Star Family Delite Insurance Policy

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd began its services in 2006 with the interests in Overseas Mediclaim Policy, Health Insurance, and Personal Accident. The company allows a broad range of health insurance products at reasonable costs to make health insurance every human being's fundamental right.

Star Family Delite is meant to cover hospitalization costs of a family on a floater basis. You can utilize the sum insured until it is exhausted. The policy covers in-patient hospitalization costs along with pre and post hospitalization expenses up to the defined limits. Also, there's a capping on the room rent, boarding, and ICU for a specific percentage of the sum insured.

Highlights of Star Family Delite Plan

  • Single plan, wider coverage for the whole family at a reasonable premium
  • Sum insured on Floater basis that any insured member can utilize
  • Protects against costs towards defined day care procedures
  • Tax benefits on the premium paid as per the prevailing Income Tax rules

Family Floater Plan

Entry Age

For children : 5 months

Adults :

Minimum : 18 yrs

Maximum : 65 yrs

Number of Members Covered

Maximum Members : 05

Maximum Adults : 02

Maximum Children : 03

Sum Insured

2 Lakh/ 3 Lakh



Policy Periods Available


Pre-Policy Medical Check-up

Above 50 years of age

Important Features

Day Care Treatments

The plan covers the expenses towards certain day-care procedures that would otherwise require hospitalization of a minimum of 24 hours.

Organ Donor Cover

This plan does not cover expenses related to organ donor in case of organ transplant.

Pre Hospitalization

Compensates for the Pre-Hospitalisation expenses for consultations, investigations and medicines incurred up to 30 days before Hospitalisation

Post Hospitalization

Covers for the post-hospitalization expense equal to 7% of hospitalization costs (excluding room charges) up to a maximum of Rs.5,000 per occurrence, incurred within 60 days from the time of discharge. In the case of packaged treatments, the post-hospitalization expense is covered within the specified limit after calculating the room rent and boarding charges.

Good to Have Benefits


If you want to transfer the policy to another insurer or get switched to this plan from another plan, you can do so without losing your accrued benefits after the waiting periods.


You can avail tax benefits for the premium amount paid towards this plan under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act,1961.


You can apply for the sum increase at the time of renewal. However, there should not be any claim made on the policy for considering the request.

Emergency Ambulance

Compensates you up to Rs.750 for each hospitalization towards the emergency ambulance services up to a maximum of Rs.1,500 per policy period.

Value Adds


For any reason, should you decide not to proceed with the policy, you can return the same and request for a refund within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy document.

Terms & Conditions

Room Rent / Room Category

1 % of Sum Insured per day in case of normal hospitalization. 1.5% of Sum Insured per day for ICU charges.


Certain Treatments like Lithotripsy, Tonsillectomy, Incision and drainage of abscess, Sclerotherapy, etc. have a defined liability limit that varies between Rs.2,000 to Rs.15,000. Similarly, certain major surgeries/treatments like Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), Oncology, Joint Replacement, Cataract also has a limit for the payment of claims that ranges between Rs.9,000 to Rs.125,000 depending on the ailment and sum insured you have opted.

Waiting Period

Cooling Off Period

A 30 days cooling off period for all claims except any arising out of accidental injuries.

Specific Illnesses

The policy covers some specific diseases/treatments only after 24 months. These include Cataract, Glaucoma, Gall Bladder & Pancreatic Diseases and treatments, and so forth.

Pre-Existing Illnesses

You can claim for any pre-existing conditions after 48 months from the policy start date.

Permanent Exclusions

    The Plan will not cover any liabilities towards the treatments of following conditions-

    • Attempted suicide
    • Use of alcohol or drug
    • AIDS
    • Congenital disease
    • Naturopathy treatment
    • Infertility and in vitro fertilization.
    • Hospitalization out of war, riot, strike and nuclear weapons

    The detailed list of what the policy does not cover is available in the policy wording.

Review of Star Family Delite Insurance Policy

Star Family Delite is primarily aimed to those who are looking for a basic health cover at an affordable premium. It provides a coverage towards the hospitalization expenses along with pre and post hospitalization costs. The policy allows lifetime renewals and the premiums paid are eligible for a tax rebate under the prevailing Income Tax Laws. While a limit on treatments costs and room rent is a shortcoming, it also decreases the premium. Premium rates for this policy are cheaper than plans without any sub-limits.

**Reviews and ratings are based only on Benefits and Conditions. Things like Claim Settlement Ratio, Hospital Network have not been covered under product ratings. These are covered under Company ratings.

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