

Having an extensive health insurance policy protects your savings from getting depleted in the event of a health crisis. At the same time, you can easily avail of quality treatment that often comes at a great cost. As important as it is to choose the right health insurance policy, it is equally important to choose the right insurance provider that has a good claims history and makes the entire claim process as transparent and seamless as possible.

Why Buy Health Insurance from Star Health Insurance Company?

In terms of choosing the right health insurance provider for you and your family, it is essential to select the right company. Star Health Insurance covers almost every medical expense of a person.

Star Health Insurance offers comprehensive health insurance policies that not only cover the hospitalization charges but also include the medical costs up to 30 days before the hospitalization date. Everything, from the doctor’s consultation charges, ambulance charges, as well as post-treatment consultation costs up to 60 days are covered in a health insurance policy from Star Health Insurance.

Moreover, most Star Health Insurance policies facilitate cashless settlements, which enable the insurance company to settle the medical bills directly with the hospitals within its network. This tremendously enhances the patient’s experience and also helps them avail of quality medical treatment nationwide without the complications of cash transactions.

Policies Offered by Star Health Insurance

With an extensive network of 9900+ hospitals spread throughout the country, Star Health Insurance company is a premier insurer that provides customized policies tailored to fit the customer’s requirements. There are numerous plans on offer, ranging from travel insurance, health insurance, as well as various accidental care plans. Star Health Insurancee has provided cover to around 16.9 Crore people since its inception and paid a total amount of INR 12,739 Crore in claims.

Let’s have a look at the various policies offered by Star Health Insurance company:

Health Insurance Policies for Individuals:

Star Health Insurance provides health cover for individuals and boasts of a record cashless claim settlement of over 90% cases within a 2-hour time frame. The primary advantage that Star health insurance provides is that there are no third-party administrators, and the claims are settled directly through an in-house claims team. Clients also have the option of utilizing cashless hospitalization within the 9900+ networked hospitals that are spread nationwide.

Additionally, a personal accident cover against death or permanent disablement is also available. This ensures that you receive absolute value for your hard-earned money.

Health Insurance Policies for Your Family:

Buying individual health insurance policies can be an expensive affair for the entire family. If you are looking for a cost-effective insurance cover for your family, Star Health Insurance provides a host of family floater plans.

The health insurance policy offers the flexibility of a mid-term inclusion of newly wedded couples as well as new-born babies with additional premium. Moreover, you also receive air ambulance assistance and a second medical opinion in addition to the reimbursement of health check-up costs for every unclaimed year. This ensures that your entire family is covered against any kind of health issue.

Health Insurance Policies for Your Parents:

Star Health Insurance provides insurance cover for senior citizens up to the age of 75 years without requiring a pre-insurance medical test. However, clients are eligible for a 10% discount on the premium cost if blood urea, blood pressure, or a diabetes report is submitted.

The policy offers guaranteed lifetime renewals. Moreover, the health insurance policy also covers pre-existing diseases from the second year onwards. This ensures protection for your parents, and peace of mind for you. Any payment made towards the premium (barring cash payment) is liable for tax benefits under Section 80D.

Health Insurance Policies for Corporate Clients:

As a business owner, you might recognize that your businesses’ health directly depends on the health of your employees. Why not provide them with the perfect health cover? With Star Health Insurance, you can get corporate insurance plans for small businesses having at least 7 employees, to multinational conglomerates, employing more than 500 people.

Having a corporate health insurance policy for your employees enables them to walk-in at any of the 9900+ networked hospitals nationwide and avail cashless treatment for their ailments. Your employees deserve quality healthcare, and with a health insurance plan from Star, you can enable them to achieve it.


Today, health insurance has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It provides the much-required financial cover in times of need and offers protection against the ever-rising Medicare costs. No one plans to get hurt or sick, but everyone requires medical care at some point in their life. Therefore, you need to understand what policy will suit you the best, and it is equally essential that you choose the right health insurance provider.

Choosing the right insurer can save you and your family from the financial burden of the treatment costs, and also ensure quality treatment for the insured. This not only protects you from the financial burden but also provides mental well-being for you and your family.

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