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Bike insurance is a type of insurance plan designed specifically for your motorbike. The two most common types of bike insurance plans are comprehensive bike insurance plan and third party liability plan. The purpose of a bike insurance plan is to prove complete protection for you and your bike against most man made, natural disasters and third party related accidents.

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Advantages of Bike Insurance

  • Sum Insured
  • The policyholder is eligible for the complete Sum Insured, as mentioned in the policy document
  • Policy Discount
  • Up to 70% discount on insurance premiums, No-Claim Bonus (NCB)
  • Premium Rates
  • Pre-negotiated premium rates, starting from an amount as low as Rs.600
  • Personal Accident
  • Personal Accident (PA) Coverage extends up to Rs. 15 lakh
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    Hello there! Before you would want to skip reading this critical piece on bike insurance, did you know that you could attract a fine of Rs. 2,000 as a first time offender and Rs. 4,000 and/or a jail term of 3 months as a repeated offender, for not having bike insurance? Well, it is true and scary at the same time.

    Bikes are the most common sight on the Indian roads, isn’t it? Which means logically, there is a higher risk of accidents too. We all know that it is mandatory to have bike insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, in India. And why risk at all when you can easily compare, buy and renew your bike insurance from India’s top insurers on

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    How to Buy Bike Insurance on Coverfox?

    *Follow these simple steps and there you will have your policy document in your inbox!*

    • Go to
    • The top of the page will have a bike insurance quotes box.
    • Choose your Bike’s details - Manufacturer and Model.
    • Enter the details of the RTO in which was bike was registered
    • Enter the year of Manufacture of your bike
    • A new page will display details of the policy - such as IDV and Premium - from different insurers.
    • Choose the policy type (Third Party or Comprehensive insurance) along with add-on covers you wish to buy
    • Click on the ‘Buy Now’ option.
    • Enter all details necessary to complete the billing process
    • Pay premium using debit/credit cards, online banking, or UPI.
    • Once paid, the policy will be sent to you within a few minutes onto your registered email ID.

    Why Should You Buy Bike Insurance On Coverfox? Here’s Why

    If we had to keep it short, our answer would be; we make your life easy by simplifying the buying process for you. But let’s elaborate, with Coverfox, individuals can choose from a wide range of policy options that differ based on premiums, sum insured levels, features, benefits, etc.

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    Coverfox is committed to providing online buyers with the best solutions in the following ways -

    Additional Solutions
    Customize your Bike Insurance
    • Zero Depreciation Cover
      Saving Money

      Coverfox helps you compare bike insurance online from top insurers to save money on Premiums.

    • Engine Protection
      Best Plan

      The Best bike insurance policy ensures the most suitable premium, IDV, and period of insurance for the insurance buyer.

    • NCB Protection

      Covefox allows buyers to compare IDV across insurers to select one that best fits their bike.

    • Invoice Cover
      Add-on Covers

      Pick and choose additional benefits (add-on covers) to add to your bike insurance policy for any additional coverage. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

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    Why is it Important to have Bike Insurance Policy?

    • The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, makes it compulsory for all bikes plying on Indian roads to have at least a Third-Party Liability Cover.
    • Furthermore, new bike owners must mandatorily possess a five-year insurance policy.
    • Hefty fines are levied on bike users caught riding without a valid insurance policy.
    • It provides financial protection to policyholders from uncertain risks and unfortunate accidents. These include damage to the insured vehicle, to third party people and property, as well as bodily injury to the rider, pillion, and/or pedestrians.
    • The financial burden incurred in either repair or replacement of essential bike parts, maybe huge - especially in cases of an accident or damage to the bike’s engine.
    • Comprehensive Insurance also provides for adequate compensation when the insured vehicle, or its components, are subject to theft and/or damages.

