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How to File a Death Claim Under a Life Insurance Policy?

Sumit Asrani Sumit Asrani 04 December 2017

Learn all the crucial steps to make a life insurance death claim and know what all documents are required to file a claim. Looking for an essential guide to claim life insurance after death in India? Look no further, read here.

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The pain of losing a loved one is traumatic. And can cause an emotional distress. Financial instability too.

Time heals is too good a cliché to accept and believe and follow. But, only the sufferer knows how unbearable it is.

When you go through an emotional grief, it is impossible to think of other things. But, the suffering doesn’t end there, one may have to face a lot of financial and legal issues. And resolving those is quite overwhelming.

And the death of a breadwinner can put the family into financial burden. Without a right life insurance policy, family may suffer financial crises. Having right life insurance policy means to know how to make a life insurance death claim. It lessens the overall burden, at least, the financial burden, which may arise because of the death of the breadwinner.

It is important to know the right approach to make life insurance death claim.

How to make a life insurance claim in the event of death?

1. Lodge a Claim

First, the nominee or the claimant should intimate the life insurance company about the death of the life assured at the earliest. The nominee can lodge a claim by directly contacting the life insurance company on their toll free number. It is preferable to lodge death claim through a call rather than any other media.

2. Claim Processing

To start the claim process, the nominee needs to submit the valid and supportive claim documents, which are listed below in case of natural and accidental death. Once, the company receives the necessary documents, Claims Assistance team will take over. Claim Assistance team will assess the claim, documents, nominee declaration and verification of the same. This team may ask you to submit other required documents, if necessary.

3. Acceptance and Payout

As the claim process proceeds, and all the relevant documents are submitted, after the acceptance of the claim, the life insurance company will settle down the claim. Most of the life insurance companies prefer to pay the payouts to the beneficiary through ECS. The company will ask to submit bank details – cancelled cheque/photocopy of the bank account passbook (may require to get attested by bank authorities).

To lodge a death claim, you are requested to support the claim with documents.

Essential Documents to Claim Life Insurance in case of Natural Death

  • Life insurance policy document
  • Duly signed and filled claim form (as provided by the life insurance company)
  • Original or Copy of the Death Certificate

How to make a life insurance claim in case of an Accidental Death

  • Medical attendant's certificate/ Attending Doctor’s Statement
  • Hospital certificate
  • Medical reports – Admission and Discharge summary, Death summary, Test reports
  • Employer's certificate
  • Post mortem report
  • Police FIR report
  • Final Police Investigation Report

Death Claims: Tips to keep in mind before you claim life insurance

  • What happens if the nominee dies along with the life assured?

    The payout will be made to the next legal heir. The claimant has to provide legal title of succession.

  • What if the nominee dies before life assured?

    The life assured can make another person as the nominee while the policy is still in force.

  • How long a Nominee can wait to claim a life insurance policy?

    It is advisable to make a life insurance death claim at the earliest with the required documents.

  • How long does a life insurance company take to pay the death benefit?

    The overall claim settlement process takes 30 days. Once the claim is approved, the life insurance company makes the payout instantly.

  • Can a Life Insurance Company deny a claim?

    If the claim is genuine and is supported with all the valid and required documents, claim is not rejected. However, if the life insurance company finds out that it’s a fraudulent case, claim may get rejected.

    For more clarification please read - 5 Possible Reasons for Your Life Insurance Claim Rejection

  • How a Life Insurance Company Pay the benefit to the Nominee?

    The Nominee needs to submit Bank details and a valid identity proof. For bank details, cancelled cheque or copy of bank account passbook is required. And for nominee's identity proof, it can be a photocopy of passport, PAN card, Voter identity card, Aadhar (UID) card etc. needs to be submitted.

  • Death Claim Exclusion: Suicide is not covered within the 12 months of policy issuance or revival or reinstatement of policy.

    Note: For Coverfox’s term life insurance customers, we offer NOMINEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: To help the life assured’s family at the time of death claim.

    • Claim Assistance
    • Legal Counselling
    • Financial Counselling
    • Psychological Counselling

    Read more about Nominee Assistance Program by Coverfox for Term Insurance Customers.

Understanding how to file a death claim under a life insurance policy is crucial. I wish the need never arises. However, in case, the need to make life insurance death claim may arise, this article must act as a lighthouse to help you step by step.

Got queries? Be free to ask us in the comments. Certainly, we’ll be glad to help you!

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