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Renew Two Wheeler Insurance

Simply put, two-wheeler insurance offers security against the financial obligation that is likely to be borne by you in the case of theft, damage or third party damage/death caused by your vehicle. But WHY is it important?

Why Renewing Your Two Wheeler Insurance is Must

Having an insurance plan is a great way of taking care of the expenses you could suffer in case of third-party damage, which you would otherwise pay from your pocket. Apart from this vital point, there is a host of other benefits:

Easily transfer No-Claim Bonus
No Inspections, No Paperwork
Coverage against Bike Theft
Add-ons for additional protection

How to Renew Two Wheeler or Bike Insurance Online

Renew Your Active/Expired Insurance Policy Instantly

Check your IDV

As you enter your two wheeler details, quotes from different insurers will be displayed. Before renewal, ensure you compare Insure Declared Value (IDV) offered by various insurer.

Know Your Add-ons

Select add-ons that are best suited to your needs and include them in your comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. They might be an added expense, but they enhance the policy benefits!

Correcting the Wrong Information

During a policy renewal, you can get previous mistakes rectified by providing the right information – remember, proper policy details are vital for speedier claims!

Is Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Expired?

Forgetting renewal date is just human! Having so many things on mind, it’s easy to slip the renewal due date. Do not worry. Or fret. Because, Coverfox has hot your back. We help you to renew the expired two wheeler insurance policy without any hassle and documentations.

  • Renew expired two wheeler insurance policy with Coverfox:

  • No Inspection: Without inspection and documentation, Coverfox helps you to renew your two wheeler expired policy.

  • No Extra or Hidden Cost: No extra or hidden charges if renewed within the grace period. It will come at the same price as it cost to renew an active two wheeler policy.

  • Instant Policy: You will receive the policy within minutes. Instantly in your inbox.

  • Best Part: As said, no documentation, you don’t have to provide previous policy details even if the policy has expired for more than the 90 days.


Some Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I renew my bike insurance policy online?

Yes, you can – with a debit/credit card or even through net banking. Although, for expired policies you will have to contact us for an offline renewal process.

How to renew two wheeler insurance?

Possessing a valid two wheeler insurance policy is compulsory by law. With the drastic improvement in technology, renewing a two wheeler insurance has become very simple and convenient. More and more people are opting for online renewal of policy over offline mode. The reason being is online insurance process costs less and is quicker as it does not involve any paper work. It also does not require any two wheeler inspection.

Online renewal process

  • Simply log on to the insurers website or insurance aggregator's website where you can actually see and compare the plans from different insurers.
  • You will have to enter the vehicle's registration and previous policy details on the website.
  • In seconds you will be presented with two wheeler insurance plan schemes from different insurers. After comparing, select the plan that suits you the best.
  • After the plan is selected, you can make the payment and the policy document will be emailed to almost instantly.

Offline renewal process

If you choose to do it offline then you would need to take your vehicle to the insurer's office. There you will need to do the paper work and submit copy of RTC and old policy document. The insurance company representative might do the inspection of your two wheeler before quoting you the insurance amount. After paying the amount you will get your two wheeler insurance policy.

How to renew expired bike insurance?

Renewal of your bike insurance online is simple and instant.

If you just want to renew third party bike insurance plan, you can directly buy online from any insurance company’s website or from a web aggregator.

And if you are planning to renew comprehensive bike insurance policy after expiry, do not worry. It is also, quick and easy.

Since, most of the insurance companies renew bike insurance policy without any specific inspection, it is completely hassle-free to renew.

All you have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter your previous year policy details.
  • If you had lodged any claims in the previous policy tenure, you are not eligible to avail No Claim Bonus – a discount on the own damage premium. And if, you hadn’t lodge any claims pertaining to the own damage, you are eligible to get discount on the own damage premium. The discount depends on the number of claim-free years. However, if you are renewing post 90 days of the policy expiry, you wouldn’t get any discount, even if you had not lodged any claims in the last year.
  • Enter the basic bike details.
  • Proceed to pay the premium and complete the renewal.
  • Once the premium is paid, you will receive your bike insurance policy instantly in your inbox, as there is no need of inspection and documents.

Note: Few insurance companies may ask for an inspection before approving to provide coverage.

In that case, you may use Coverfox’s bike insurance comparison tool. No inspection. No documents required. Receive bike policy instantly.

You can easily renew your expired two-wheeler insurance policy with Coverfox:

  • Enter the basic two wheeler details.
  • Enter if you had made a claim or not in the previous year.
  • Based on your inputs, Coverfox will display a list of the bike insurance companies.
  • You can compare different bike insurance plans and choose the right type of two wheeler insurance policy.
  • Pay the premium and complete the renewal process.
  • Receive the policy in your inbox.

Benefits of renewing bike insurance on time?

Your responsibility towards the Indian law doesn’t end by only buying a bike insurance policy. You need to ensure that you renew your bike insurance policy on time.

Riding a bike minus a valid insurance policy is a serious offence by law. It is imperative to renew your lapsed policy mainly because accidents are inevitable and can occur anytime and anywhere. This can put you in a serious financial crunch. Besides, you can’t afford to play with some one’s life.

Thus, getting the bike insurance renewed on time is as important as buying a new policy.

Mentioned below are the benefits of renewing your bike insurance policy on time:

  • If you fail to renew your bike insurance on time, be prepared to go through a lengthy procedure for making the policy active or buying a new insurance policy.
  • In India, most of the insurance companies have bike insurance renewal period once in a year. You may also opt for a long term bike insurance period so that you don’t miss out on the renewal dates each year! If you buy a bike policy from, then you will receive timely reminder calls, SMS or emails well in advance so that you don’t miss your renewal date.
  • The Motor Vehicle’s Act, 1988 mandates a valid insurance cover on your bike if it is plying on the Indian roads. As such, if your insurance cover lapses, you violate the law and, you would be liable to pay penalties and fines if caught.
  • Every year when you do not make a claim in your two-wheeler insurance policy, you earn a discount in the next year’s premium. This is called the No Claim Bonus (NCB) and it is cumulative in nature, i.e. the rate of discount increases for every claim-free year. If you fail to renew your bike insurance on time, you lose out the accumulated NCB. Here is the table showing the cumulative NCB for each claim-free year:

    After 1 claim-free yearNCB = 20%
    After 2 subsequent claim-free yearsNCB = 25%
    After 3 subsequent claim-free yearsNCB = 35%
    After 4 subsequent claim-free yearsNCB = 45%
    After 5 subsequent claim-free years and moreNCB = 50%
  • In case of an expired bike insurance policy, you would have to face the financial implications of any damages your bike causes or faces. In short, you would have to shell out the bucks for any damages or repairs for your bike. The insurance company won’t be liable to pay for these expenses simply because you missed to renew your insurance policy on time!

  • There are bike owners who do not find renewal of bike insurance necessary just because they think they ride carefully. But remember, the possibility of claiming under theft and total loss from fire make insurance a definitive choice.

Renewing bike insurance on time will not only take care of all the expenses you incur but will also offer relief during distress. By making the renewal of bike insurance compulsory, the government is just ensuring that any damage to property, vehicle or person can be compensated.

What are the documents required to renew two-wheeler insurance policy?

The documents that need to be submitted along with the insurance policy renewal form are as under:

  • Proof of identity documents (Aadhaar card/PAN card/passport/driving licence/government issued photo ID)
  • Proof of address documents (driving licence/bank or post office passbook/passport/government issued address proof)
  • Policyholder’s driving licence
  • Vehicle registration number and registration certificate (RC) number
  • Old insurance policy number
Show your ride the love that it deserves. Buy it the right insurance plan.