    Now, Let’s Understand the Types of Bike Insurance

    *You may think there would be a lot of these. But, wait! Let’s give our minds some rest. 1..2..3.. Breathe... There are just two basic types of bike insurance policies in India.*

    Third-Party Liability Cover Comprehensive Policy

    This policy covers only the damages or losses caused by the insured bike to the third party or property

    This type of insurance provides complete financial protection against own damages as well as any third party and property loss or damages caused by the insured bike.

    Protection of the bike owner, thanks to a personal accident cover

    These policies also cover bike theft

    The Motor vehicles Act, 1988, has made it compulsory for all vehicles on Indian roads to insure themselves with a Third-Party Liability Cover

    What Affects The Price of Your Bike Insurance Policy?

    • Type of Insurance Policy: Depending on whether a buyer has chosen a Third Party Liability Only Cover or a Comprehensive Insurance Policy, the premium incurred will vary. Comprehensive policies tend to cost more, but offer more cover, while Third-Party Insurance is less expensive than a Comprehensive Policy but offers protection only towards third-party legal liability.
    • Vehicle Value or Insured Declared Value (IDV): The brand, model, and engine capacity of a bike plays a pivotal part in determining the insurance pricing. The insurance premium of a bike usually costs a specific percentage of its market value.
    • Modifications: The cost of insurance rises with the number of changes made to the vehicle. Modifications increase the mechanical performance or aesthetic appeal of the bike.
    • Claims History: The cost of insurance rises with the claims history of the rider. Higher the number of accidents faced by a careless driver, the higher the number of claims made on the policy.
    • Add-Ons: These are extra coverage offered to purchasers of comprehensive bike policies. The add-ons increase the coverage provided; however, it also impacts the overall cost of the insurance policy. These should be attached to the base plan only after a personal evaluation of the coverage required.
    • Lapsed Policies: Policy buyers who failed to renew their policies - even within the 30 day grace period provided by the insurer - may face an even higher insurance policy renewal cost.
    • Discounts: No Claim Bonus (NCB), offers comprehensive policy buyers a notable discount on the premiums if they haven’t raised a claim in the previous policy year.

    Add-ons For Your Bike Insurance Policy

    Yes, we talk about this a lot. Add-ons are basically additional benefits that you can add to your bike insurance policy. And we cannot thank the bike insurance companies enough for this! When you purchase a comprehensive policy, you get covered against all sorts of accident-related repairs. However, if you want to enhance the cover for your existing comprehensive plan, going for add-ons or riders is undoubtedly a smart choice.

    Note: Rider add-ons come at the cost of an additional premium which you pay for your plan. Here is a list of add-on covers for your insurance plan:

    Additional Covers
    Customize your Bike Insurance
    • Zero Depreciation Cover
      Engine Cover

      Engine cover protects against damages (circuit) to the engine. A standard insurance policy bike does not cover damages to the engine, which can cost several thousands of Rupees.

    • Engine Protection
      Roadside Assistance

      Roadside assistance is the support given in case of a mechanical failure or the breakdown of your bike in the middle of the road/highway. When you purchase a roadside assistance rider for your policy, you will be entitled to facilities such as free towing, immediate repairs, emergency fuel, etc.

    • NCB Protection
      Daily Cash Allowance

      This add-on cover provides a certain sum of money per day to meet your travel expenses when your bike has suffered, making it unusable until repaired.

    • Invoice Cover
      Accessories Cover

      All bikes come with some sort of accessories. These policies do not cover accessories. Having this add-on cover will provide coverage for all the accessories - electrical or non-electrical. This rider covers the cost to repair or replace the attachment.

    • Zero Depreciation Cover
      Personal Accident Cover for Pillions

      A pillion rider is a person who sits behind you on a bike. This cover will lower your financial liability in case of accidental harm to the pillion rider. This add-on provides coverage for the death or permanent or partial disability of the pillion rider.

    • Engine Protection
      Zero Depreciation Cover

      One must understand that irrespective of the policy purchased (whether liability only insurance policy or comprehensive insurance policy), all insurers ensure that they deduct the depreciation value and pay the remaining amount. The zero depreciation cover eliminates the depreciation factor. Thus, you are eligible for the whole claim amount.

