Reliance Critical Illness

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Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Policy is a comprehensive health plan which provides cover against life-threatening diseases.

Feature and Benefits of Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Plan

The key features and benefits of this plan are:

Sum Insured Sum Insured options of Rs. 5 / 7 / 10 / 15 / 20 lakhs,
Medical TestA Medical test is mandatory for Individuals above 45 years. The medical tests have to be conducted at the empaneled diagnostic centers
Entry AgeThe minimum entry age to purchase a Reliance critical illness policy is 18 years and above
Tax BenefitAs per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961
Type of Medical TestsThe following tests are required:
  • Complete Blood count
  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • ESR
  • Serum Creatinine
  • SGPT
  • Urine Routine
  • ECG
  • Medical Examination Report with BP recordings by a physician/medical practitioner
  • In addition, one might have to go for any other test as may be suggested by Reliance General Insurance
    Policy TenureThe Critical Illness plan is available for 1 year and 3 years
    Waiting PeriodCritical illness contracted or evidenced through signs and symptoms within 3 months of the inception date of this policy
    Survival Period
  • 30 days after the diagnosis of the critical illness listed in category I.
  • 60 days after diagnosis in case of category II conditions,
  • 90 days if the patient is suffering from Quadriplegia.
  • PaymentLump-sum

    Additional Benefits of Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Plan

    List of Diseases/Illnesses Covered

    Category I – Life-Threatening

    • Cancer
    • Major Organ Transplant
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Third Degree Burns
    • Aorta Graft Surgery

    Category II - Lifestyle Disabling

    • Heart Valve Replacement or repair
    • Coma of Specified Severity
    • Coma Quadriplegia (persisting more than 90 days post-diagnosis without any significant recovery)
    • Total Blindness
    • End-Stage Renal Disease requiring regular dialysis

    Inclusion of Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Plan

    The inclusions under this plan cover 10 specified illnesses/diseases as listed above in category I and category II.

    Exclusion of Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Plan

    The exclusions under this plan are:

    1. All Pre-existing diseases / illness / injury / conditions
    2. Critical illness contracted or evident through sign and symptoms within 3 months of the inception date of this policy, pregnancy or childbirth
    3. Certification / diagnosis by a family member or any diagnosis that is not scientifically recognized
    4. Certification / diagnosis from a person not registered as Medical Practitioners under respective medical councils
    5. Critical illness arising out of any congenital illness or condition or disorder whether internal or external
    6. Critical illness/condition resulting, directly or indirectly, caused by, contributed to or aggravated or prolonged by childbirth or from pregnancy
    7. Critical illness due to alcohol, smoking, other tobacco intake or drug abuse
    8. Treatment/surgery for change sex or any cosmetic surgery or treatment/surgery/complications/illness
    9. HIV/AIDS/STDs
    10. Self-exposure to needless perils except in an attempted to save human life
    11. Participation in extreme sports - speed contest or racing of any kind (other than on foot), bungee jumping, parasailing, ballooning, parachuting, skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding, mountain or rock climbing necessitating the use of guides or ropes, potholing, abseiling, deep-sea diving using hard helmet and breathing apparatus, polo, snow and ice sports
    12. Disease critical illness, directly or indirectly, caused by or arising from or attributable to foreign, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot or civil commotion, act of terrorism
    13. Critical illness caused by ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel
    14. Critical illness, directly or indirectly, caused by or contributed to by nuclear weapons/materials or radioactive contamination
    15. Critical illness arising or resulting from the Import committing any breach of law or participating in an actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, misdemeanor or civil commotion
    16. Treatment of illness/procedure performed outside India

    Eligibility Criteria for Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Plan

    The minimum entry age to purchase a Reliance critical illness policy is 18 years and above. The maximum entry age to purchase a Reliance critical illness policy for Rs. 5 lakhs sum insurance is 65 years. The maximum entry age to purchase a Reliance critical illness policy for Rs. 7 lakhs sum insurance is 60 years. The maximum entry age to purchase a Reliance critical illness policy for Rs. 10 lakhs sum insurance is 55 years. The maximum entry age for sum insured of Rs. 20 lakh is 50 years. The policy provides life long renewals subject to no claims have been made.

    What is the Claim Procedure for Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

    In case of a claim/medical emergency, the policyholder is required to notify Reliance General Insurance either at the call centre or in writing immediately and within 7 days of the occurrence of such an insured event. Also, the policyholder needs to furnish the following details:

    1. Policy Number
    2. Name of the Policyholder
    3. Name of the insured person in whose relation the claim is being made
    4. Nature of Illness/Injury
    5. Name and address of the attending Medical Practitioner and Hospital
    6. Date of Admission
    7. Any other information as requested by Reliance General Insurance

    Documents Required to claim Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Plan

    The standard list of documents required for submission are:

    1. Duly completed and signed claim form, in original
    2. Medical Practitioner's referral letter advising hospitalization
    3. Medical Practitioners prescriptive advising drugs / diagnostic tests / consultation
    4. Discharge card from the hospital / medical practitioner
    5. Original pathological / diagnostic test reports and payment receipts
    6. Indoor case papers
    7. First Information Report/ Final Police Report, if applicable
    8. Postmortem report, if available
    9. Any other document as required by the insurer to assess the claim