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Comparing Two-wheeler Insurance

If you are a bike owner, you probably love your bike more than you love yourself. Then what about insurance?

You can always prove your undying love for your bike by choosing that perfect insurance policy that seems to have been custom-made for you. But with so many insurance companies offering so many policies, it could be quite a task to choose the best insurance policy that fits your bill perfectly.

Why Compare Bike Insurance Policies?

If you are crazy about your bike, comparing policies before you find the right one is a good idea. Here’s a short list of things you should quickly compare while choosing the right two-wheeler insurance:

The Insurance Company

Find the one with the best claim settlement ratio, a good standing with respect to deductibles, network garages for cashless servicing etc. Also make sure that you add and subtract features or add-ons you might choose!

Discounts and Deductibles

With deductibles, you agree to pay a certain amount from your pocket in exchange for discount on your premium. While this is an amazing trade-off, don’t commit to a huge amount else you barely avail the benefits of your policy!

Premium and Cover

While we would NEVER suggest a cheaper premium, we would advise you to compare premiums based on similar coverages provided by two different companies. Go for the one that makes more sense!

Customer service

Simply put, a company with better customer care and responsiveness is always a nicer choice. Ask around or consult their website; if you plan to select a company that you want to hold on to for years to come.

Coverfox Advantage

Want to know what makes us so special when it comes to your insurance needs? Here’s a list of some of our superpowers:

Customer Care that cares.

A dedicated team of Service Managers to manage your bike insurance policy for you, right from start to finish – every way, any way. We call them our superheroes.

Unbiased expert advice

Our experts guide you to choose quotes based on your personal needs, and not the company – so unbiased, we could be your favourite professor.

No draggy paperwork

No long forms and wasting endless rolls of paper. At Coverfox, we are secret environmentalists. Everything is online, which means everything is that instant.

Expert claims assistance

We don’t stop at just helping you buy the most suitable insurance policy for your bike. We guide you through your entire claims process too. Because that’s how help should work!

Show your ride the love that it deserves. Buy it the right insurance plan.

What are the factors that affect the Two Wheeler Insurance Premium?

There are 5 factors which need to be considered while buying a two-wheeler insurance:

  1. Type of coverage (Whether you are opting for Third Party Liability cover or Comprehensive cover)
  2. Vehicle Make and Model
  3. Cubic Capacity of your vehicle
  4. Past insurance records (if any)
  5. Geographical area – Where your vehicle is registered

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I already have a Third Party Liability cover for my Bike. Why should I Opt for comprehensive Bike Insurance?

Your third party liability cover protects the vehicle owner against any damage caused a third person (in case of an accidental death or disability) or property. While, Third Party property damage is mandatory cover as per the law, but buying a comprehensive policy will cover the losses incurred to your vehicle and provide you a financial stability.

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers the third party liability and damage caused to your vehicle or owner. Below are the benefits offered:

Own Damage: Loss or damage to the vehicle due to

  1. Fire, explosions, self-ignition, Accidental external means, Burglary, Housebreaking or Theft
  2. Natural Calamities: Flood, storm, lightning strike, etc.
  3. Landslide, rockslide, Earthquake (Fire & Shock)
  4. Man Made Calamities: Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage, Terrorist Activity

Third Party Liability Cover: Death or bodily injury to a third person or Damage to third party property

Personal Accident Cover: Cover to the Owner Driver (Up to 1 Lac) in case of an accident, which leads to Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disablement of the insured vehicle owner

To safeguard your vehicle against any damage (listed above) you should opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy.

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My policy has expired, how do I renew my policy?

If your policy has expired, you don’t need to worry. Follow the below process and renew your policy instantly.

Step 1: Two-Wheeler Insurance Coverfox.com

Step 2: Fill in your vehicle details

  • Bike make, model and variant
  • Registration year and location
  • Bike number (If available)
  • Previous Policy details

Step 3: Select the Insurer

Step 4: Add your details, bike details and communication address

Step 5: Make a payment and get an Instant Policy

Note: If your policy has expired and you make a payment today, then the policy will commence after 3 days from the date of payment without any inspection.

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If I do not buy a Bike Insurance Policy, do I need to pay a fine?

Yes, if you do not buy Bike Insurance or riding an uninsured vehicle or even if your policy has lapsed, a fine will be imposed on you, i.e. Rs. 2000 or 3 months imprisonment.

Can I buy a Two Wheeler Insurance policy for a vehicle, which is not registered, on my name?

Technically, you cannot buy Insurance for a third person because of AML guidelines. But for certain cases like where there is a purchase of a used bike, if you have applied for registration ownership change, you can purchase an Insurance policy by submitting relevant documents.

Note: If the policy and RC are on different names for the same vehicle, then Policy is of no use. You should transfer the RC on your name and then purchase a new policy.

In case of Theft what is covered under a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

In the event of theft, your comprehensive bike insurance policy will pay up to the Insured Declared Value (Minus Rs. 100 – Deductible amount) that was defined at the time of purchase of your two-wheeler insurance.

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Compare Two Wheeler Insurance