    • NCB Protection
      Consumables Cover

      Consumables include nuts, bolts, and engine oil, etc. Such items are usually not covered under necessary policies. Having this rider will ensure that you financially protect yourself from costs arising due to damaged consumables that need repair or replacement.

    • Invoice Cover
      Return to Invoice Cover

      This add-on reimburses the actual bill value of the vehicle in case it is stolen or suffers a total loss due to natural calamities or theft. Thus it is incredibly beneficial to have.

    What’s Included and Excluded in Bike Insurance?

    Inclusions Exclusion

    Damages that might happen to your bike in an accident.

    Damages caused if you were riding under the influence of alcohol.

    Personal Accident Cover - if you (the owner-driver) injure yourself in a bike accident, the insurer compensates you.

    Loss and damages caused by war or a nuclear strike.

    It ensures Financial protection to your bike from natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, etc.

    It doesn’t cover damages caused due to accidents while you were using your bike for illegal activities.

    In case your bike gets stolen, your insurer will pay an amount equal to your bike’s IDV.

    Damages caused or losses incurred to your bike while you were riding without a valid license.

    It provides coverage for damages caused during a human-made disaster. The list includes riots, strikes, fire, and terrorism are covered.

    It doesn’t cover regular mechanical expenses due to consistent wear and tear.

    What Should You Consider While Choosing a Bike Insurance?

    As per the latest survey in 2019, there were over 4,50,000 accidents on Indian roads, resulting in close to 1,51,000 deaths. Hence, purchasing insurance for any bike becomes essential.

    Choosing the right bike plan depends on a variety of factors, not just limited to - the bike’s model, engine capacity, and manufacturing date.

    Keeping this in mind, some of the factors all bike owners must consider while purchasing insurance policies are as follows -

    • Choose a type of Insurance: Bike owners can choose between two types of insurance available - Third-Party Liability Insurance or Comprehensive Policy or Package Policy. From a policyholder's point of view, it is best to choose a comprehensive insurance policy as it provides the best and broadest protection.
    • IDV: The Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the highest sum that the insurer will pay in the case of vehicle theft or total loss of the insured vehicle. If the IDV of the bike is high, so would be the premium charged for covering it.
    • Riders and Add-ons: Riders or add-ons increase the coverage offered under a comprehensive bike policy. These riders or add-ons can be attached to the base plan for a nominal additional premium. Hence, one must also take the rise into the premium into consideration before making a final decision.
    • Premiums: This is the annual amount paid to the insurance company for coverage. Premiums depend on various factors associated with the bike. E.g., model, engine capacity, etc. They usually influence a person's policy buying decision.
    • Insurance Company: It is vital to consider the insurance company offering the policy before making a choice. The insurer must be able to assist and reimburse policyholders in claims.

    What are the inclusions in Bike Insurance?

    Bike Third Party Liability Plan or Liability Only Cover - Buying third party insurance provides financial protection against damage caused by your bike to another person or property.

  • Third-party Liability: Unlimited Liability cover in case of death or bodily injury to a third party.
  • Third-party property damage: Covers damage to third party property up to Rs.7.5 lakh.
  • Personal Accident Cover:* A third-party policy covers a compulsory owner-driver, and offers an optional pillion rider cover.
  • Owner-Driver Personal Accident Cover: A Sum Insured of Rs.1 lakh for the owner-driver in case of a permanent total disability or an accidental death for a premium of Rs.50.
  • Optional Pillion Rider Accident cover: Pillion rider personal accident cover up to the sum insured of Rs.1 lakh is available on paying an additional premium.
  • Personal Accident Cover Table:
  • Accidental Event Percentage of Sum insured



    The dismemberment of both limbs or loss of sight of both eyes or one limb and one eye


    The dismemberment of one limb or loss of sight of one eye


    Permanent and Total Disability


    *This policy provides complete financial protection against own damages and also any third party loss or damages caused due to the insured vehicle. This policy also covers theft.*

    Coverage of bike Comprehensive Policy Damages Caused

    Own Damage

    Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning

    Third-party cover

    Earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation

    Third-party liability cover

    Cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide

    Third-party property damage cover

    Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act

    Personal Accident Cover

    Accident by external means, terrorist activity

    Any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.

