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Reliance Vision Fund

Reliance Vision Fund is an open-ended equity scheme that invests in large cap and mid cap stock. The scheme’s investment objective is to attain long term capital growth by parking money in equity and equity related securities through a research-based investment approach. The fund shall identify companies for investment on the basis of - sound management, track record, potential for future growth and industry economic scenario, among others. It is important to note that there is no guarantee that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized.

AboutReliance Mutual Fund: RMF is among India's leading mutual funds, with Average Assets Under Management of Rs. 2,22,575.73 crores (April 2019 - June 2019 QAAUM) and 88.65 lakhs folios (as on June 30, 2019). The asset management company offers investors a well-rounded portfolio of products, to meet varying financial needs. As of March 31, 2019, RMF is reported to have established its presence in 300 cities across the country. The company has been registered with the Securities & Exchange Board of India vide registration number MF/022/95/1 dated 30th June, 1995.

(Note - All the information contained in this page has been sourced from the official website of Reliance Mutual Fund.)

Features of Reliance Vision Fund

The features of Reliance Vision Fund are as follows:

  • It is an open-ended equity scheme that invests in large cap and mid cap stocks.
  • The fund attempts to invest in high quality businesses that are market leaders in their respective sectors.
  • The minimum investment that can be made is Rs. 5,000.
  • The Plans/Options available are: a) Growth Plan (i) Growth Option, b) Dividend Plan (i) Dividend Payout Option (ii) Dividend Reinvestment Option, c) Direct Plan - Growth Plan (i) Growth Option and d) Direct Plan - Dividend Plan (i) Dividend Payout Option (ii) Dividend Reinvestment Option.
  • Entry load is not applicable.
  • A 1% exit load is charged if the fund is redeemed or switched out on or prior to the completion of 1 year from the date of allotment of units. If the fund is redeemed or switched out after the completion of 1 year from the date of allotment of units, then there is no exit load.
  • Unitholders can hold the units in Account Statement (Physical form) or in Dematerialized form. Units held by way of an Account Statement are not transferable. However, those held in Demat form can be transferred, as per the provisions of SEBI (Depositories and Participants) Regulations.

Reliance Vision Fund Performance

NAV as on July 31, 2019: Rs. 493.5276

Performance of Reliance Vision Fund Growth Option as on 31/07/2019

Particulars1 Year CAGR %3 Year CAGR %5 Year CAGR %Since Inception
Reliance Vision Fund-6.713.236.1817.78
B: Nifty LargeMidcap 250 TRI Return (%)-7.668.3810.42NA
AB: S & P BSE Sensex TRI0.9311.499.0912.08
Reliance Vision Fund9,32911,00313,5004,93,525
B: Nifty LargeMidcap 250 TRI Return9,23412,73516,418NA
AB: S&P BSE Sensex TRI10,09313,86515,4561,51,630


Scheme PlanNAVNAV DateChange Since Last NAVChange Since Last NAV (%)
Direct Growth Plan Bonus Option84.482629-08-2019-0.70-0.83
Direct Dividend Plan35.403629-08-2019-0.29-0.83
Direct Growth Plan Growth Option498.282629-08-2019-4.15-0.83
Growth Plan Bonus Option80.456029-08-2019-0.67-0.83
Dividend Plan33.313029-08-2019-0.28-0.83
Growth Plan Growth Option477.707629-08-2019-3.98-0.83
Growth Plan Bonus Option10.000029-08-20190.000.00
Dividend Plan258.730829-08-2019-2.70-1.03
Growth Plan Growth Option376.571629-08-2019-1.15-0.31

Source: Reliance Mutual Fund

Top Holdings of Reliance Vision Fund

Top 10 Holdings

Honeywell Automation India Limited7.31%
State Bank of India6.99%
ICICI Bank Limited5.68%
Infosys Limited5.47%
HDFC Bank Limited3.88%
Tata Steel Limited3.52%
Siemens Limited3.36%
ABB India Limited3.35%
Larsen & Toubro Limited3.34%
TVS Motor Company Limited2.87%

Details as on Jul 31, 2019

Industry Allocation

Industrial Capital Goods16.28%
Petroleum Products6.20%
Consumer Non-Durables5.79%
Ferrous Metals4.57%
Construction Project3.34%

Details as on Jul 31, 2019

Source: Reliance Mutual Fund

Why Invest in Reliance Vision Fund?

Investments in Reliance Vision Fund are made with the intention of generating long term capital growth. The scheme parks money in equity and equity-related instruments of mid cap and large cap companies. It must, however, be noted that there is no guarantee or assurance that the scheme’s investment objective would be realized. Reliance Vision Fund is best-suited for individuals whose risk-bearing capacity is moderately high. Under normal circumstances, the fund’s anticipated asset allocation is as follows:

How to Invest in Reliance Vision Fund

Individuals can transact with Reliance Mutual Fund in the following ways:

  • Company website
  • Mobile App
  • SMS
  • Physical form

Documents Required for Reliance Vision Fund

With effect from 1st January, 2011, KYC norms have been made mandatory for investors choosing themutual fundinvestment route. When the investor is an individual who is eligible to be enrolled for Aadhaar, he or she will have to submit the UIDAI-issued Aadhaar number. If an individual is not eligible to be enrolled for Aadhaar, then the investor can submit his or her PAN or one certified copy of an officially valid document. This document must contain details of the individual’s identity, address as well as one recent photograph. If the investor is a non-individual, then Aadhaar numbers and PANs of officers, managers or employees or persons holding an attorney to transact on the investor’s behalf must be submitted, along with the constitution documents.