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3 Health Insurance Plans Every Woman Should Know

Aniket Thakkar Aniket Thakkar 23 January 2016
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You are a Modern Woman. You have broken social barriers and proved yourself in being at par with men on all walks of life. Now, know which health plan can back this success?

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Once restricted to the four walls of domesticity, today women have crossed over to excel at rewarding professional opportunities and at managing sprawling corporate houses.

The society has also furthered women’s cause by according them with special privileges in this otherwise male-oriented world. That is why we see special quotas for women in legislative assemblies, government bodies, and public transport like buses and railways. Even health insurance companies are also understanding that women deserve special coverage against specific conditions – be it the health risk associated with pregnancy and child-birth or breast and cervical cancers. Know the three health insurance plans that have been specifically designed for women:

1) Reliance Health Gain Insurance Plan –

This is just like any other health insurance plan, with the difference that it offers special privilege for women. A single woman or a girl child gets a discount on premium.

A single woman –

Whether unmarried, divorced or widowed – can avail a discount of 5 percent on the health insurance premium. The divorced and widowed women can also avail this discount while buying this health plan for their children.

If a girl child is included in a family floater cover, a 5-percent-discount in the health insurance premium is available to the policyholder, even if the person getting the insurance is a man.

Other benefits of Reliance Health Gain Insurance Plan include:

  • i. Pre and post hospitalization expenses for 60 days each

  • ii. Ambulance expenses

  • iii. Donor expenses

  • iv. Re-instatement of the Sum Assured, if the Sum Assured is exhausted during a policy year

  • v. No-claim cumulative bonus of 33.33 percent of the Sum Assured for every claim-free year

  • vi. Call Option- where after 4 claim-free years, one can double the Sum Assured by adding the no-claim bonus and earn future no-claim bonus every year

  • vii. Accidental Death Coverage of Rs. 1 lakh for one year after every claim-free year

  • viii. Other value-added wellness benefits

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2) TATA AIG Wellsurance Wellness Policy –

This health insurance plan by TATA AIG can only be bought by women aged between 18 years and 65 years. It is a comprehensive health insurance plan which also provides critical illness benefits for 11 types of specified illnesses like stroke, coma, kidney failure, etc.

Other benefits provided under TATA AIG Wellsurance Wellness Policy include:

  • i. An increased amount of benefit for any type of cancer

  • ii. A daily allowance payable on hospitalization

  • iii. An additional benefit if the insured is admitted in ICU

  • iv. Convalescence benefit

  • v. Provision for cosmetic reconstructive surgery in case of an accident

  • vi. Facility of increasing the amount of Sum Assured

  • vii. Discounts on health and wellness activities like gyms, beauty parlors, etc.

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3) Bajaj Allianz Woman Critical Illness Plan –

This critical illness plan by Bajaj Allianz has been designed keeping in mind those illnesses that occur mostly in women. The plan has unique women-centric features not available in other plans.

  • i. It covers 8 types of women-specific critical illnesses, including ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, burns, paralysis or multi-trauma, fallopian tube cancer, uterine or endometrial cancer and vaginal cancer.

  • ii. In case of a woman policyholder giving birth to a child affected with the specified congenital disability, the plan provides 50 percent of the Sum Assured.

  • iii. Besides the lump sum benefit paid to a woman suffering from any of the above mentioned critical illnesses, an additional Children Education Bonus of Rs. 25,000 is also paid for the future of her children

  • iv. If the woman policyholder loses her job within 3 months of getting diagnosed with any of the above-mentioned illnesses, Bajaj Allianz pays an additional benefit of Rs. 25,000 towards the loss of employment.

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With such specialized insurance plans in the market, women no longer have to depend on their family members to be covered under a floater health policy. When women have become independent enough to take their own career and financial decisions, why should health insurance be left behind?

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