    What are the Exclusions in Bike Insurance

    • Exclusions of Third-Party Liability Cover Only

    • The Own Damage of your bike is not covered. It doesn’t include any damage incurred to the insured bike due to an accident. The policyholder will have to pay the repair cost.
    • Accidental damage/loss/liability borne outside the prescribed geographical area.
    • Claims arising out of any contractual liability.
    • Accidental loss/damage incurred by the third party that might have resulted from a consequential loss.
    • Loss, damage, liability caused due to war, invasion, and other warlike operations.
    • Any liability caused due to radioactive contamination or nuclear weapons.
  • Exclusions of bike Comprehensive Cover:

    • Any damages incurred when the policy is not active or expired
    • Any mechanical wear and tear due to ageing
    • Any mechanical or electrical breakdown
    • Riding without a legal and valid license
    • Riding under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any intoxicants
    • Using private bikes for commercial purposes
    • </ul>

    And Finally, How to Choose the Right bike Insurance?

    Just note down these points while buying bike insurance online. These come handy anytime you want to compare, buy or renew the insurance policy for your bike.

    • Insurance type: There are two types of policies a buyer may choose from viz: Third-Party Liability Insurance and Comprehensive Policy or Package Policy. Bike policies are usually chosen based on the coverage level required, as well as the premium that you are willing to afford.
    • Add-ons: Insurance add-ons are highly relevant as they increase aspects of basic coverage. You must, however, consider the need for add-ons before adding them to the base plan.
    • IDV: Premiums for your comprehensive insurance plan depend on the IDV for the insured vehicle. Higher the IDV higher is the premium and vice versa. Securing the right value of IDV is essential.
    • *Premium: Premiums are a significant consideration, as they may take a toll on an individual's pocket. Premiums depend on factors such as bike details and add-on covers.
    • Insurer: Choose an insurer that provides a perfect blend of all features in their plan. Some may offer Cashless garages, while others offer extended coverage through add-ons.
    • Claims Settlement Ratio: For any insurance company to be successful, they need to have an excellent claim settlement ratio.

    Can We Now Have the Attention of New Bike Owners, Please?

    Folks! New bike owners have to buy long-term cover for 5 years. Yep, That’s right! "

    New Bike Owners Have to Buy Long-term Cover for Five Years

    • As per the directive by the Supreme Court, passed in July 2018, a five-year upfront cover has become compulsory for new bikes. This new regulation has been implemented since 1st September 2018 and is applicable for all bikes purchased on and after 1st September.
    • It implies that every new bike owner would have to shell out a lump sum towards their bike insurance policy on the purchase of a vehicle. However, one benefit of this regulation is that it saves bike owners from the burden of annual renewals.
    • The primary reason behind this move is to improve the penetration of third party liability only covers bikes that have been on the roads for a few years. It is a fact that once bikes age considerably, owners often tend to skip renewing their insurance annually or - buy one that is not sufficient to cover risks.
    • This new regulation will ensure that newly purchased bikes in India are sufficiently covered against risks. It will also safeguard third party people, property, and pedestrians from injuries and accidental death caused by bikes.

    If all the above information gets overwhelming, we are just a call away and always happy to assist you! :)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q. What is PA Cover in new Bike Insurance?
      • When you buy the mandatory third party insurance, you get a personal accident cover of up to Rs.1 lakh for a premium of Rs.50. A pillion rider/passenger accident cover is optional. You can add it by an additional premium.

    • Q. Is ii possible to get cheap Bike Insurance online?
      • Insurance bike online generally have a lot of options where the price of the premium is concerned. On Coverfox, policy bikes are available at competitive rates where policy buyers have the choice to compare and pick their most preferred option.