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Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

Comprehensive Two-Wheeler insurance is not the same as third party liability Two-Wheeler insurance. While a third party plan protects a third person or property involved in an accident with your vehicle, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy protects you, your bike, third party and property from financial damages.

What is Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance?

A comprehensive third party policy will protect your two-wheeler, motorbike, moped, scooter etc, 24x7 & 356 days a year against fire, theft, natural or man-made disasters and more. Plus, you can also avail of cashless repair facility across network garages across India.

As per the law (Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988), it is mandatory to have at least a third party liability two-wheeler insurance policy in India. But it is advisable to purchase a Comprehensive Two-Wheeler insurance coverage policy. Here is why:

  • Indian roads are not at all rider-friendly
  • A single accident can leave you impaired; financial and emotionally
  • You might end up in jail, combined with a strict penalty
  • Legal obligations will add further stress to your daily life
  • The cost of medical treatment and hospitalization is expensive

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What is Covered in Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Below is the list of events covered under a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy:

  • Damage Caused by Natural Calamities: Any damage due to natural calamities, such as thunder-lightning, flood, earthquake, cyclone, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, storm, tempest, inundation, hailstorm, landslide, and rockslides, among others will be covered.
  • Damage Due to Manmade Calamities: It offers coverage against various man-made disasters, such as riots, inland waterways, terrorist activity, malicious acts, and any damages caused in transit by rail, lift, road, elevator, or air, among others.
  • Own Damage Cover: This cover protects the insured vehicle against any loss or damage caused by the means of natural calamities, man-made calamities, fire & explosion, or theft.
  • Personal Accident Coverage: This cover of Rs. 15 lakh is payable on death or temporary or permanent disabilities. You can also avail of optional personal accident cover for the co-passengers.
  • Theft or Burglary: Two-wheeler insurance company will provide the IDV to the owner in case the insured two-wheeler, bike or scooter is stolen.
  • Third-Party Liability : It provides cover against any legal loss of money that may occur due to injuries to a third party which may have even led to his demise. Likewise, it also protects against any damage caused to any third-party property.
  • Fire & Explosion: It covers losses or damage caused due to self-ignition, fire, or an explosion.

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What is Not Covered in Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Below is the list of exclusions under a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy:

  • Loss from mechanical/electrical breakdowns.
  • Any damage to the tyres and tubes in the normal course of running.
  • Damage caused due to normal wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • Any loss occurred while the bike was being used beyond the scope of coverage.
  • Any consequential loss from regular use.
  • Any damage caused due to the driver who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Any loss incurred due to war or mutiny or nuclear risk.
  • Damages that take place when the bike is driven without a valid driving license.

Benefits of Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

Here is a list of key features and benefits of having a comprehensive two-wheeler bike plan:

Feature Advantage
Own Damage Cover Complete protection against damage to your own motorbike.
Liability Cover Covers damages against third party and property due to their death, disability and property destruction from an accident.
Personal Accident Cover Rs. 15 lakh cover in case of death or disability due to an accident.
Add-Ons Zero depreciation, No Claim Bonus Protection, Engine Cover, Return to Invoice, etc.

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Add-on Cover for Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

Zero Depreciation Cover

  • This cover removes any deduction on the account of depreciation at the time of claim settlement, and then the full amount is paid to the insured.

• Roadside Assistance Cover

  • It includes tyre changes, minor repairs on-site, towing charges, lost key assistance, battery jump-start, replacement key, and fuel arrangement, etc.

• Return to Invoice

Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance and Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance

Here is a smart comparison between comprehensive and third-party two-wheeler insurance

What is Covered? Third-Party Comprehensive
Third-Party Vehicle Damage
Third-Party Property Damage
Own Vehicle Damage
Not Covered
Vehicle Theft
Not Covered
Fire Damage
Not Covered
No Claim Bonus
Not Covered
Cashless Claim
Not Covered
Damage from Natural Calamities
Not Covered
Personal Accident Covered
Engine Protection
Not Covered
Through Add-on
Zero Depreciation Cover
Not Covered
Through Add-on
NCB Protection
Not Covered
Through Add-on
Invoice Cover
Not Covered
Through Add-on

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Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance NCB Cover

No claim bonus is applicable only if no claims are made within a policy term. This rider option allows you to recollect your NCB and get a discount at the time of premium renewal. You can avail of an NCB of up to 50%.

Why Should Buy Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

You may feel that buying comprehensive two wheeler insurance would take so much of your time and effort, and you keep delaying this one day after the other. Well, it just takes 5 minutes. Yes, you read it right. 5 minutes and that’s it! Worry not, you wouldn’t have to pay a single penny extra for buying comprehensive two wheeler insurance online . At the same cost, you will be able to compare, buy and renew your insurance.

  • Comprehensive two wheeler insurance protects the policyholders from incurring financial losses when faced with undesired events and risks.
  • Along with Third-Party Liability Only Insurance, motorbike owners can also buy a Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Policy - both of which are available on Coverfox.
  • you can purchase the best comprehensive two wheeler insurance online, which fit your needs without any documentation or inspection of your bike.
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How to Buy A Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Online on Coverfox?

Buying a two-wheeler insurance policy online instantly on Coverfox is easy and simple, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Select bike insurance/Two-wheeler.
  • Step 2: Select your city and your RTO zone.
  • Step 3: Choose the two-wheeler manufacturer, model & variant of your bike.
  • Step 4: Enter the year of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Step 5: Premium quotes from various insurers will be displayed.
  • Step 6: Choose add-on covers that you want with the plan
  • Step 7: Pay premium through options like internet banking, debit/ credit cards.
  • Step 8: Post payment, the policy will be delivered straight to your inbox.

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