Star Health Super Surplus Insurance Policy

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd began its services in 2006 with the interests in Overseas Mediclaim Policy, Health Insurance, and Personal Accident. The company allows a broad range of health insurance products at reasonable costs to make health insurance every human being's fundamental right.

The Star Health Super Surplus plan gives you more coverage than other basic plans. It offers wider protection at a lesser price. The policy is available for both individual and family floater basis.

Highlights of Star Health Super Surplus Insurance Policy

  • A top-up policy provides a higher sum insured at an affordable premium
  • Pre-existing diseases are covered after 36-months waiting period
  • You don’t have to undergo a pre-acceptance medical test before buying the policy
  • The policy can be taken on individual and family floater basis
  • The policy offers two plans: Silver and Gold
  • Deductible is applied for each and every claim
  • Lifelong renewals beyond 65 years are offered in this policy

Scope of cover

Individual Plan (Silver and Gold)

Entry Age

Adults :

Minimum : 18 years

Maximum : 65 years

Number of Members Covered

Maximum Members : 4

Maximum Adults : 2

Maximum Children : 2 (Till the age of 25)

Sum Insured

7 and 10 lakhs


Policy Periods Available

1 year

Pre-Policy Medical Check-up

Not Applicable

Family Floater Plan (Silver and Gold)

Entry Age

Children from 3 months – 25 years can be covered along with parents

Adults :

Minimum : 18 years

Maximum : 65 years

Number of Members Covered

Maximum Members : 2

Maximum Adults : 2

Maximum Children : 2 (till the age of 25 years)

Sum Insured

7 and 10 lakhs


Policy Periods Available

1 year

Pre-Policy Medical Check-up

Not applicable

Important Features

Day Care Treatments

Due to scientific advancement, some surgical procedures/treatments do not require you to be hospitalized for a minimum of 24 hours to raise a claim.

No-Claim Benefits

There is a deductible on every claim made when the aggregate of the previous hospitalization during that policy period exceeds a certain limit.

Pre Hospitalization

The insurance company will compensate you for the medical expenses related to your hospitalization 30 days before the hospitalization.

Post Hospitalization

The insurance company will pay you medical expenses incurred up to 7% of hospitalization expenses subject to Rs. 3000, 60 days post hospitalization.

Good to Have Benefits

Daily Hospitalization Allowance

Hospital cash is provided at the rate of Rs. 1000 per day of hospitalization for maximum of 14 days where treatment is taken in a Government hospital

Emergency Ambulance

This plan provides domestic road ambulance cover up to Rs. 1500 per policy period. For Air Ambulance, you can avail up to 10% of the sum insured per policy period for Sum Insured of Rs.7 lacs and above

Value Adds


You can port this policy to another insurer towards renewal provided application is made to the company at least 45 days from when the renewal is due.

Note: You can also migrate to any other indemnity based health plan of the company after completion of 5 years of renewing the policy or after completing 60 years of age. In such a case, the defined limit would become zero.


For any reason, should you decide not to proceed with the policy, you can return the same and request for a refund within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy document.

Terms & Conditions

Room Rent / Room Category

Room, Boarding, and Nursing expenses are compensated up to a maximum of 2% of sum insured subject to a maximum of Rs. 4000 per day.


10% copay is applicable for each and every claim where the entry age is above 60 years

Waiting Period

Cooling Off Period

A 30 days cooling off period for all claims except any arising out of accidental injuries.

Specific Illnesses

The policy covers some specific diseases/treatments only after 24 months. These include Cataract, Arthritis, Hernia, Kidney Stone, and so forth.

Pre-Existing Illnesses

You can claim for any pre-existing conditions after 36 months from the policy start date without any breaks with any non-life Indian insurance company

Permanent Exclusions

    The Plan will not cover any liabilities towards the treatments of following conditions-

    • Intentional self-injury
    • Mental illness
    • Cosmetic, aesthetic treatment
    • Dental surgery
    • AIDS
    • Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, and abortion
    • Congenital disease
    • Infertility and in vitro fertilization.
    • Hospitalization out of war, riot, strike and nuclear weapons

Review of Star Health Super Surplus Insurance policy


The Star Super Surplus plan is a top-up plan with individual and family floater options. It offers optimum coverage for affordable premiums. The policy also offers lifelong renewal and multiple hospitalization cover benefits which is perfect for an individual seeking health insurance at a reasonable cost.

**Reviews and ratings are based only on Benefits and Conditions. Things like Claim Settlement Ratio, Hospital Network have not been covered under product ratings. These are covered under Company ratings.

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