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Can You Buy Health Insurance For a New Born Baby?

Jagrity Sharma Jagrity Sharma 14 February 2020

If you are a set of new parents, you surely want to secure the health of your new born baby. Read on to know if you can get a health insurance plan for your child.

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Birth of a child is an exciting time for the entire family. As parents, you start preparing for the arrival of your child, months in advance Right from the clothes that the child would wear to the toys he/she would need, ensuring everything essential is ready for your new born seems like a mandatory task. However, most of us forget the most basic essential, i.e. a health insurance plan. Are you prepared to deal with the health needs of your new-born and the medical expenses associated with them? If not, it’s time to consider it. Read on to know if you can buy a health insurance plan for a new-born baby.

Health Insurance for a New Born Child

Finding a health insurance plan for a new born baby is rare. Most insurers offer health insurance plans for an infant, only after the child is atleast 90 days old. That is when he/she is considered eligible for health insurance. However, it is easy to add your new born child to your family health insurance plan as many insurance companies offer this option under their family floater health insurance plan.

While your child cannot be covered from day 1, you can surely cover his/her vaccinations and provide coverage for post-natal care in various maternity plans.

To get the child insured post 90 days of birth, the insurance company needs to be informed within 7 days of the child’s birth. Then the insurer will present the various insurance options available to cover the medical expenses of the new born child. One will have to submit the child’s birth certificate, discharge card from the hospital and a few other documents (varies per insurer), to the insurance company. Once all the documents are duly submitted and verified, a health insurance plan can be purchased for the new born baby.

The Final Word

With health care expenses rising everyday, health insurance is becoming more of a necessity than a want. It’s best to secure the health of your loved ones, including your new born baby, early in life, so as to financially protect them from the burden of hefty medical expenses.

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