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Got Your First Job? Buy a Health Insurance Policy

Aniket Thakkar Aniket Thakkar 02 February 2016

With an offer letter in hand, even before we are paid that first salary, we make numerous plans how to spend our own money. This article will enlighten why buying a health insurance plan should be on your Top 5 to-do tasks when you land with your first job.

Health Insurance Policy

The better part of our adolescence is spent pursuing our studies and then higher studies with a view to build a solid foundation for our career. Landing that first job is an awe-inspiring accomplishment in itself as it provides us the liberty to strategize our future self-sufficiently. With sizeable amount at hand, time and again, we are guided towards clever investments for a secure tomorrow. And if we accept this as true, why close your eyes towards securing your own health?

One of the first few things you should do after securing that first job is buying a good health insurance cover. Below are few reasons enough for you to get tempted to cherry-pick a well-meaning health insurance policy for yourself.

Your age does not discount the incidence of ailments

Young minds often think that health problems are a curse of old age and use this notion to justify not investing in a health insurance plan. If statistics are to be believed, reports show that the modern sedentary lifestyle has affected the younger generations and they are increasingly falling prey to common ailments. As such, it becomes imperative for you to invest in a good health plan when you are younger so that later when the diseases hit you, you have already waited out the waiting period applicable for such diseases and your health plan would become all-inclusive.

Medical inflation is a demon

You don’t need anyone to tell you that medicine costs are mounting massively. Advanced treatments and procedures, which are now available for previously untreatable diseases, cost a lot. So a single case of hospitalization will wipe out any savings you might have created and hence what better way than a health plan to tackle such uncertainties?

Peace of mind

You might be healthy but what if you fall prey to swine flu or dengue? It was not by choice but by infection and was out of your control. Moreover, even accidents are uncertain and may result in serious injuries. Your age does not even factor in case of such contingencies and you should have a cushion which will soften the financial blow. Having a health plan will thus free you from this sense of insecurity and will ensure peace of mind.

Small amount

The premiums charged by the health insurance companies are proportional to your age and health. As you are young and healthy the premiums would be considerably low and furthermore, as the premiums are paid annually, there is no monthly outflow involved. Investing in a comprehensive health cover at an early age has its own set of benefits. You can easily start with a small cover and later supplement it with a top-up plan. This will solve your affordability factor. So go ahead, enjoy the perks of your salary from your new job, but don’t forget to buy a health insurance plan. If you still have any questions, please feel free to call at 1800-209-9920.

Aniket Thakkar
Written by Aniket Thakkar
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